July 23, 2009

Pack your bag...

Are you taking a trip? Perhaps you're headed off to CHA next week? Hey, me too! If you've been to CHA, you know that you do a lot of walking...and looking...and chatting with friends...and walking...and picture taking, etc. So it's best to carry a light load. The first year I went, a took a rolling suitcase and had it stuffed with company catalogs. But when I got home, I realized that I didn't really need all that stuff. So now I travel lighter and just carry a little over the shoulder bag. If you really want a catalog here or there, you can do what I'm going to do.....stuff it in Dawn, Debbie, Nichole, or Pine's bag and make them carry it. LOL!! Or there's always companies that hand out little tote bags too. ;)

I'm busy working on projects that need to be done before I head out to Orlando next week...and spending time with my precious family....so I thought I'd just show you my bag today. What girl doesn't like to see a good bag right? I got these sweet little number on sale at Eddie Bauer. (I checked the website but couldn't find a link). It was on sale so it might be hard to find. First of all, I'm loving the colors. Kind of an army/olive green with orange.....so Eddie Bauer...and the orange is so hot right now.
The bag has a bazillion pockets and zippers and little compartments. The girls and I opened each little slot and I now have two little red headed helpers that want to help pack my bag for me. What do I carry? Let's see, I haven't made my exact list yet (I'm a list maker when it comes to packing for a trip).......but I'll for have my point and shoot camera, cash, ID's and credit cards, CHA information, lip gloss, small hand lotion, notepad, pen, hotel key card, business cards, gum, tylenol, cell phone, contact drops and who knows what else. I'd love to be able to shove a water bottle in there but that may have to be snuck into Pine, Dawn, Debbie or Nichole's bag. I'm sure they won't mind. ;)
It's tradition that every time I get a new bag for trips, I have to make a name tag. And it has to match and be a artsy and cutesy. I like to use these very hard baseball card collector's sleeves for my tags. They are very sturdy and can be punched with a Cropadile, good luck trying anything else to punch holes in that sucker though.

I used some of my favorite October Afternoonpatterned paper and some ribbon from my stash to embellish my tag. I put *Mish Mash* on the front tag using Papertrey's Borders and Corners Circles stamp set and spelled out my name with a $1 alphabet set.
The back of the tag is decorated with more of the same goodies. The tag has my cell phone number on it...buuuuut I had to hide it from you so that you don't all call me while I'm at CHA. There's lots of booths to look at people, I can't be texting and what not the entire time. ;) Notice all the winkin' going on here. Lots of fun stuff!
Seriously though, if you see me at CHA, come say *HI MISH!*. I'd love to meet you!! I'll be sporting my new green and orange bag....across the shoulder, all cool like.

Now. Someone asked how I pack for a weekend crop without requiring a U-Haul to get everything transported to the scrapping destination. Now don't hate me when I tell you that I take ONE big rolling tote and ONE desktop organizer tote (I have the All My Memories pink and brown one with all the pockets....love pockets).

That's it, no clean underwear or nothin'! Just kidding...but when the girls and I get together for a cropping weekend, it's not a fashion show. We might not change our clothes for two days! And then we might go out to eat in those same clothes at some fast food place. It's all good. It's all about the scrappin' and getting those pages done!

Now back to the packing. How do I only take two bags to a 3-4 day crop? Don't hate me again. I am VERY organized and take a fair amount of time to get ready for a crop. I only do this about twice a year so I MUST be ready to crop right when I sit down at my cropping table.

Here's what I do:
-Get all photos developed and organized into categories.
-Buy giant 13" baggies (or page protectors) and place photos inside...by category,event, etc. You place lots of photos in each bag but be ready to just use 4-5 photos or less. You don't need to scrap the entire bunch to capture the memory. Less is more. Save the rest for something else and file away in a photo box.
-Into each bag: place 2 pieces 12 x 12 solid cardstock (I do 2 page layouts), extra cardstock for layering (I don't layer photos much, takes too much time), patterned paper, ribbon, buttons, embellishments
-Label each bag with a sticky note, notecard, etc...this is the who, what, where, when information or journaling notes you want to remember.
-If you have a layout in mind or inspiration clippings from a magazine, tuck that inside the bag too. Having layout ideas in advance help you get started right away. Bring an idea book..I like Becky Higgins sketches, CK Magazine ideas,etc.
-Place all the page packets in your rolling tote, standing up vertically. Sit your tote right by you at the crop. You are now ready to reach in and grab a bag and get to work. Put unused materials right back in the bag and put all of it away when you get home.
-Place general scrapping supplies in your smaller tote...adhesive, scissors, paper trimmer, cropadile, ruler, etc.
-When you get home, share your pages with the family, and then put them into albums immediately. Don't let them sit around.

That's it. That's what I do. I don't spend time at the crop sorting photos and seaching for papers or supplies to use. I use what I bring, borrow what I need if someone can help out, make a trip to the scrapbook store for adhesive refills, etc. I usually complete 20-40 (12 x 12) pages at a crop. I'm using a new system of *blended* scrapbook pages now so I hope to get even more done at my next crop in November. Blended pages are when you use page protectors that are divided into sections. Sometimes you just drop in your photos and don't do much scrapbooking, other times you save a few sections for some scrapbooked areas. It's a great concept that I'm loving SO much.

Okay, that's all for now...gotta get back to work. Have a great day!


Mindy said...

Thanks for the wonderful information!!! I still don't know how you get 20 pages done, but I will work with it!!! Thanks again!

patriciad said...

Love the Eddie Bauer bag. Travelon makes something similar. I got mine (one red and one black cuz I couldn't make up my mind) from QVC (hey, I can make cards and do my shopping at the same time..it's all about multi-tasking, right?) Oh, and thanks for the cell phone number. Thank goodness my x-ray vision could read right thru that paper that you THOUGHT was hiding your number...

meme said...

I have a question. My LSS owner told me that you can only go to CHA if you own a business or are going "with" a business. I thought that a least one day was open to the public. Is this true?
I hope you have a great time. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Have fun @ CHA!

Ummm.... did you say 20 - 40 pages?! Lord have MERCY! That would take me about...oooh... a YEAR. lol! Seriously! Wow. I'm too spastic w/my creations to. I need to have all of my stuff surrounding me, so I can just look around and say, OH! That'll work. I get nervous when I try to limit myself. But KUDOS to you, b/c apparently it works! lol...

Again... Have fun, and be safe!

Naomi said...

Hi Mish!!! Will you stay for the Supershow too??? I'm going to that one!!

I will say hi to you. say hi back and take picture with me please :)

Michelle said...

OK.. I want to go to CHA just to meet you!! You are soo creative maybe it will rub off hee hee.. Have FUN.. LOVE the little bag.. Wish I was going to be there!

wanda50 said...

Thanks for sharing Mish. I want to do the same thing only pack for making cards instead. I am loving the way you do the Strip Stamping. So simple yet pretty every time. The ideas are limitless. Thanks for the creativity and the idea sharing on your wonderful blog. Janine Blackwelder will be at CHA too. I so wish I were going. She is on the Spellbinders Design Team. I am so blessed to have her as a great friend. You guys have a wonderful time and bring back lots of ideas and introductions to lots of new products. Be Blessed and continue being a blessing!!!

Dottie K. said...

Great minds think alot. I prep the same way. With a little prep work ahead of time you can get so much accomplished. I use bags and those clear page holders for a $1 also. I stamp anything I know I want on my pages and also include in my bag. It's amazing how much you can get done with some planning. Love your purse! Have a safe and fun time at CHA! Can't wait to hear all about. :)

Anonymous said...

I sure do hope I see you at CHA, as I would love to thank you personally for all the inspiration you have given me.

Debbie S

Carla said...

Hi Mish! I can't wait to go to CHA - we have a group of 4 headed down and my husband even offered to drive and pick us up for lunch and heavy packages...can't beat that! Thanks for sharing all of your bag details - love it! I'm actually bringing a backsack I made so my hands will be FREE!! Have a good trip!

Megan said...

I hope I get to see you. Of course, I'd planned to spend some time at the PTI booth--so my chances are pretty good. :)

I love your tag. I need me one of those!

colleen said...

Would you consider adding the label "scrapbooking" to this post? I would love to be able to reference and find it easily later and I'm so glad you scrapbook (so many cardmakers/designers don't). Thank you so much for the information about how you prepare for going to a weekend crop and what you take along. You are amazing to get 20-40 pages done in a weekend - it literally would take me like a YEAR to do that many pages!

Renee V. said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you for all the hints and tips. I was just talking to Dawn yesterday of the do's and don'ts of the CHA and Supershow.
Looking forward to saying hello to you and meeting everyone!
Renee V.

Katie said...

Beautiful!!! I am amazed each and every day with your talent, but rarely take time to comment since I'm typically holding a kid in my lap. Would you mind sharing which baseball card protectors you use and where you found them? Thanks!

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