July 31, 2009

test post

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Anonymous said...

HI Mish!

Ok, here is that MS banana bread recipe!


I hope you got home ok and you are already snug in bed tonight getting some much needed catch up sleep! What a joy it was to meet you and spend just a little time getting to know you! You girls are such a neat bunch of ladies and I am so blessed that you didn't think I was a loon! LOL! Seriously, though, I hope that you find that your trip down here to CHA and Orlando was well worth it by the response to your stamps and the growing business! You know I will be back for more!

Let's stay in touch the best we can between being moms, wives, housekeepers, cooks, crafters, etc etc! Take Care Mish!

Love and Friendship,
Brooke Maroth

P.S. This is Mike's baseball website but it has lots of pics of our family....www.marothbaseball.com

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