January 28, 2010

More 12 Days of Me Kits

The third and final round of The 12 Days of Me kits are up in my shop now. Please take advantage now because this will be it for these kits....unless I have a huge demand for more but it would be a while til I got to them. There are 16 kits listed in the shop. Have fun with this concept!!

The second round of kits are going up in my Etsy shop now so I can go watch American Idol with the family. :) Enjoy!

Hello everyone. I have more 12 Days of Me kits ready to ship out this week. You can read about the concept behind my kits HERE. The kits will vary slightly from the one you see below. Some of the base cardstock is Papertrey Ripe Avocado and some of the bases will be Dark Chocolate. And some of the twill ribbon will be Spring Moss and some will be Ripe Avocado. The pieces with the numbers are now Rustic Cream. Patterned papers will be from the PTI Turning a New Leaf collection. I'm going to package them all up and mail them out randomly because it's the quickest way to package these up and get them in the mail to you.

With each kit, you'll get the paper supplies, ribbon, buttons, notepad, clothespin and inserts to make one finished notepad and clothespin. All you 'll need is adhesive and twine....and a border punch and sewing machine if you want to embellish your pad like I did.
Here's a look at the inside of the notepad. I have no idea why it's underling as I type...so if it shows up that way...who knows.
And here are some very basic sketches for you on how to assemble your notebook. It's pretty easy to do just by looking at the photo but these sketches provide you with a few visuals.
1. Adhere circles together.
2. Trim patterned paper to 2-5/16" x 5-1/2".
3. Trim the numbers piece to the desired with you'll need to leave an appropriate amount left over for punching. You'll have to test this on a scrap piece first because it will depend on what border punch you use. Sew along the left side of the numbers piece, if desired.
4. Trim base cardstock (it will either be Ripe Avocado or Dark Chocolate) to 5-1/2" x 8".
5. Score in from the left edge at 2-9/16".
6. Score in from the right edge at 2-9/16". Fold up notebook base. Adhere notebook to inside at this point (I use Scor-Tape for this).
7. Adhere patterned paper piece and scalloped circle piece to the front of notebook. Any adhesive will work for this.
8. Adhere twill ribbon to front of notebook(I use Scor-Tape for this). Trim edges.
9. Adhere two buttons to front of notebook. Add twine or string to buttons first, if desired(twine not included in kit)
10. The 12 printed sheets just slide in the notebook and are loose. I use a small binder clip to hold mine in. A paper clip would work fine too.
11. Adhere *It's My Day* piece and button to clothespin. Again, use twine or string in the button if desired. I use Scor-Tape to adhere the cardstock piece to the clothespin.
The first round of 10 kits will be going up in my Etsy shop shortly. The next round will go up at approximately 7:00pm Central Time.

Have you planned any personal days? I'd love to hear about them and what you're planning for your day! I'm working on my February day and will post about that closer to my personal day...February 19th. :) Enjoy!


Janeen said...

This is such a wonderful idea!
So glad you took the time to make more kits. I can't wait to add all of the fun things I have planned. So far January was a day off with my husband and February is a day at the spa.

Gabriela said...

Mishie, love your new blog portrait. You're soooo pretty! Say, I was wondering if you would be so kind to share your secret source with me. I'd like to know where to buy those round wooden clothespins you use to store your ribbon. I'd be eternally grateful for any tips you are willing to share. I'm at gabriela dot divine at Verizon dot net. Thanks so much!

Katie Skiff said...

YAY!! I am actually planning a day a month to scrapbook. I can't wait. I will most likely miss these while I'm at church,but I can be crafty and whip something up. My first day is going to be the 4th, and the first Thursday of each month. Thanks for the ideas!!

mamajulie said...

Thanks for making more of these. And thanks for spreading the distribution out so more people can enjoy channeling your mojo :-)

Jenna said...


I want to thank you so much for sharing all of your awesome ideas with your fellow bloggers. I love the 12 Days of Me concept! It is "Just" what I need. Not to mention I love your little notebook. Thanks Mish!!


Julie said...

Hi, just wondering if you shio to Australia?? Thanks

Janine said...

Michelle I ordered a kit from you and haven't received it yet.. Just wondering if you know when it was sent.
Janine Orchard
London, Ontario
I know it takes some time to get up here..

Michelle said...

Such an awesome Notepad! I am so into making them rightnow and your ideas are always right on the money.


Yvonne..... said...

Loving this whole concept! My January day was spent scrapbooking by myself and then to dinner with my girlfriends. Already have February and March planned AND on the calendar!

Diana said...

I love seeing your idea's for these notebooks, how you change up the colors and papers. We are waiting for 5-7 inches of snow for tomarrow here in TN. I am really ready for spring now.

Juanita B said...

This is an idea worth patenting! TFS.

Anonymous said...

Mish - I've been reading your blog for a long time but never comment - lurker! - you're a great artist and I get a ton of ideas from you! I'm super excited I was able to get one of the kits! Great idea! Dawn

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