December 30, 2015

Welcome to goals

Hey everyone, welcome to 2016!  Here's to a happy new year.  Many of you that follow my Instagram account know that in 2015 I embarked on an art journey.  I have always loved art and studied it in high school and college.  Somehow it got pushed aside but last year I dusted off my supplies and my art became a major creative focus.  Lots of you on the blog missed that first year of my new art journey so I've decided to share it her on the blog.  I'm going to begin right from the start so I've got a bit of catching up to do.  

To help me out, I'll be using the Get to Work Book from Elise Blaha Cripe. 
 It's a great goal setting planner and calendar in one.  I've got all my art from 2015 sorted and ready to share here on the blog.
 I'm nowhere near a professional nor do I have any big goals in mind just yet with my art.  All I know is that I just feel like putting pencils and paint to paper.  And so my story begins here on the blog.
 I've got lots to share as I've been exploring all mediums and techniques.  I've taken some great classes and have met some inspiring people.
I hope you'll join me as I share in my journey.  My plan is to start from the very beginning and catch up to what I'm currently working on.  I may flip back and forth between older art and new stuff.

For those following my December Daily....I still plan to finish it and post here on the blog.  No promises on how often I'll post as my mother is not in good health & I'm helping a lot with doctor's appointments, etc and it takes up a lot of my time lately.  She suffered a stroke just after Christmas so it's imperative that I step in to help my aging parents.

As for my Project Life.....I don't know.  I'd like to finish out last year and document my youngest daughter's last year of high school.  I may get to it and I may not.  I'll post any scrapbooking or card making updates here on the blog though.

So here we go.  Hope you enjoy this journey with me and perhaps become inspired to pick up that paint brush again...or start new.  I also post a lot about my life on Instagram...I'm Mish Wooderson if you want to follow me there.  See ya soon!

December 17, 2015

December Daily 2015....Thanksgiving

This year my youngest daughter is not playing basketball.  This allowed us to not worry about practices over Thanksgiving break so we loaded up and headed to my sister's house 5 hours away.  It was such a wonderful time and I'm so happy we got to go.  There's a full size 6 x 8 photo of my girls on the left.  
 This is a trimmed down page protector with a 4 x 4 photo and two 2 x 2 photos.  The tab was stapled on.
 I adhered a gold rim tag to the photo and the JOY button is adhered to the outside of the page protector.
 Turning the page you see the back side of the small insert that features a day of hunting.  It was the first time the girls went pheasant hunting so it was well worth documenting.  On the right I have journaling cards with hand written and typed journaling.  I used some plaid paper since the plaid theme appears quite often this holiday season for us.  I also stitched on another of the Gossamer Blue sticky notes with typed words.
 Here's the two page spread without the insert.
Next I'll be moving on to our daily December activities.

December 16, 2015

December Daily 2015...dear Winter

Today I'm sharing a page about the ice storm we had while traveling to my sister's for Thanksgiving.  The left page is the back side of the clear insert.  
 I used a white shimmer envelope as a smaller insert with a photo of our wintry scene.
 This is the back side of the envelope which will hold a photo of the icy roads and a story about our road trip home during the storm.  The right page is an insert with a wood veneer embellishment and a trimmed down journaling card.
This is yet another insert I added before I actually start my days of December.  Stay tuned for more to come.

December 15, 2015

December Daily 2015....the 4 of us

It's become tradition in my December Daily albums that I start out with a photo of all 4 of us.  It seems my favorite always comes from our annual Colorado vacation.  So before I start with my numbered, daily December pages I included a page about the 4 of us together.  The pinecones were fitting and I added a #4 tag, a little plastic embellishment, washi tape and a gold glitter heart.  The photo size is 6 x 6 in black and white. 
 This shows the back of the 6 x 6 photo.  I'll hand write about spending time with my favorite people in Colorado and what this album means to me this year.
 I used gold letter stickers, my favorite sticky note flags from the Gossamer Blue December Memories Kit, and word stickers. In previous years I've used red stitching and I'm continuing with that in this year's album.
 This is a 12 square insert with 2 x 2 journaling cards, a wood veneer piece, sequins, black metal tag and wood veneer tree.  I like to use the Tiny Tim stapler a lot too.
You can see my next page peeking through.  I'll be back to share that soon.

December 14, 2015

Daily December 2015....album and cover page

Today I'm sharing the beginnings of my December Daily 2015 album.  I'm using an Ali Edwards album this year in red.  The page sizes are mainly 6 x 8.
 Here's my cover page which starts out with a clear overlay.
 Peek through to the main cover page.
 The cover age is wonderfully embossed and doesn't need much embellishing.
 I used a chipboard sticker, glitter star, memories sticker and the date is typed with my vintage typewriter.
Looking forward to filling up my album.  I'll be back soon for more updates.

December 9, 2015

December Daily 2015...the kits I'll be using

Hello there, today I'm kicking off my December Daily 2015 posts!  This year I decided to use both the Gossamer Blue 2015 December Memories Kit and the Ali Edwards December Daily Main 2015 Kit + an add on kit by Jasmine Jones.  I also decided to use an Ali Edwards album because the size matches the ones I've used in the last few previous years.
 Here's a peek at the Gossamer Blue kit contents, stored in a vintage cutlery tray.  I sort the smaller items with vintage Jello molds.
 Here's the Ali Edwards kit contents in green vintage cutlery tray with more tiny embellishments added to additional Jello molds.
 Here's both the kits, all unpackaged and ready to go.  I like to take all products out of their packages so I'm not fumbling with opening up plastic packages.  I'm more like to use something if it's out in the open and I can rummage through the little pieces.
I'll most likely be adding a few tags and items from some of my packaging kits from my shop too.

I'm all set up and ready to work.  This year I'll be sharing just my completed pages here on the blog.  I post little previews and works in progress + lots of other happenings on my Instagram account.  Feel free to visit me over there at Mish Wooderson.

At the first of the year I'll be sharing more on my art journey.  I've photographed and have been adding a lot to Instagram about my my year of starting over in my artful creations.  I'll be backtracking and sharing that progress in hopes of inspiring you to maybe pick up that paint brush.....and start again....or just start.  I hope you'll join me.

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