August 23, 2007

Covered Journal Instructions

Cut cardstock cover for notebook 8" x 10". Score a short end at 1" (this section will be adhered to the back of the notebook with sticky strip, I usually don't cover the entire back). Then continue to wrap and score the cardstock around the book. You will have a "spine" which will be less than 1/4" and then the front should be 5". You will continue folding the remainder of the cardstock and will end up with a pocket on the inside(see photos of inside cover on that post). Cut the inside portion at an angle to make a pocket. The bottom of the pocket will also be adhered with sticky strip. I also adhere a piece of cardstock to the top of the journal to make it look *finished*. Sticky strip works best....redline holds forever! By using this tape though, the notebooks are not refillable. Hope you enjoy!


Alexis said...

Are these the instructions for the pads you made with the cupcake paper?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for listing the instructions, they answered all my questions, can't wait to do one.
The cards you have are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Try adding a piece of ribbon to make a tie to hold it together.

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi. I have a question I think you can answer for me...I have a bunch of the "lasting empression" brass thingies, can I use the wizard and the tan pad for those? Thanks for all the instructions you've been giving!!

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