August 3, 2009

CHA Supershow...Papertrey booth set up

Hey everyone! I'm back from the CHA Super Show. Wow, what a fantastic week we all had. Here's a few photos showing the set up of the Papertrey booth. Nichole had the booth designed so nice and neat.

Here, you can see Debbie, Nichole and Dawn setting up the first of our booth.
Here's Heather posing with some patterned paper pads and there's Dawn unloading some boxes.
And more unloading of boxes....and more and more and more.
We went through hundreds and hundreds of product stacks like this, just waiting for hang tags to be stuck on so the sets could hang from the display racks.
And here we are all are with our new friend Brooke. She's an Orlando friend that Dawn met online and she was gracious enough to pick us up from the airport and tote us around everywhere. She gave us each a little fresh baked loaf of banana bread. It was THE BEST banana bread you'll ever want to eat. Yes, I'll do a post on it soon. Thank you Brooke for everything! From left to right: Me, Debbie Olson, Nichole Heady, Heather Nichols, Dawn McVey and Brooke.
By the end of our first day of booth set up, we were hot, tired, sore and our feet hurt! There was no air conditioning yet in the area where the Super Show was being held. And Florida is SO humid, we about melted. Little did we know what we were in for the next few days. I'll be back yet this week to show you more of the booth set up.


Theresia said...

Wow wish that Orlanda was a little bit closer to The Netherlands, you must have had a more than great time out there,

patriciad said...

You guys rocked! What a fantastic booth you all put together. Hopefully next year they'll give you TWICE the space to accommodate all those loyal PTI shoppers. guys were busy little workerbees! But the hard work paid off big time because everything was perfect...from the displays to the terrific make and takes that you, Heather, Debbie and Nichole put together. I could not have enjoyed myself any more than I did. And getting to meet everyone in person and being able to interact was just the icing on the cake! You should all be so proud of yourselves for a job very well done! I hope this is just the first of many more CHA Super shows to come.

see mary stamp said...

Hi Michelle -

Thanks for posting pics and a description of the booth set up process. For those of us who couldn't journey to CHA, it makes us feel like part of the excitement. Can't wait to see pics of the booth in all its glory.

Alicia said...

great to see the before shots! I hope CHA comes back to the orlando area next year. You guys need to protest for a larger booth!

It was wonderful meeting you all and getting to tocuh and feel all the goodies I've admired for so long through the computer screen.

Thanks again!

Heather in FL said...

I cannot believe they didn't have air for you guys while you were setting up! That's just WRONG! People were complaining about having a show in FLORIDA in AUGUST anyway and then they go do that to you. Someone needs to tell the Visitor's Bureau because that's just not good hospitality, lol!

Glad you guys DID get it all set up though. I very much appreciated your effort and had a lot of fun shopping there on Saturday. It was great to see all the samples up close and in person, and to do a couple of make and takes as well. Of course it was cool to see my "stamping idols" in the flesh, too. Glad to hear, despite the humidity, that you had fun.

dolcreations said...

Michelle I would love to have gone to the show to meet all of you! You all are so talented and to be able to have met you guys would have been thank-you for the next best!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Welcome home! I can't wait to see more pics. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

Karen said...

I was there and must say PTI had the BEST booth! The whole time we were there there was a line to get into the booth and absolutely worth it! Great display!

The supershow would have been a bust for me if PTI had not have been there! :)

Marcie Sharp said...

You guys did an awesome job setting up the booth. It was clearly a job well done, since there was a line to get in BOTH days! I loved getting the chance to meet some of the ladies behind Papertrey Ink's fabulous stamp sets, and I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did at the Supershow!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the behind-the-scenes look! I can't believe you didn't have any air conditioning!!!

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