June 30, 2010

Crazy About Color Couture

Wow, it's July already! Happy Birthday to my dear mom. Today is also Papertrey's Senior Design Team Challenge. Today it's all about Dawn McVey's Color Couture collection of products. The Color Couture product line is all about pre-printed paper embellishments and/or printing your own papers and fun card templates. They all fit into the nifty Color Couture Binder.

When I think about the Color Couture line of products, I think about fun embellishments and great color combinations. And the best part is that most of the work has been done for you. When you're running short on time or perhaps you just need some instant inspiration, the Color Couture products are great to work with.

Today I left the stamps behind and just started cutting up fun embellishments. You can use your paper trimmer and fine tip scissors to make easy work of the pre-printed embellishments. Once I had a few embellishments ready to go, I reached for some colorful Parcel Tags, my handy dandy Papertrey dies and white felt.
For my purple tags, I cut my white felt with the Fillable Frames #5 die. I stitched the felt frame onto my tag, added some Vintage Buttons and then finished the tags off with punched elements from the Color Couture Volumes 4-6 set. These circles easily fit into my 1-3/4" circle punch.
For my green tags, I stitched on more Color Couture elements from the Volumes 4-6 set, and made white felt flowers from the largest flower from the Beautiful Blooms II #3 Die Collection. Vintage Buttons finish off the flower centers.
Once my tags were complete I took a Nugget Tin and fit it with patterned paper from the Green Boutique collection. I layered in some Saddle Stitched Ribbon that will go along with each tag.
Then I nestled in some tags and stored my tin next to some large glassine bags. I now have tags and ribbon and sacks ready for instant gift wrap.
Like for these cookies that sent home with the neighbor. I owed her a check and thought some fresh baked cookies would be even more fantastic for the little favor she did for me while in the city. The little tag and gift wrap make everything seem so much more special and thoughtful. Everyone loves a little gift now and then, right?
And the Color Couture line of products makes it so easy to create simple, creative, homemade gifty type items in no time. I highly suggest that you take some time this summer to make up a few gift tags with sacks to have on hand. Keep them in a special drawer or in your gift wrap area so you'll know where they are. That way, when you do make a batch of homemade cookies or have a few extra hand stamped cards.......and you need a little gift......you'll have just the perfect little gift wrap all ready to go. Enjoy!

To see even more inspiration using the Color Couture line of products, visit these PTI blogs:


Country Mouse said...

super cute! Love the colors!!!

Jenn Copeland said...

Love this idea! You rock MIsh!

Diane Jaquay said...

Awesome Mish, so colorful and FUN, and you've opened my mind up about not necessarily having to hand cut these elements (love how you used a circle punch to cut some of them!) I might just have to give these a try!

Audrey Pettit said...

Perfectly adorable!!

patriciad said...

So sweet. So cute. So Mish. So Dawn. Me likey.

Unknown said...

Beautiful. The colors are amazing!! I'm glad I found your blog.

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