October 6, 2011

Bags + Tags...

Hi there friends. Lots going on today so I will have two posts today....this one featuring bags + tags, plus another one to come shortly after about the Holiday Journal pre-orders.

First up, I've got my final project to show you featuring items from the sold out Happy Halloween kit. If you purchased a kit, this little project will be perfect for adding in a little note tag plus a few Halloween treats.
It features one of the popular Chevron Sacks from my Etsy shop + an Orange Medium Manila Tag. It's topped with a Fall leaf, Elle's Studio snippet, tied buttons and a black paperclip with ribbon. I just love seeing that black and orange together. Add in a yellow tag and you've got yourself a candy corn looking treat sack.
Here's a little journaling pocket using a Black Chevron Sack for Project Life. I love how the journaling cards fit inside all my new sacks. Great discovery. Check out Lisa Truesdell's Project Life post here, where she used a Notebook Paper Sack to hold a journaling card. I must try the photo on top look. Love it Lisa and thank you for the shout out yesterday.
I wanted to share this photo of some tags + bags sitting side by side. All sizes of my tags from the shop, including Small, Medium and Large Parcel Tags fit inside the Chevron, Notebook Paper and Grid Paper Sacks. The medium size tags come in colors + the plain manila. The small tags come in manila + white + red + dark green + gray. The large tags are only in manila at this time but I may add colors to the large size in the future.

I've set a tag beside each bag so you can see the color matches. Not perfect but they definitely coordinate well together. And white, gray or manila goes with any color sack.
Right now, I'm particularly fond of the candy corn look of the orange, yellow and black.....the gray and white look good too. And coming up for the Christmas season, the red and green combos will be just dandy.
I will be adding a limited quantity of the small chevron, grid and notebook paper sacks to the shop shortly. ALL size of sacks will be re-stocked in about a week so look for them in the shop soon. I've had requests for sample ideas using the sacks...I'll be working on that soon too. You guys are such great customers, you keep me hoppin'! Thank you so much to everyone who patronizes my shop + leaves me nice comments here on the blog. I truly appreciate you!

Stay tuned for my second post that will tell you all about pre-ordering the remaining Holiday Journals. I'll snap a few more photos of the kit contents and will let you know how I'll go about doing some blog posts about my thoughts on how to assemble your journal. :)


Connie B said...

will the pre order for Christmas journals still happen before 10 am central time?

Anonymous said...

Wondering the same thing??

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

They're up.......Thank you!

Kristy Hansen said...

I can't wait to get my Halloween kit. It will be so much fun to work with. Thank you for putting it together. ksh

Unknown said...

Oh how fab these are I am loving the colours Wish I lived closer to you all Hugs Vee xx

Heather W said...

do you think the chevron bags will be back in stock before Halloween?

Allison said...

Hello, I am francaise and my English do not have terrible but I am going to try I like what you makes it is very beautiful

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