June 30, 2008

Just Rite Stamps Guest Blogger...Day 1

Edit: Asela, could you post your email address. I clicked on your post but no blog or email came up to email you back. Thanks!

Also to answer a few questions:

The round clear dots that Jordan was pointing to in the Inchies post were by Amuse Art Stamps. I believe they are called Clear Art Stickers.

I use a Wizard die cutting machine to cut my Nestabilities. If you already own a die cutting machine, you can visit the Spellbinder's website for a compatability chart to see what *sandwiches* to use with your particular machine.

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! This week I am the guest blogger over at JustRite Stampers. Here's a sneak peek of my project for today. You can see the full project and photos over at the JustRite blog. Check back all week long for more of my JustRite projects. And here's the JustRite product website HERE. JustRite Stampers has a line of very unique monogram stamps and accessories that can be personalized for any holiday or event. They're perfect for invitations, personalized monogrammed notecards and more. Don't forget to sign up for the prize drawings that will be given away on Juy 5th. All the details are at the bottom of my post.

Check back later today for a patriotic project! It's one of my favorite times of the year!

June 27, 2008

Snail Mail...Sweet Expressions

You have to check out this sweet little set that Anna Wight designed for Whipper Snapper. It's called Sweet Expressions and you can find the link HERE. Everyone say HIIIIIIII to Anna, she's such a great gal!

I used the adorable snail and envelope along with the *snail mail* sentiment....one of my favorite all time sentiments to use on a card! I stamped the images and then colored them very quickly with Copic markers. I used my Copic color chart to find colors that matched almost exactly to my Papertrey cardstock colors of Aqua Mist and the new Plum Pudding. Is that purple just not the juiciest ever?? It's like grape bubble gum exploded onto cardstock. I looooooove it! Ohhhh, and matching polka dot ribbon!
Here's a closeup of the main images. So sweet! I cut them out with Spellbinder's circle and scallop circle Nestabilities die templates....lopped off half of the circle then attached it to my notecard front. The lined paper image is from Cornish Heritage Farms.
I think these little notecards would be perfect teacher gifts....or keep a little stash handy for quick thank you notes.
Okay, I've got girls waiting to leave to go swimming at Grandma's pool in town. 7 girls for a slumber party........um, I mean sleepover......apparently "slumber party" is SOOO yesterday to a bunch of 11 and 12 year old girls! Josey turns 11 on July 4th but her party is today! Woohoo, great fun!!!!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

June 25, 2008

Jordan's Inchies!

My daughter Jordan loves to create stuff as much as I do. She agreed to let me photograph her process of making some Inchies. Inchies are simply 1" x 1" square pieces of artwork. You can learn all about Inchie Art Squares at Ellen's blog and can find all the supplies at Ellen's store HERE.

Okay, here we go! This is my little red headed cutie Jordan! She sits cross legged like this ALL the time.....when crafting, playing her guitar, reading. She's such an artsy girl! Here she is digging through my stash of Lockhart stamps to find just the right ones for Inchies.
She made her own Inchie finder by punching a 1" square out of a scrap piece of cardstock. She loves pink just like me! An Inchie finder is helpful to frame out that 1" square so you can get a better idea of what the finished image will look like.
Here's Jordan stamping all of her Inchies with Palette Black Noir ink. She's very precise, just like me. That's her little finger pointing to her stamped Inchies. She chose a food theme for all of her Inchies. I thought the girl was never gonna stop picking out stamps from Karen's collection!
Here she is coloring an Itty Bitty Radish. She remembered that radishes from Grandma's garden were colored red and faded to white. Such an eye for detail! Where does she get this???And for Jordan, it's all about the bling! Here she is showing you all the wonderful options you can choose from to embellish your Inchies. She's particularly fond of AMuse twinkle stickers. BLING BLING!! I love her little Vanna White hand motions! And TADAAAAA! Her'es Jordan's finished Inchie Art Squares. I helped her with a few ideas but she completed all of these herself. She's nine! didn't she do a great job? I hope that you're able to zoom in on this photo so you can see them close up. (don't know why Blogger will not let us zoom in sometimes!)

Jordan keeps all of her Inchies in a decorated band aid tin. She'll keep a few displayed on the front with magnets and she'll switch them out from time to time. I think she's going to make a few for her locker at school too. And sometimes we just make ONE Inchies instead of NINE at one sitting! Such a fun project for the kiddos! Hope you enjoy!

June 23, 2008

Inspire Me!

Hey everyone! Whew, the AC guy has been here for 2 hours working on the air conditioning unit. We have a ground source heat pump which is nice because we have NO propane to mess with.....but it takes a little maintenance every year. So I cleaned house while the guy worked and then we talked softball. He's the coach of team we just played. I hope he doesn't bill me for chit chat and iced tea!!

So now I have to get ready for more softball games tonight. Let's hope we don't get rained out for a FOURTH time!!

I do have a little bit of time to post some cards that I made some time ago. I used up some of the last snippets of my homemade patterned paper which I loved SO MUCH! I have to make some more! Lately, I've been collecting magazine pages, catalog pages, paint chips, etc......it's amazing what a little inspiration will do! So I sat down and make some inspirational cards that I can send out to friends when they feel the *mo jo* is gone.

For this first card, I used a portion of Karen Lockhart's pencil jar to create an inchie. It's layered onto Spellbinder's cut squares and then layered onto my card. Image colored with Copic markers. And here's a card that was just total FUN to create. I love the giant polka dots and stripes that I used for my homemade patterned paper so I thought it would be fun to recreate those patterns on Karen Lockhart's Warm Socks. Aren't they just crazy? I would definitely be inspired if I work socks like that! I used the brush tip of my Copic Sketch markers to create the tiny dots and stripes on the socks. What a fun image to color!
The sentiment I used for both cards reads *inspire creativity* and it's one that I just love from Papertrey Ink. It's from the Just Hatched stamp set. So what has inspired you lately? I would love to hear where you get your inspiration from. My most recent inspiration came from a Pottery Barn Kids catalog. I also just received an order from Two Peas which has lots of the new October Afternoon patterned paper. I can't wait to use that too!! Have a COOOOOL evening everyone.......I'm gonna get it SO cold in this house that we'll all have icicles hanging from our noses! Oh, the ice maker quit for a couple days too! Imagine that....no AC and no ice cubes. Not good! But it's all better now so I'm a happy camper!

June 21, 2008

Bikini Dryer

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful well wishes for my new Papertrey Ink Design Team position. I love to read all of your comments. I think that stampers and paper crafters are just THE nicest people in the world!! I wish I could just give you all a big hug!! You will see my first *official* projects with Papertrey during the July release. *Squeal!*

Okay, on to today's post. I made something really fun that I think you'll like! I know the title of my post has you curious.....but stay with me and wait to see the finished product at the end!

I'm creating a soldered piece today! I know, I know.....you're scared right? First off, you've never soldered before and you're scared of the soldering gun! And secondly, I know what you're thinking.....grrrrreat.......Mish is going to show us some more stuff that will empty out pocket books! Welll, yes I am.....because it's soooo much fun! I am not an expert by any means, but who cares. It's fun and I guarantee you that with a little practice, you can do it too!

I'm not going to give step by step instructions for how to solder. Ellen has a great tutorial on her blog HERE so no need for me to repeat the basic soldering instructions. I just want to show you some of the cool tools. Everything I've used on my project can be found under the soldering section of Ellen's store HERE.

First, I stamped and colored a new Karen Lockhart beach chair image with Copic markers. The colors are show below.
Then I cut my image down to a 2" square. I used the actual Memory Glass pieces and just placed a piece over my image. This allows me to see exactly what part of my image I want to cut. I love Tim Holtz's new teflon craft scissors for this type of cutting. Sharp and a comfy grip. I also selected a piece of K and Company patterned paper for the back of my soldered piece. The back of your piece should always be just as decorative as the front. You can use snippets of patterned paper, old sheet music, vintage wall paper,etc.
Now that I have my two pieces under glass, I'm ready to assemble my piece for soldering. Below, my photo shows lots of soldering tools. There's the soldering gun in it's stand, some clamps, a little bottle of flux, copper tape, solder, the 2 x 2 Memory glass, and a bone folder. All of these items except for the glass and the bone folder come in a great starter kit by Simply Swank(isn't that name a hoot, I love it.....and those two girls at Simply Swank are CUTIE PIES if I do say so myself!) I'm sure they'll be at CHA again so be sure to stop by their booth....GORGEOUS soldered pieces! Okay now...first thing you do is make sure your glass pieces are clean on both sides. You can use glass cleaner and a lint free cloth to do this. Then it's time to add the Copper Foil Tape. This is actual copper tape with a sticky side. Usually it comes in straight lines but today I'm using a fun Wavy Copper Tape to resemble waves at the beach. COOOOOOL! The copper tape is what the solder sticks to....the silver stuff you see when you look at the finished piece. All you have to do is peel off the backing and center your glass *sandwich* on the tape. I start at one corner and just rotate my piece til all four sides are covered. It's easiest for me if I keep turn the square *sandwich* on my work surface. By the way, I use one of those silicone work mats when soldering....it's heat proof and wipes clean.
Once you've got the Copper Tape wrapped around your piece, you'll need to snip off the end and then fold the edges down on both sides. For my piece today, I will have the wavy edges on the front and a straight edge on the back. I carefully use my bone folder to burnish down on the edges......or flatten the edges and smooth them all out. Be careful or you can break the glass. We don't want that.
Next you're ready to solder. See Ellen's blog for soldering tutorials. In a nutshell, you add the liquid flux to all the exposed Copper Tape. This is what the solder sticks to. The solder is the silver stuff that looks like a long thick piece of wire. As you touch your heat gun to the flux and solder at the same time, the solder melts onto the flux. It's SOOO cool to see, but a little scary that first time. It's okay to be scared, I was too!!! You must use clamps to hold your piece or you will burn yourself. The clamps pictured below come with the starter kit. The little locking pliers are great for gripping the scrolls or jump rings that you attach to hang the soldered piece. The locking pliers and scrolls/jump rings are sold separately at Ellen's store. Once you have your piece all soldered....and you want to say a million bad words because you can't get the flippin' scroll piece soldered on.......(need help with that part!).........your finished piece will be dirty. You can purchase the Super Shiny Solder Polish to clean it up. Just apply with a brush and wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel. Now, here's what you've been waiting for.....the finished soldered piece. Isn't it pretty! There's such a homemade feel to soldered pieces that I just love. I particularly think they go well with all the vintage stuff I like. I'm hoping to make labels for all my wire baskets in my craft room. Actually I think every single item in my home needs a soldered label. Adding that to my list! And here's the final use for my soldered piece......a new fangled BIKINI DRYER!!!!!!!!!! I took a vintage hanger that I acquired at an antique store and tied the soldered piece to the hanger part. The old clothespins can be used to hang my bikinis to dry.

Pause. Pause. Okay, now that you are done laughing at the thought of my butt fitting into THAT cute bikini in the photo, I will tell the truth. You will never see me in a bikini. However, my cute little reds love their bikinis and have LOTS of them. Usually, they end up on the shower floor and I find them all dried stiff about a week later. But now the girls have a special place to dry their bikinis. What do you think? Should I get a patent? Snort!

Seriously though, I hope you will try the soldering if you think it's something you would enjoy. It's a little intimidating but so much fun once you get the hang of it. Ask me questions, I'll try to post an edited Q & A post at the top of this one.

Check out some of Debbie Olson's bee-u-tee-ful pieces HERE.

June 20, 2008

Let's Celebrate!

TGIF everyone!! By now you may have read the news on Nichole's blog HERE that I have joined the Papertrey Ink Design Team. I am so excited for this opportunity. I want to send out a big THANK YOU out to Nichole, Jane, Julie and Rick. I'm looking forward to working with with everyone at Papertrey!! And thank you to all of you who visit my blog that sent your good wishes. It means so much to me to read your comments and know that you like my stories and creations!! I am SO BLESSED to work with such great companies!! Stay tuned for lots of fun PT creations to come!!

To celebrate my good news, I just may have to indulge with a margarita tonight! DH usually takes us out to our favorite Mexican food restaurant on Friday nights.......so a margi and a big bowl of chips and salsa is on my menu!

And, I thought this card fit the mood too! I created it with Anna Wight's new set called Good Times.

Here's a close up of all the details. I created the background by stamping lots of limes and coloring them with Copic markers. For the main drink, I colored it with green and yellow tone Copics and then added some Ranger Glossy Accents to make it shiny. I used the *Cheers* sentiment on a horizontal border and then added a cheery yellow ribbon. The scallop portion was done with a new Fiskar's border punch.
I hope you all have a great weekend!! I will be celebrating with a smile all weekend long!!

June 17, 2008

The List

Speaking of the list, I wanted to give you my reviews of the movie The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman (one of my favorite actors, I just love his voice). The previews of this movie shows lots of funny scenes but the story line is much more serious...along with those funny moments. I do recommend the movie, it's great! It delivers a serious message but in a light hearted way.

Now on to today's post. I worked kind of backwards on this project because I created this stamped image piece first but had no idea what I wanted to do with it. I just wanted to play with Karen Lockhart's new Apron stamp. Is't it nicely illustrated? I paper pieced the apron with polka dot and striped patterned paper and colored the rest with Copic markers. I added some buttons, a little flower, some stitching and some distress ink to give the apron a vintage feel.

I decided that I would make a little notebook for lists. I cut up some grid paper to use for the inside of my list. I love to use grid paper because I can doodle and sketch and I just love all the little squares. I covered the chipboard cover with some Cosmo Cricket paper, assembled my cover and cut holes with my Zutter Bind It All.....great for making your own notebooks!
For the horizontal strip, I used Papertrey's new Kraft cardstock, the Polka Dot Basics stamp and Palette New Canvas white ink.
I dug out some chipboard letters from my stash drawer and inked them with red ink and dried them speedy quick with my heat tool. Here's my assembled notebook. I simply call it the LIST. I dont' know about yours, but my family is constantly saying, *hey mom, we need more *blank*....well put it on the LIST, duh!! Then they ask *where's the list?*......good grief people. Sooooooo nowwwww they have no excuse. The list is labeled the LIST.....should be easy to find right!? Here's what the inside looks like.
And here it is displayed with a vintage apron on a hanger(courtesy of Karen Lockhart, thank you Karen!) I decorated my new white pantry cabinet with all sorts of patriotic stuff for July 4th decorations. It's a big time of year for us.....Josey's birthday is on the 4th, my mom's is the 1st and we have a HUGE July 4th bash. Good times.
Well, I gotta run....my folks are coming over with their pickup and we're headed off to get the girls' mattresses for their new rooms. Have a great day! It's a beautiful one here in Kansas today!

June 15, 2008

Fishing Vest/Cosmo Cricket

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there! My DH is mowing the lawn right now but we're headed to town in a little while to visit Eric's dad and go swimming. Then we'll head back home and visit my dad later today. I am so thankful that my husband is such a wonderful father to my two reds. And I am also thankful that Eric and I have our dads around still. My dad is recovering from shoulder surgery and Eric's dad has just been diagnosed with diabetes. So more than ever, we are thankful to have them in our lives.......and it's an extra good time to spend quality time with them. I think any dad would say that the best gift is time well spent with loved ones.

On to today's post.....go figure I stamped Happy Birthday on this card. But I already had my Father's Day cards made a few weeks ago. But I wanted to show you Karen Lockhart's Fishing Vest stamp. It's so wonderful for those fishermen....and fisherwomen!..... in your family. I paired my Copic colored image with some Cosmo Cricket patterned paper. Who knew giant polka dots could look so manly!
And here's some photos of the first big fishing venture this summer. My husband took Josey and my nephew Mitchell fishing and they caught a nice little mess of bass. Notice our fancy method for cleaning fish.....two buckets and an old board. Extra sanitary, right!!!?? Here's the little mess of bass. Not very big ones but they made nice little fillets.
Here's the gang with their catch. I'm kinda giggling because these fish are not anywhere near the monster fish these guys have caught over the years. But I'll take 'em cuz they're soooo good all fried up!
Well, it's time for me to get ready........don't want to keep the man of the day waiting too long. Have a great day everyone!!

June 14, 2008

Vintage Inspired

Happy Saturday everyone! I thought I would share some cards I made with Papertrey Ink products that were inspired by my new vintage table runner. It's square and sits under my two tiered wire basket. You can see the matching napkins below the cards. I've been having a blast making my own patterned paper so I thought I would try out some flowers. I used lots of different flowers from Papertrey sets, along with my favorite polka dots and some ribbon snippets.
I stitched on the ribbon and then added more stitching around the cards to add to the vintage feel I was looking for.
I also added some distressing ink to all of the edges of the cards to give a worn look. Have you heard that Papertrey is coming out with cream colored cardstock? Woohoo!!

I hope that you all will try your hand at creating some hand made patterned paper. It's so fun to get back to the basics of stamping. It really encourages you to dig into your stamp stash and use those supplies that have never touched ink yet. Plus by making handmade papers, everything matches and coordinates so beautifully. All you have to do is come up with the inspiration. My newest inspiration came from a kids Pottery Barn catalog. The colors are so vibrant and fun......I'll show you my new creations when I get them done. And as always I love to see what my fellow bloggers are up to also....so be sure to post a link in the comments sections so I can come visit your blog.

Have a great weekend everyone! We're off to a BBQ soon at the neighbors.....turkey and fish fry!

Note: I've questions about envelopes. I do not make my own envelopes. I usually use Stampin' Up! envelopes in various sizes, Papertrey Ink white envelopes and for my card stash I often purchase a box of envies from Walmart in the stationery aisle. Hope this helps!

June 13, 2008

Pocket Card Inchies

Edited: I had a measurement typo for the size of the cardstock pieces. The main pieces should measure 4.25" x 11". It's corrected now in the verbage below. Sorry about that girls!!

Hi everyone, TGIF! It's been a busy summer here to say the least. With all of the ballgames, weather cancellations and tornado warnings sitting huddled in the basement, it's been a little stressful. I'm hoping this weekend brings a little bit of relaxation! We're off in a bit to paint Josey's room, she selected a fun, fun color!!

Today I have a fun project to share with you. In the days that I posted to Splitcoast a lot, pocket cards were a speciality of mine. So I revisited my pocket card days and created a NEW design. I wanted to use some Inchie Art Squares on my card inserts so I created those first using Karen Lockhart's little Inchworm stamp. I adhered my 1" Copic colored square to an Inchie Art Square(1" piece of artist quality mat board) and then mounted that onto a tiny scallop cut Spellbinder's square. Sentiment from Amuse.

Here's a photo of my finished pocket cards so you can see what they look like. I used K and Company Berry Sweet patterned paper along with Papertrey Ink cardstock and ribbon.
Here's a single shot of the aqua pocket card.
Here's a shot of the orange card with the cute mushroom patterned paper. And here's what the inserts look like. The Inchies rest on a vertical strip of patterned paper that matches the outside of the cards.
And here's the back of the pocket card....almost prettier than the front, don't you think? The aqua paper is SO glittery, I couldn't resist using a big piece of it.

And here's how you make the pocket cards. Now when I measure things, I work a little backwards. I just lop off pieces to make it look how I want and THEN I do the measurements. So to make the pockets, cut a piece of patterned paper and a piece of colored cardstock to measure 4-1/4" x 11" and fold in half. For the patterned paper, leave 2" on the left side on the front fold portion. For the solid cardstock, cut off 2" from the right side on the front fold portion. The solid white piece of cardstock, which is the card insert, will measure 3-3/4" x 5-1/4". I then took the solid piece of cardstock and stitched around three sides to create my pocket. Be sure to keep the stitch line about 1/8" from the edge......if you creep in further, you might have to cut the white insert piece smaller. After I'm done stitching around the solid piece of cardstock, I then adhere the patterned piece to the pocket piece. The pocket will be on the right side. You place the 2" portion of the patterned paper on the left side, and the rest of the patterned cardstock will be adhered to the back of the pocket. I cover the back of the pocket so that all of the stitching is hidden. I like a clean look on the back side of projects when I use my sewing machine. To finish the card, I tie a ribbon around the entire card, covering the seam where the patterned paper meets the solid cardstock. Then I assemble my card insert and it tucks right in. I wish you could see the glittery card, it's SO gorgeous. I think if you scroll back up and zoom in on the finished cards, you can get a better look.

Well, I hope you enjoy my pocket card. I usually never have a problem sending out my cards, but THESE are ALMOST too cute to send out. I think I'll just look at them for a while before I mail them. :) Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!

Oh, I almost forgot.......today is Ellen's Friday the 13th sale. Be sure to visit the store to get 13% off everything in stock!!

June 12, 2008

Arnold Palmer Drink

Many of you asked so I googled an Arnold Palmer. Here's all you wanted to know about an Arnold Palmer (drink):

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An Arnold Palmer or Arnie Palmer is a drink consisting of half iced tea (either sweetened or unsweetened) and half lemonade. It is named for golfing legend Arnold Palmer and is said to be his favorite beverage.[1]
Although the beverage was created at the Cherry Creek Country Club in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, it is particularly popular in northern West Virginia, Central Ohio and western Pennsylvania, as well as the South, but is known throughout the United States. In some parts of the South and Baltimore, it is known as half and half. In southern Ohio, particularly Portsmouth, Ohio, this beverage is known as a “Blend”. A purely cosmetic variation in which the drink is not mixed, causing the lemonade to settle on the bottom and the iced tea to float on the top, is known as an "Adam Palmer". Also if you add a splash of grenadine it is called a "Bryan Palmer".
There are four alcoholic variations. The first, known as the "Tom Arnold", consists of the original iced-tea/lemonade mixture, with vodka added. Another variation, the "John Daly", contains 1¼ oz citrus vodka, ¼ oz triple sec, topped off with ½ lemonade and ½ iced tea. The third variation is referred to as the "Dirty Palmer." This drink consists of 2/3 Arnold Palmer and 1/3 Sailor Jerry Rum. Finally, the "Hard Arnold" or "Stiff Palmer" is equal parts of Mike's Hard Lemonade and Twisted Tea (most common in the US Midwest).[citation needed]

June 10, 2008

Polkadots and Pine's Paint!

Hi everyone, hope you're having a great summer so far. The girls and I went into town early today to do some shopping. We picked up some sidewalk chalk...3D at that after I heard my friends Val and Pine talking about it. I also strolled down the magazine aisle which I MUST do every time I hit the stores. We then hit an antique mall that I've never been to. I found just what I was looking for...an old wire milk basket. I'll show you what I'm going to with that once I get some photos taken. The girls wore me out so DH has them and is fishing right now so I have some quiet time.

So here's today's post. A while back my good friend Pine (Heather Nichols) did some projects using craft paints. Most of Pine's wonderful creations include Kraft cardstock and white ink....and lots of paint. So I took on one her challenges to use paint on a project and I'm just now getting around to posting them here. Please visit Pine's blog HERE to see her wonderful creations and scroll down to the May 8th post to learn all about using paint on your stamps.

I made a fun little set of notecards using pink craft paints (cheap acrylic kind found at any craft store)and the Papertrey Ink set called Polka Dot Basics. You'll notice that I use that set a lot....gotta love the polka dots!! Notice that I also tried stamping on some of Nichole's glassine bags...works great, just allow time for the paint to dry.For my envelopes, I used Stampin' Up! long Kraft envies. I covered the flaps with Papertrey Ink patterned paper and stamped the giant polka dots on both sides of the envelope with the pink paint. For the notecard, I used Spellbinder's new long rectangle Nestabilities, aren't these a fun size? These are *no fold* cards, you just write on the front of them.
To repeat the polka dot design, I also stamp some smaller polka dots on my notecards, using the pink paint again. I made a horizontal band of patterned paper for the top and then added a final circle accent stamped with the cute little two step strawberry from the Papertrey Ink set called Green Thumb, one of my favorites.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the evening. We rented Bucket List, Funny Farm and Son In Law to watch this week. I'm going to get the popcorn and movies ready and put on my jammies.....it's funny that in the summer time all I wear is shorts and a tshirt.....then I get ready for bed and I just put on more shorts and a tshirt! I am SO stylish! I'm also going to fix me an Arnold Palmer. I believe my friends just mix lemonade and iced tea....I'm trying to cut out the Diet Coke so I'm switching to these for a change. I'll let you know how it turns out. Have a great evening everyone!
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