September 20, 2009

Mini Mishie Kit....PEACE dude

There's a new kit up in the shop. It's called Peace Dude and uses Cosmo Cricket's patterned paper and ribbon and My Cute Stamps Go Green stamp set. Lots of peace and nature going on...Here's some little square cards I made using all the kit elements plus some additional patterned paper, ribbon and cardstock.
Lots of fun elements to work with as you can see below. The girls thought the kits were really fun and liked my cards I made. Doesn't it seem like all the kids say *dude* a lot? Drives me bonkers sometimes actually but probably no more than we said *awesome* fifty million times when we were kids!
Hope you're enjoying your weekend! It's a beautiful evening here in our neck of the woods...we picked a few more pumpkins, Eric shot his new bow.....went for a drive to look for just winding down the weekend. Catch ya later!


Ashley Lydia said...

your cards are so unique I especially love this one =)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love your work! It's amazing!
Cosmo Cricket is my favorite brand!
Thank you for inspiring me!


Carolyn said...

Your kits are such a fantastic idea. Way to go on sharing your beautiful work.
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work per usual. Tell Eric good luck this season. Up here in the North East my DH is also gearing up. Our deer aren't as big as yours, but I can't wait for the venison.

Deborah Young said...

This is really cute!!!! I hate to tell you that I still say 'dude' and 'awesome' son hates it! tee hee

Lisa said...

Hello! This is totally unrelated to your post...HOWEVER, I saw a link to a prevfious post which showed some of your storage. I am wondering if you would post a picture of your ribbon storage...I am looking for a good method for this and think I might like what you have done, however I can't see the whole thing b/c it is cut off in the picture :)...haha...thanks!


Kristie said...

Very cute. Sure can tell you are a lot younger than I am, my parents heard "cool" alot when I was a teen, probably did drive them nuts too. LOL!

City Girl Scrapper said...

Dude !!.... your cards are so cute :)
and love the colors you used...

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