November 30, 2014

December Memories 2014 Inspiration Blog Hop...includes my foundation pages for Days 1-31

Welcome to my stop on the Gossamer Blue December Memories Inspiration Blog Hop.  Members of the Design Team are sharing their base pages today in hopes to inspire you to get your pages set up in advance.  I love to do my December Memories album this way because I can then focus on the holiday come December yet work on my album day by day or week by week in December.  

This is my album cover.  I added a stitched sleeve using some pretty holiday fabrics from my stash. 
I finished off the album with a metal rim tag, stamping from the December Memories exclusive stamp set and Candy Cane Baker's Twine
This is my inside cover page.  The gold foil printed 6 x 8 from the kit made it easy to finish off this page.  I added some stitched on elements, sequins and Fluffy Snow.  
I use red thread all through December for my holiday projects.  I've also used many elements from the December Life Pages Themed Add-on Kit throughout this album.  I plan to use the leftovers from the DM Kit + the Themed Add-On Kit for my regular December Life Pages. I just add more day to day activities in those pages.
This is a page I like to do that talks about the four members of my family + Charlie.  I like to use the #4 in scrapbooking and home decor because it represents our family.  The W4 stands for Wooderson 4.  For each slot on the right I added a plaid sticker letter and stitched on a blank Small White Tag.  I'll add in some information about each of us like our age, our likes, etc.  I added the little wood veneer camera beside my name since I'm the photographer of the family. 
I added these two pages in my album to transition us into the holiday spirit.  I added our first snow photos and our first fire of the season.  My slogan for this holiday season is going to be "keep it cozy".  I'll probably add this to my instagram feed as a hashtag when I have a cozy little photo to tag. 
Now starts my numbered set of pages.  I do 31 sets of numbered pages, using one number for a holiday memory.  My album isn't a photo-a-day album but rather a collection of 31 holiday memories, randomly spread out in my album.  I don't worry about if the events are in the order that they happened.  I look at the album as a whole instead.  I'll call the numbers "Day 1, Day 2" etc for this album.

Day 1....this will used for photos of my Noel Notions craft items, my Holiday Notebooks and things that I create this holiday season.  I might have an insert here of our annual planting of the paper whites too.
Day 2....This will be for photos of the holiday drink station for hot cocoa, hot tea, coffees, candy canes, marshmallows, etc.
I love the plaid letters in the kit.  I combined them here with a wood ampersand that I love so much.  The pocket is from the GB Get Happy Collection of products.
Day 3...for setting up the tree, boxes of ornaments, the lights, etc. 
I stitched zig-zag style on this tree then added puffy stickers, enamel dots and a wood star on top.
Day 4.....reserved for deer hunting season.  
I loved this glittered deer from the December Life Pages Themed Add-on.  I added a banner from the same kit and stitched over the tops.
Day 5....will be used for weather screen shots, snow days and recording the overall weather for December. 
I used snowflakes from the December Themed Add-on + a number from the Get Happy collection.
Day 6....I love getting a natural wreath for our front door so that photo will go here along with any porch holiday decor.
Day 7...Kind of a generic set up so if I need to move things around I can.  I might use this one for photos of inside holiday decor. 
Day 8....will be used for tree light photos, ornaments, our fireplace.  I'll use the "keep it cozy" theme here. 
Day 9....for shopping and wrapping gifts.  Again, I like to keep a few pages generic so I can go with the flow. 
Day 10...will be reserved for Eric's work party, the annual Senior Citizen's Dinner the girls help with at school and any holiday events. 
Day 11....all about the list making.  I like to create a pocket for this day so I can tuck in hand written list, recipe notes, menu plans, receipts, etc. 
I added a 4 x 6 journaling card to a 6 x 8 piece of patterned with red stitching.  I then adhered on all the circle elements. 
Day 12...all for holiday baking.  I'll include photos of baked cookies I make for treat plates and pies.  2-15 is going to be the year for perfect pies.  Follow me on Instagram and my #perfectpie hashtag for my latest creations.  
I used a Gold Shimmer Envelope to create an insert.
On the front of the envelope I added a photo and some plaid letters.
On the flip side of the envelope I added some die cut embellishments, a puffy sticker, a vellum word and typed on some labels.  I want to include a list of pies I hope to perfect in the upcoming year.
I used two 3 x 4 inserts to spell out "baking" with the awesome plaid letters. 
Day 13...I really don't like the crowds, lines and stressful-ness of the holiday season.  I always try to snap a photo of some of it and remind myself to stay calm and peaceful.  
A fun row of embellishments lined up over stitched elements.  Sequins are from the kit.
Day 14...I'm looking forward to starting a Christmas quilt in December.  I'll be adding photos of my fabric choices, maybe some patterns I like, etc. 
I used a 3 x 4 journaling card from the kit + an embellishment from the Themed Add-on too.
Day 15...a few inserts for a country drive we usually take over the holidays.  Sometimes we find a snowy path, an old barn, a cool fence.  I like to sing along the way while Jordan tells me to stop. Wood pieces are from the Get Happy holiday collection and tag is from the December Themed Add-on. 
Day 16....totally generic in nature for whatever comes along. 
Day 17....reserved for our family photo and Christmas card.  I may remove the card and punch holes to use as an insert by itself.  
Die cut is from the December Themed Add-On.
Day 18....just another generic insert for a random event. 
I lined up all the elements and stitched down the middle.
Day 19....for photos of the wrapped presents under the tree.  
I added a wood veneer and some stickers from the December Memories Kit.
Day 20....I plan on adding some photos of the girls' basketball here.  We go to so many ballgames in December. 
Day 21.....the anniversary date of our first date.  I usually try to take a photo of us and add it in here with some journaling from both of us. 
Eric likes deer and you gotta love a Santa Baby banner.
Day 22...I'll add in photos of the girls' first day of Christmas break here.  Always a joyous day.
Day 23....generic for whatever may happen. 
December 24...Christmas Eve and will be reserved for stockings and Santa. 
Day 25....Christmas Day and will be all about opening presents Christmas morning, 
Wood veneer stars and embellishments from the Themed Add-on Kit.
Day 25.....another Day 25 for more Christmas gatherings.  
Used a glittered tree with cork 25 and wood star.
Day 26 and Day 27....the days following Christmas when we all breathe a little easier and rest up from the previous day's events. 
Day 28 and Day 29...reserved for random holiday photos. 
Day 30....more random holiday photos will go here.  
Stitched a pocket down the middle to create two 3 x 4 pockets.  Glitter embellishments from Themed Add-on Kit.  Sequins, acrylic snowflake and Washi tape from December Memories Kit. Pocket from Get Happy holiday collection. Tag from my shop.
Day 31....New Year's Eve and will include some party photos, a midnight kiss, etc.
New Year's Day....will include the traditional black eyed peas photo and hopefully a photo of the four of us.
More of those fun plaid letters.
That's it for my pages.  I'll probably add my updated pages in weekly throughout December so check back soon.  Be sure to check out the other Design Team Members' blogs for their awesome pages.  I can't wait to look for myself.  Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a wonderful holiday season. 

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