April 12, 2010

Etsy Shop Update

Edited for question: I won't be doing any bulk sales on the Wrinkle Ribbon at this time. I'll continue to bundle it in 3 yard increments. Thanks. :)

I just updated my Etsy shop with a few new kits. :)

Just a few house keeping items with my Etsy shop:

In case you're new to Etsy. Please double check that you have completed the Paypal transaction for your order. Etsy will direct you to your Paypal account for you to finish the payment part of the sale. Your transaction is not complete until you hit the last payment key. You'll then be sent a payment confirmation email. I give 24 hours for a transaction to be completed and a courtesy email...if I don't hear back from you, items will be re-listed in the shop and your order will be cancelled.

When adding item(s) to your shopping cart, you only need to hit the add to cart button once if you only want one item. Please check over your order before you end your transaction to ensure that you have the correct quantity of an item ordered. I have been receiving duplicate orders of items and then have to cancel a sale. I think if you check over your order before you finalize, you'll see that you may have added additional items that you may not want and you can remove them from your cart at that time. A few seconds of looking over your order will make for a speedier delivery of your goodies. :)

I've had a few questions about shipping. I ship via first class mail to the US and Canada. You can contact me via the conversation part of Etsy if you would like tracking or insurance added to your item(s). Sorry, but I do not offer refunds for lost or damaged items. I haven't had a single issue yet but thought I would clarify since it was brought up.

I think that's it! Thanks so much for your orders everyone!!

1 comment:

thegirlyouwillneverknow said...

cute kit, i want a bulk load of ribbon, i love your ribbon, any chance you would do a bulk sale?

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