October 17, 2011

Mish Mash Monday....Jordy is awesome + a card

Edit: Soup recipe is here. Sandwich recipe here.

Happy Monday. Did you think I forgot about Mish Mash Monday? Well...I kinda did. Not really but the reds had orthodontist appointments today so my time was occupied as the taxi driver.

Volleyball....Both the girls had volleyball tournaments this weekend. Way far apart so we could only make it to one event. We went to Jordan's tournament since it was her last junior high volleyball event. She played awesome. There were several matches where Jordan got up to 8 or 9 serves in a row before the team lost the volley. Here she is surrounded by her coach and teammates at a time out the other team took to break her serve. What a joy it is a parent to see your child happy out there on the court. Way to go Jordo!
Fall...A cold front is coming through Kansas this week and we may even have freezing temperatures. Just in time, I fixed soup & sandwiches for the family we had visiting this weekend. I'm definitely not ready for the cold temperatures. If it gets below 50 degrees, it's Winter to me. However, I do like what Winter brings....warm, toasty fires + soft quilts + lots of books to catch up on, etc.
Crafting....Let's not forget the crafting, card making + scrapbooking. I've been having fun making cards from leftover products from my Project Life pages. Today's samplings are from this week's Project Life. Click the *leftovers* label at the end of this post for more cards made from PL leftover supplies.

How about a little tutorial today to get the creative juices flowing? These are a few of my leftover supplies + I grabbed a few of the folded journaling cards from my Project Life Amber kit. Jordan still needs to send out thank you notes for her birthday presents so I decided to create 3 cards for her friends that came to her b-day party.
First, fold the cards in half and add strips of patterned paper to the card fronts. Using leftover Studio Calico Fabrips, cut little flags. Punch circles from leftover patterned paper and staple on Studio Calico chipboard butterflies. These were a new item that got stacked on top of my leftover supplies.
Stamp sentiments on card fronts. I used Papertrey's Say It With Style and Think Big Favorites #1.
Adhere the fabric flags under the circles. Adhere circles with pop dots to nestle inside the rounded tops of the journaling cards. And presto, a cute little set of cards.
For envelopes, use Papertrey's A2 Rustic White envelopes cut down to 3-1/2" wide. Adhere a strip of patterned paper that matches each card to the front. Stitch down the side to create a small envelope. Seal as usual.
Fun, colorful, fast. That's what it's all about. Enjoy!
Well, I'm off to greet Jordan after school. Now that volleyball is over, she has just a few days off before basketball starts on Thursday. Not much time but I know she'll enjoy playing with her iPad, getting homework done early and just relaxing. Maybe we'll sew on her quilt a little too. :) Thanks for stopping by!


Chris R said...

Beautiful cards. I have to agree with you on Winter. If it is below 50 it is winter. I however do not like winter, I hate being cold.

Kristi said...

The soup and sandwich looks so tasty. Please you share the recipes? I live in Colorado (born, raised, and lived in Lecompton, Kansas until 2 years ago), and we had our first freeze last night. The cold temps are on the way to Kansas.

Gail S. said...

I agree with Kristi! The soup and sandwich looks YUMMY!! Your cards are always so darn cute. I live in Nebraska and we are to get a HARD freeze tonite - don't want the tomatoes in the garden to die.

christina #4635 said...

I love this photo of the volleyball team with J in the center. Awesome shot!!

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