June 14, 2010

More of Jordan's artwork...

Edit: SOLD! Jordan is SOOOOO excited.

Jordan has busy creating more artwork now that she has more creative time this summer. She makes a huge creative mess but I love it all. She's really been enjoying my stash of vintage fabrics, although I have to make sure she doesn't nab my best stuff.

These two framed pieces are for my sister. She commissioned Jordan to create these two pieces after seeing what Jordan has done previously. I've yet to get any artwork from Jordan for my Artsy Studio. She's too busy creating for the paid work!
This fun piece below is one of Jordan's newest creations. It's a collage of vintage fabrics, trims, papers, buttons, and a doiley. She titled it *Tropical Tiki*...an adorable tiki hut with mixy match elements (I wonder where she gets that from?).
Love that the tiki hut is floating on it's own little island with a cute welcome sign and embellished surf board.
Of course she signed her artwork....and added vintage glass glitter for sparkling sand.
Cute little flower on the surf board along with some vintage trim.
Fun little accents on the roof like palm frond paper and fringy trim.The buttons were arranged in a circle to resemble a port hole.
Soooo colorful, I love the bright, tropical colors. The water was created by cutting out lots of batik/tye dyed looking fabric, layering it all together.
I will be putting up Jordan's piece in my Etsy shop real quick like. Jordan thinks "this piece would be great by the pool or if you live in California, you could display it all year long. "


Anonymous said...

Jordan....I purchased the Tiki Artwork...love it! Both of my kids have "surfer" rooms, so it will fit in perfectly! Keep up the good work.

Lindsay said...

Fabulous job Jordan!! You are quite a talented girl!

scrappin' happy said...

Yeah Jordan...SO happy...can't wait to show my 7 year old...Want to give her the motivation to do something like this :) So happy!

Also MishMash...LOVE the new stamp set...by far my favorite!

DeeDee said...

WOW! What a wonderfully talented young lady Mish! Tell Jordan to keep on crankin' out those materpieces and before long she'll have her own little Etsy shop! WOW!

dolcreations said...

How adorable Jordan! Wow...super creative!

Katsui Jewelry said...

I am really enjoying your blog. I was surprised to see how young your daughter is! Wow...you really have a budding artist!

I do primarily jewelry but paper is second...and then there is fabric! I love to collect old vintage children's books and make things from those graphics.

Sure agree with you on postal tags. I use them all the time. Just love them...even if just for the backing of a tag!

My daughter and I have a relatively new blog...less then three months. Come and visit sometime if you would like!



MaGoooo said...

WOW the place Miss Jordan will go! She for sure has been blessed with some of the Mishie genes!!

LOVE them!!

LOL that you are the one who is waiting for a piece of Jordan's work.

Patti J said...

How funny that you don't have any of Jordan's art in your studio yet! She will soon need a studio of her own, AND her own Etsy store! What a talented young lady! Jordan, you go girl!!!

TinaC said...

Love your work Jordan...!!!! Would have loved your Tiki Artwork...and yes, I do live in California..lol.

Alice Wertz said...

wow!! I love Jordan's work!! gorgeous mixed media and designs!! so pretty and inspiring!! you are so talented, Jordan!!

Helen said...

jordon, I love your work, its very whimsical. you have a good eye, for patterns and color, keep up the good work, Your a natural,
Helen a fan from st.louis

Stamper for fun said...

Wow, Jordan! Great work.

Mish, you must be so proud.


scrapncathy said...

Great Job Jordan. I love it! I think you must be dreaming of a tropical vacation on a far away island in Hawaii! I know it makes me wish I were there. Have a great summer and keep up the great work. You are talented like your mother.

Donna K said...

It's good to see you're passing on your talent and love of crafting to your daughter. Great artwork!

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