March 30, 2008

Scavenger Hunt Update

Wow ladies, you've been busy! Be sure to post your answers to my scavenger hunt tonight. I will picking four lucky winners tomorrow morning. I did NO stamping this weekend....spent time with my family and I'm reading a good book! It's so cold and dreary here that I've stayed in my pajamas most of the time and have been snuggled in my new bed, it's so comfy. I'll be back to posting fun projects this week though!!

March 29, 2008

Scavenger Hunt Prize Drawing!

ANOTHER EDIT: Be sure to visit Bev's blog again today. She's posted the recipe for that wonderful Molten Lava Cake that was on her recipe page yesterday. Mmmmmm, someone invite me over for cake!!!

EDITED: Go ahead and upload your answers ladies. I'm so glad you're having fun and thank you for checking out my friends' blogs!! Not sure if I'll get to a post today or not. We're volunteering our time today to help pour concrete for the kids' baseball field dug outs. DH is the man power and I'm the lunch lady!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!! If you're just getting to this message, be sure to look for the answers in March 28th posts. Some of my friends might have updated their blogs again today.

Are you ready for some FUN? To continue my one year blog anniversary, I will be giving away FOUR prize packages to some lucky winners that play along with me. I love, love, love scavenger hunts so I'm hosting my own! My BLOG SCAVENGER HUNT will start right now and I will pick FOUR winners from posters who answer all 13 questions correctly(four winners will each win ONE prize package, I select who gets which prize :) There will be no fighting over prizes boys and girls, LOL!

To play along, you must post the correct answers to these 13 questions below. I have some wonderful blogging friends that are helping me out. Next to each question below is the link to a friend's blog. Go to that blog link and you will find the answer to my question within my friend's post for Friday, March 28th. Collect all of your answers and post them back to this post. Now wait.......if you want to make everyone really do the scavenger hunt and work for it, I would wait to post your answer til SUNDAY night. I will do a reminder post of when to post your answers. I will pick four winners on Monday, March 31st, first thing in the morning. This will give you the weekend to do some nice blog browsing. These ladies below are some of my dearest friends that live all across the country and I have been blessed with meeting many of them in person. So please spread some blog lovin' and leave a post on their blog if you have a few spare minutes.

If you don't want to do the scavenger hunt, you are welcome to stop in and say *hey Mish* if you want. Soooooooo, who wants to play???? Note: To keep the posts from becoming too long, you can simply list the answers in order, in paragraph form, with commas in between. No need to list the questions along with the answers. And be sure to sign in, no anonymous posters will be selected for prizes. I'll post the prize pictures later on so you know what you could win! Good luck everyone and let the games begin!!!!!!!!!

1. What is Mish's favorite color? Visit Kookie's blog HERE.

2. When is Mish's birthday? Visit Ang's blog HERE.

3. What is Mish's favorite little critter at the moment? Visit Kar's blog HERE.

4. What is Mish's favorite drink? Visit Joy's blog HERE.

5. Mish has two girls...what is the color of their hair? Visit Pine's blog HERE.

6. Besides stamping, what is another of Mish's hobbies? Visit Bev's blog HERE.

7. What is Mish's favorite season? Visit Kendra's blog HERE.

8. What catalog does Mish want her house to look like? Visit Val's blog HERE.

9. What is one of Mish's favorite patterned paper companies? Visit Pam's(Piris) blog HERE.

10. What is Mish's favorite indulgence? Visit Marcia's blog HERE.

11. What is Mish's favorite summer time event? Visit Carol's (HB) blog HERE.

12. Who is Mish's BFF? She's preggo again, woohoo! Visit Beth's blog HERE.

13. What is one food that Mish cannot stand? Visit Jenn's (Otter) blog HERE.

March 27, 2008

Riley's Relaxin'

Drum roll please.............tonight's winner is Laura. Congratulations, you are the proud new owner of the vacation stamp set by Rubber Soul.....and a lotta other stuff too!! Have fun! Email me at with your full name and snail mail address!!

She wrote:
What a cute card Michelle. Your coloring is amazing too. Thanks to your Inspiration Station, I went out and bought that same paper; LOVE IT!!! My favorite things about warm weather would have to be: watching my girls play outside, playing basketball with my hubby in our driveway, wearing flip flops, opening up the windows and airing out the house(LOL), not wearing a winter jacket, and just a feeling of newness. Have a great day!!!

Okay. Here's the deal. TREMENDOUS FUN on the blog that starts tomorrow morning. I have 13 friends to help me out so don't miss it. I gotta run, kids need to review for spelling test tomorrow. Hugs to all my blogger friends!!
I'm subbin today at the high school so it will be a short post today. This is a new Riley stamp from Hanna Stamps. Isn't he cute...all chilllin' out and relaxin' at the beach? Wish I had that kind of weather here. Do you think if I went out in the timber and layed in our hammock with a margarita, that the weather would turn sunny and warm? Nahhhhhh, I don't either but a girl can wish, right? Have a great day everyone!! How about a prize drawing tonight from THIS post??????? Tell me something you LOVE about warmer weather. For me, it's getting outside and enjoying my flower beds, vegetable garden and seeing my kids swim at Grandma's pool!

March 26, 2008

Elzybells..Thinkin' of You

Hey everyone, I just picked a name for another prize! Today's winner is Wendy!! She wrote this comment to my snail cards:

Holy cow, Mish....these are so cuteeeeeee!! I love that you showed us 2 different papers with that adorable snail image and added the slimy stuff. LOL I just recently purchase some Copic Markers from Ellen and I am lovin them!! Thank you for your everyday inspiration!Wendy

Congratulations Wendy!! I checked out your blog too and you're a GREAT stamper!! Here's the link to Wendy's BLOG if you want to check it out! Wendy, your prize package will look just like the last prize I posted HERE.

So on to today's card. My friend HB sent me these cute Elzybell stamped images. I think the little girl is just the cutest thing! I paired her up with an A Muse sentiment and use Making Memories papers from my Spring Inspiration Station. I used my fun postage stamp layout again since this stamped image was fairly small. It's always nice to have these kinds of cards waiting in my stash basket. Thanks for the images HB!! Be sure to check out her link above, she is a FANTASTIC stamper.....and a great friend too!!

Note: I got lots of questions about Copic markers and I promise to do a special post addressing all your questions.....and a review of how to do basic shading with Copic markers. You can do it!! I'll help you!!!!!

March 25, 2008

Anna Wight's Snail with Flowerpot

Me again, be sure to read the post below to see who our lucky prize winner was for today's drawing.

Now on with the cards. You know how sometimes something just strikes your fancy? Well for me right now, it's Snails!! I don't know why, I just really like them!! And my friend Anna Wight has an adorable snail in her Whipper Snapper collection. I just had to have it! It's called Snail with Flower Pot. It's so nice to work with good ol' red rubber and wood stamps. They stamp so great and Anna's image is nice and big to work with. Be sure to visit Anna's blog for some wonderful inspiration and to see her cute farm critters. Hi Anna!!

As always, I start out my designs by matching up my Copic Sketch markers with my patterned paper. This paper is from My Mind's Eye. You can see my Copic color charts tucked underneath the patterned paper. To get the true color of the marker, you really need to develop some sort of color chart. I simply created a chart in my word processing program, printed it out blank and filled in ALL of the Copic color numbers. This way I can add the colors as I collect them and it's a good way to see what color areas you are missing.

To select my marker colors, I simply hold my chart up next to my patterned paper and scan the chart for the perfect colors. It's really amazing the color ways that Copic has, over 300 colors! I always find just the right color. Once I find that perfect color, I usually grab the color just a shade darker also so that I can do some shading and blending. Many of you have started your collection of Copic markers and I am so happy to hear that! If you are a big fan of colored stamp images, you need them. Plain and simple, YES, you need them. Your stamped images will just come to life, trust me. So here are my finished cards. I used Spellbinder's Nestabilities to mat the main image. For the sentiment, I stamped it using Papertrey's new clear alphabet. Don't you just love this sentiment? Slow down...Relax. Get it? Snails, slowwwww. LOL!
I wanted to show you this angle of my card so that you could see that I raised the sentiment up on pop dots. Just another way to add dimension to your cards. By stamping the sentiment on a separate strip of white paper, I could mass produce some sentiments for future use...and also pitch any sentiments that got smeared, etc.
Here's another trio of the darling snail. Remember my Spring Inspiration Station? This Making Memories Garden Party paper and epoxy stickers comes straight from that basket. It's my favorite collection right now. Be sure to zoom in to see the glittery paper on the bottom of the cards. Oh, and I add some more of the Ranger Glossy Accents that you're all loving. Every snail needs a slimy, sticky body!
Hope you all have a chance to sloooow down and relax!

What Am I? The answer and a lucky winner!

Oh boy, did you all have some great guesses! Here are some of them: heat gun holder, hat rack, coat hanger, lantern holder, lamp stand, bird feeder holder, cup and saucer holder, toilet paper holder, banana holder, tea towel holder, candle holder, old fashioned phone holder, antique baby dress holder, flag holder and.......Sue said a marital aid!!! That last one needed a spew alert!!

Well, the actual intended use for that *thing* is indeed a wreath holder. The key hole loop is actually the screw that helps to raise and lower the height of the stand. Someone mentioned that perhaps the loop was to tie the wreath in place if you maybe had it outside. Good idea! Here's a photo of the stand with an egg wreath I displayed for Easter. I'll have to fancy it up a bit more and will maybe use some of your great ideas too!

Now on to the lucky winner of the prizes shown in yesterday's post. Drum roll, please........

The winner is: LEE from Colorado
Lee said...
My goodness.........156 comments??? I OBVIOUSLY overslept!!! LOL The blog candy is amazing!!! Okay........I do believe that the middle picture is of a birdfeeder/bath holder. Yes???? Maybe??? Possibly??? Hmmmm......let's just go with YES!!! ROFL I'm also gonna run out and get confetti so I can "surprise" my friends.....what a great idea!!!Happy Blog-aversary!!!

Congratulations to LEE! Good guess and I may indeed hang a bird house on the hanger! Please send me an email at letting me know your full name and snail mail address. I'll get your prize out to you this week!!!

Stay tuned for another post today with an actual creation and more prizes are on the way this week!!

March 24, 2008

What am I?

Edited: Thought you might like to see the BLOG BOOTY for tomorrow!! I'll be picking the winner from THIS post so get your guesses in, my wonderful peeps. This wonderful prize package(insert Vanna White gestures) includes TWO Rubber Soul stamp sets, FOUR types of Copic markers with a carry case, ribbons, paper and fun confetti to sprinkle in cards. I love to picture the mess it makes when people open up a card and all that stuff falls out! LOL!! By the way, love the guesses.....especially the one about the heat gun holder. Wrong answer, but GRRRREAT idea!! Hmmmm....... When you first look at these three photos together, you're going to wonder what the heck is going on!! Well the other day, my UPS man brought a package that I was expecting from my sister. And I knew she had been shopping at our favorite place, Nell Hills. So I knew it was going to be good!

She knows I love birds, so she bought me this vintage bird print with the cute egg. I can't wait to hang it up!! This one was easy.
Now the next thing I pulled out of the box was this thing. About this time my sister called and asked, *Do you love it?* I excitedly replied *Yes!!* Then she asked *Do you know what it is?* I had to laugh and reply, *No, I have no idea!!*
Then after she told me what that thing above was, I was VERY excited. What a fun *thing* to have. I will use it for probably every season. But in the meantime, my tortilla wrap was on the stove warming up. Needless to say, I got so excited about my package that I kinda forgot about my lunch. Until the smoke poured into the kitchen. And the smell got really bad. I burned my lunch!!! Oh well I thought, I dumped it in the trash and just thought about my fun gifts again!! know it's my one year blog anniversary.......ya ya I've mentioned that already, right? Well tomorrow I'll be drawing for the first winner of a fun prize! And I'll be picking the winner from THIS post. All you have to do is guess what that *thing* is in the middle photo. No hints, you just have to guess. Even if you think the answer has already been posted, post your answer even if it's the same. I'll pick one random reply to this post. Good luck!!

March 23, 2008

Crafty Secrets...Proud Mama

Happy Easter to you all! It's a beautiful, sunny day.......til you step outside and then it's CHILLY!! But we aren't getting snow so that is a good thing. We'll be heading to my parents shortly for a small Easter dinner. Thank you so much to all of you that visit my blog and for the wonderful comments you leave. I read each and every comment. Don't forget that I'll be doing lots of give aways starting next week. And I'll be picking the winners from comments left on my posts, tomorrow I'll have a guessing game for you so stay tuned.

This pretty cards reminds me of Spring. The robins are flitting around in the back yard and I always know that Spring is not too far away when I see them. And I just love to find bird's nests, don't you? Imagine this mama's surprise to find this egg in her nest!!! The fun stamps are from a new Crafty Secrets clear set called Bird Lovers(take some time to check out all of the new sets, these new ones are among many of my new favorites). If you are a bird lover, you will want to add this set to your collection. There are many, many ways to pair up the images and Cindy and Sandy from Crafty Secrets did a wonderful job of collecting images for this set. The background paper looks like old, white washed wood and is from the Pastel 6 x 12 vintage patterned paper pad. Solid cardstock and ribbon is from Papertrey Ink.
The images were colored with Copic Sketch markers available at Ellen's online store. In this photo below, you can see that I used Ranger Glossy Accents and a sprinkling of glitter while the Glossy Accents was still wet. The egg is cut out and slipped into the nest for some dimension. A pop dot is behind the top of the egg so it stands out even more. I LOVE this set!!Sooooo, are you a bird lover? I love to feed my birds and listen to them sing outside my windows. One of my favorite bird memories is a video of Jordan when she was about three. She was at the park with Grandma Woody and she came running up with something clutched ever so gently in her hand. She said *Look, it's an egg!!!* Little did she know that she was picking up cracked open peanut shells!! LOL

March 22, 2008

Springtime Lockhart Flowers

Now that Easter will soon come and go, it will be time for me to move on to my favorite decorating time of year. I put away all my Easter goodies and bring out my favorites......the floral and bird themed items. And that means that my crafting projects will follow suit. So here I'm starting early and have two pretty cards using Karen Lockhart's Hydrangea and Cottage Flowers stamps. I think Karen made a secret visit to my porch last summer when she drew up these two images........these two stamps totally capture the kind of fresh floral arrangements I do during the summer. And I use old mason jars and crocks and buckets, just like she has done for her stamp images. Love them.....need more.......Karen, are you listening? LOL!

Anyway on to the cards. For the papers, I used My Mind's Eye, I just love their soft, muted colors and patterns. Copic markers were used to color in the images along with Copic airbrushing. Spellbinder's rectangle Nestabilities were used to cut out the images, and die template was left in place to do the airbrushing. That's how I get that nice white edge around the main image. Sentiments from Karen Lockhart also and brads from Star Lit Studio. Notice that I usually draw in a horizon line for images that *sit*. I do this with black Copic multi liners. I love them. Copic markers and airbrush system, Nesties, and Lockhart stamps are available at Ellen's online store.
And my favorite finishing touch for these two cards was the addition of Ranger Glossy Accents to the crock and glass jar. It really brings the images to life. Now if I could just make my Hydrangea bush produce flowers!! I think it gets so hot here in the summer time that it stunts it's growth.
Did you know that's my one year blog anniversary was March 19th? I have some give aways coming up.....don't know when, don't know quite what all yet......but it's coming. My friend Val gave me this great idea to pick winners from previous posts, as a special gesture to those of you that visit often and always leave comments. So for the remainder of March, I'll be checking my posts, jotting down names, having prize drawings and doing give aways. never know which blog entry I'll use as the name drawing pool. I've got to get my freebie items gathered up, I've got lots of goodies from the wonderful people I work with. Have a blessed Easter everyone!!

March 20, 2008

Crafty Secrets Card Set

Did you know that Crafty Secrets has a blog now? Be sure to check it out and visit often.....there is always something new there, created by the wonderful design team members. You can visit the blog HERE to get all the details on the cards below and get a tutorial on how to make the stationery box. Here's the stationery box that holds all the cards.

Hanna Rileys

Have you seen the new Hanna Stamps RILEYS? Check them out HERE. You can purchase them unmounted or wood mounted.

Here's the cute Riley on a tractor. I added the plow lines with a Copic black multiliner pen, image colored with Copic markers. The sentiment was made from a SU! mini alphabet. My Mind's Eye patterned paper. I know that Spring is barely peeking through but Summer will be here before you know it! This cute bikini on Sophie is just adorable! Who knew a moose could be SO cute!!?? Sentiment from AMuse, Copic markers, hand drawen waves and shore line with dots. Papers from my Inspiration Station goody basket.....Making Memories Garden Party collection. Wonderful pink brad from Star Lit Studio.

March 18, 2008

More Postage Stamp Designs....Lockhart

I've been having more fun with my Postage Stamp card layout, click on that link to see my sketch and other layouts. I thought I would show you my process for designing a card. First, the supplies: Stamps from Karen Lockhart, FUN new Memory Box papers, Copic Sketch markers, Spellbinder's Nestabilities templates.....all supplies can be found at Ellen's online store.

First I knew my layout for all my cards would be the Postage Stamp layout, easy peasy. Next I picked out the stamps I wanted to use. All are fairly small images from Karen's collection. Then I picked a patterned paper for each stamp. From there, I colored in my image with Copic markers and referred to my patterned papers for color inspirations. I also cut out and embossed the square images with my Nesties templates. Then I picked out the solid cardstock base color and matching ribbons. This is a really fun in your own supply stash!Finally, I picked my solid cardstock colors to mat the main images with. I loved working with the new Memory Box papers for this set of cards. The papers just worked so well with my stamped images. Then I just worked in production line fashion and assembled the cards. This wonderful paper has fun shades of yellows so it was a perfect match for the bees. And look at the little birds on this paper. Although they are a different style, they still work well with the bird theme I had going on.
And this is one of my favorite papers from this Memory Box collection. We always seem to stamp lady bugs in red, but around here they are really a deep orange color. I thought those poppies worked perfectly with this stamp! I can just imagine little lady bugs flitting all around that field of flowers. Enjoy the moment.......perfect sentiment because that's what it's all about!
And this cute little snails. I am drawn to the snails now for some reason. I've purchased several new snail stamps lately. I thought the flowing lines in this paper resembled the paths this little snail might take. Round and round it goes. I added the *snail mail* sentiment with my retired Karen Foster snap stamps. I LOVE that concept of the letters snapping together, too bad she quit making them.
And last but not least is the little inch worm. I could see him crawling up that big green stem....might take him all day. And who knows what else crawls around in that little meadow. I think the Papertrey sentiment really fits with the inch worm stamp.

Well I hope you've enjoyed a little *behind the scenes* of how I design cards and my *out loud* thoughts about selecting the papers. Be sure to head to Ellen's store to check out all the goodies, such fun stuff!!

March 17, 2008

Easter Goodies

Thought I would share some of my Easter goodies. This is the top of my wire basket. The cute chick basket is from Target. Here's the bottom of my wire basket, full of Easter bunnies and eggs.
LOVE this little chick stamp from Imaginesce, found at my LSS. Papers by Making Memories Garden Party. Cuttlebug embossing.
These notepads disappeared quickly at school. The teachers snatched them up! Sentiment from A Muse.
Version of Nichole's clear purses. Stamp and punch from Stampin' Up! Ribbon by Martha Stewart from Michael's.
Cute Organic Carrots by Karen Lockhart, available at Ellen's store. Tag die templates by Spellbinder's. Paper source unknown. Images colored with Copic markers. Ribbon snippets on top of tag are machine sewed with my *messy stitches*......3 back and forth stitches to secure ribbon snippets.

I think that's about it for my Easter goodies. Oh wait, I still need to make tags for the girls' Easter baskets. My friend Pine (Heather Nichols) always makes THE cutest tags for her girls' holiday baskets and treat sacks. I've copied the tradition and now I look forward to it every year.

March 16, 2008

Easter Inchies Challenge

What's an Inchie you ask? An Inchie is simply a 1" x 1" square piece of artwork. Karen Lockhart and Ellen Hutson have paired up with a new business associate to create and carry a wonderful line of product all geared towards Inchie Art. Be sure to check out all of the Inchies supplies HERE and Ellen's blog HERE to learn more about Inchies. Be sure to read Ellen's subsequent posts as she has added more Inchie posts each day since that first introduction to the Inchies.

I asked a few of my fellow blogging friends if they'd like to partake in an Easter Inchies challenge. Let's go see what they created. Click on the names to link to their wonderfu blogs: Cindy Lyles, Trudee Sauer, Debbie Olson and Sharon Harnist. Be sure to leave comments so we know what you think of Inchies!

And here's a few of my creations. Below is an Easter Inchies bandaid tin. I challenged the girls to use Karen Lockhart's Dotted Bunny and Organic carrots for their designs. Well, leave it to me to stray! I wanted to use a pastel theme that matched my patterned paper so I couldn't resist the Lockhart cupcake, snail and inchworm!! Aren't they just adorable?? Notice how the Itty Bitty stamps from Karen fit perfectly on the inchies. For the Dotted Bunny, I simply cropped a 1" section that worked as well. So you can mix and match tiny stamps with larger stamps, it's all good!
And here's another shot of the Inchie tin. I covered another inchie with patterned paper and added a 3-D flower embellishment. The possibilities are endless of what you can create! The little tin can be used to store other Inchies so that the front of the tin can be displayed in different ways on different days. Supplies: Provo Craft Bandaid Tin, Michael's ribbon, MM Garden Party patterned paper, White Inchie squares, Palette Black Noir ink pad, Copic markers.
Here's a shot of some Inchies supplies. Pictured are the white and black Inchies and a roll of magnet tape.
Next, I created an Inchie creation in a card format. I used Ellen's new Sprout paper. It's a fun little collection of papers! For this card design, I used 3 Inchies, staggered on my card layout. By staggering the Inchie squares, I was able to stamp the entire Dotted Bunny image. I colored directly onto the chipboard piece with Copic markers and added some Copic airbrushing to the edges. The Inchies are mounted onto the card with dimensional foam dots. Sentiment is from AMuse and two Decorative Pearls from Ellen's store were added for some bling.

Have you ordered your Inchie supplies? If you receive Ellen's newsletter, be sure to use the coupon to receive additional savings. If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of Ellen's website. We have lots of fun stuff coming up so don't miss out!

Be sure to check out the previous post, I posted it just last night. Lots of cute cards using the Dotted Bunny!

March 15, 2008

Lockhart Polka Dot Bunny/MM Garden Party

Easter's on it's way, are you ready for the Easter Bunny? My girls are getting their Easter baskets out. Can't wait for those Reese's peanut butter eggs, they are my favorite!! But in the meantime, I have some fun Easter creations for you using Karen Lockhart's adorable Dotted Bunny stamp. All of my cards below also use Making Memories Garden Party patterned paper, Nestabilities oval die templates, Copic Sketch markers, brads from Star Lit Studio, Papertrey polka dot stamp, Rubber Soul *happy easter* sentiment and May Arts ribbon.I wanted to keep my bunny rabbit white for all my cards. So I used colors pulled from the patterned papers to color in the bunny's polka dots, the tail, ears and cheeks. Then I outlined the bunny in a blue to make it pop off the white cardstock.
I used a double matting of the oval Nestabilities really make the stamped images appear to be little works of art all by themselves. I just LOVE the scallops and the raised embossing that you can accomplish with the Nesties.
For the card below, I added a strip of sparkle paper (zoom in to see) across the oval. I thought this resembled a patterned stripe on a decorated Easter egg.
And for my two cards below, you'll never guess where I got the inspiration for the repeated sentiment parts. I always keep a scrap piece of white cardstock nearby to test my Copic marker colors. So I had this strip all lined up with colors that matched the patterned paper. Then I wanted to test the *happy easter* sentiment out so I stamped it several times over the Copic colored lines. Viola, it looked so cute that I repeated the technique on my cards. I love how the Copic colors match so well to the colors in the patterned paper.....and the repeated Easter sentiment too, it's just FUN!
Hope you enjoyed my cards tonight! I think I MUST keep this one above for myself, it's just too cute to give away!! Be sure to visit tomorrow because I have issued a challenge to Debbie, Trudee, Cindy and Sharon.......Easter Inchies(be sure to visit Ellen's blog and online website to learn all about the Inchie craze, it's gonna be FUN)!! We'll see who had time to play this weekend...I'll be sure to link you to their blogs tomorrow.

Super Star Hanna

Five new Hanna stamps are available now. Check them out HERE. My favorite is the Getting Physical set. We got a treadmill and the whole family has been exercising regularly. It feels good!! I have so many friends that on a health kick so I love to send them cards of encouragement and cheers of *atta girl!* These cards came together with some fun elements: the cute exercising Hanna image and little stars, the *super star* sentiment and row of stars from Papertrey Ink, the paper piecing below the stars that remind me of shooting stars and the fun star background paper from Crate Paper. I used Copic markers to color in the images and outlined Hanna with a nice blue, just on the left side to create a shadow. I drew in a horizon line (the floor line) so that Hanna wasn't floating in space. Glitter finishes off the stars. I can't wait to send out these cards...and then make more!!My daughter Jordan nabbed a stamped image and created this fun card below. It says *wow I'm glad I bought this scale*. The numbers on the scale only go up to 80, LOL! She cracked herself up over this one.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some Easter inchies! Have a great weekend.
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