September 3, 2009

Coming soon...another Mishie Mini Kit

Hi everyone! So many of you were bummed out because my first Mishie Mini Kit sold out so fast. I have been asked if I could post the times that I'll be offering my kits so that you can plan to be online at that time. I kinda just go with the flow and when something inspires me, I'll be posting a kit. But here's what I can do. I'll try to give you a day's notice of when I have a kit going up, does that sound good?

Today's the exception though, LOL! I got so many requests for more Halloween kits that I'm whipping another kit up today. I'm running errands in a bit to get ready for a little mini vacation but I'll be back this afternoon to finish up the kit. I'll be posting the kit between 2-3pm Central time....or close to that time. Today's kit will be similar to my Pumpkin Guts kit as far as supplies. Cost will be $6.50 for each kit. You'll have to wait to see the rest.........

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