April 24, 2014

Project Life 2014...Week 7 (Valentine's Week)

Week 7 of my Project Life 2014 included Valentine's Day.  Always a fun week that I like to get creative with.  I used Gossamer Blue March Kits and stamp sets.  
 The left page.
 The right page.
 Main, dated insert.  Here I added a journaling card to a 4 x 6 card, added a Small Manila Tag, chipboard letters and wood veneer. I used a small letter "o" from a wood stamp set for the circles on the calendar card.
 The stamp sets this month were a favorite.  Lots of foodie themed stamps.  I used three on this insert along with a sticky note and metal clip.
 Stickers to accent a photo.
 More foodie stamps, directly stamped onto the photo.
 Photo app on photo, created on my iPhone.
 More stamps and wonderful journaling cards this month.  I'm loving the snippets of ribbon in the kits too...and those daisy brads, need a dozen of those.
 A foodie stamp on a Notebook Paper Label with typewriter journaling.
 Chocolate dipped strawberries for Valentine's Day dessert.  Rub ons right on the photo.
 Fun journaling card, photo corner and brad.
 More 3 x 4 inserts.
 A fun 3 x 4 insert with stickers and embellishments then stitching down the center with gold thread.  Another rub on on the flower photo.
 Ribbon tied to a chipboard accent, photo corner, buttons, sequins.
Lots of fun goodies to play with on this spread.  Enjoy!

April 23, 2014

Workspace Wednesday...Organizing Project Life Page Protectors

It's Workspace Wednesday and today I'm sharing a little bit of organization that I did with my Project Life plastic page protectors.  I think I have all the sizes and configurations that are available from Project Life + some from other companies.  Every time I wanted to find a certain page protector a landslide of plastic packaging happened.  I also had to sort through each package to find the design I wanted.  

To make things more organized I grabbed some plastic 12 x 12 organizer for paper that I had sitting idle.  I made dividers with scrap cardboard and got my page protectors all organized. 
So now when I'm ready to plan out a week of Project Life, I grab my planner with my Pocket Planner Pages + I always have my Project Life Pages Photo Pocket Reference Sheets (the blue and orange sheets you see tucked inside my organizer, above).  You can find them under the freebie section of Becky Higgins' blog.  I print them to fit in my planner below. 
 For weeks when I'm using just a Design A, it's simple.....but for when I want to mix things up, add in inserts or change to a new design, this organization has been so helpful.
So with that....I'm off to get caught up a bit more on my Project Life.  Thanks for stopping by.

April 22, 2014

Project update: Catherine Quilt...some new supplies

Today I'm sharing some of the new supplies I recently purchased to get going on my Catherine Quilt.  

I'm constantly in awe at the plethora of information you can find on the Internet if you just take the time to search...and search...and search.  A recent favorite tip I learned is that all cotton thread is good to use if you're using all natural fabrics like cotton and linen.  All of the fibers should shrink fairly the same when laundered.  Who knew?
 As I go through this quilt project, I'm excited to learn more tips and tricks.  I can sew fairly well but I'm in awe when I listened to seasoned quilters.  There's always...always....something new you can learn.  I'm excited to start putting together the pieces.
 My sister told me about this ruler grip.  I finally picked one up at JoAnn's.  I think it will be great for squaring up 1/2 yards of fabric and hopefully my ruler won't scoot around.  I also suggest getting the biggest cutting mat your work area will allow.  I found a really large one at Walmart and I love it. It's probably like 30 x 36, big!
 I'm really excited to try my hand at hand quilting for my Catherine Quilt.  Never done it before but I'm excited at the thought of just sitting in my big comfy chair or out on the front porch, just stitching away....and probably pricking my finger and saying, "Dammit, I did it again."  That's where you come in....do you use a thimble, metal or leather, what fingers do they go on?  See, total newbie here.

I picked up these all cotton, size 5 bundles of thread at JoAnn's.  I'm loving the thicker yarns on some quilts I've pinned lately.  I'm thinking long stitches, rather simple and straight in nature.  Nothing intricate for me.  You can see some samples on my Catherine Quilt Inspiration Board and my Quilts Board.
 I told the helper lady at JoAnn's what type of hand quilting I wanted to do and she suggested these Crewel needles because they have a larger eye and are a bit thicker in size.  That is great because my failing eyesight needs bigger everything. Note to self: get some reading glasses before I start hand quilting. 
So here's my plan for my Catherine Quilt.  I'm thinking of just taking over the long farm table in my dining room.  Awesome natural lighting and I'm not stuck in the basement.  My mother is scheduled for a knew replacement surgery in May and I'm thinking I might just set up shop on her dining table too.  That way I can stay and help her for long periods of time but also have something to keep my hands busy.  Totally excited.  I think I need to visit my local quilting ladies and neighbor lady who have a lot more quilting under their belts for some more advice.  Either way, I'm cutting in to my fabrics this week.  I'll be back to share another project update of the fun quilting method I'm going to try out.

April 16, 2014

Project Life 2014...Week 6

Today I'm sharing Week 6 of my Project Life 2014.  I've got a 2 page spread using Gossamer Blue kits.
 The left page...with lots of cold temperatures and snow.
 The right page...lots of family photos.
 Still love creating a dated, week # insert if space allows.
Charlie photo bombing the pretty pose by the kitties.
 My awesome lazy Susan that Jordan made for me in shop.  I used embellishments from the kits + a Grid Label for typed journaling.
 Workspace Wednesday photos are becoming a nice addition to my albums.
 Cold this week..
 I also had an insert, here with the kids and some sledding.
 A little journaling with sticker words.
 The back side of the insert featuring Josey's power lifting meet.  Girls got some guns and won three medals at her first meet.
This week.....printing photos, designing weekly spreads...hoping to catch up and make some major progress with my Project Life. 

April 15, 2014

The Catherine Quilt Project...

One of my goals for 2014 was to take time for projects that were just for me, just for the sake of creating.  One of the ventures on my list was sewing and the other was cooking.  So you'll be seeing more posts about these + my usual paper crafting on the blog.  I hope you enjoy following along with me on my many ventures.  

Today I'm excited to share my newest crafty venture....the Catherine Quilt.  I'll be sharing more on the inspiration for this quilt, the style of quilting I'll be doing and just what I envision this quilt to become.  I'll be sharing posts in the form of quick, project updates with just a few photos here and there.  For today I'm sharing the brand new fabrics that just arrived for my Catherine Quilt.  Aren't they so pretty?

The line is called Sweet as Honey and is from Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics.  You can find Bonnie Forkner's sweet blog here, full of fun projects, recipes and simple living ideas.  To see more of Bonnie's post about the Sweet as Honey fabric line just go to the end of a blog post and click on the "Sweet as Honey" label & all of the corresponding posts will show up.  You'll definitely want to find the Sweet as Honey Blog Tour which features 25 bloggers' projects using the Sweet as Honey fabric line.  
If you're already in love with this fabric from the first glance, you can order the fabric online or be lucky enough to have a fabulous shop near you that carries it.  I ordered mine from Fat Quarter Shop and had great customer service.  Below, the top row is the Spring Harvest fat quarter bundle and the bottom row is the Autumn Harvest fat quarter bundle.  I may have ordered some additional yardages of my favorite prints too.  
From my own stash, I'll be sprinkling in these fabrics.  
 So here's what my fabric mix up will look like. That pink tone is really not that bright though. 
Instead of white backgrounds, borders and sashing, I'll be mixing up these beautiful linen pieces that I've been collecting.  Just gorgeous, right? 
I'll be back with more inspiration on my Catherine Quilt soon.  For today I'll leave you with a link to my Catherine Quilt Inspiration Board on Pinterest.  I've spent countless hours pinning some wonderful quilting samples, hand quilting ideas and samples from the Sweet as Honey line. I'll showcase some of my favorite inspiration pieces here on the blog too.  In the meantime, I hope you are inspired to create a beautiful quilt of your own.  Thanks for stopping by.

April 11, 2014

Recipe.....Turkey Pot Pie (Part II)

This week we're hosting turkey hunters so what better recipe to showcase than my Turkey Pot Pies.  You can see my original post here with the recipe.  In today's post I wanted to show you my second round of pot pies, this time using cooked chicken.  I started off with the sauteed veggies and chopped chicken.  
 Two big batches of the creamy sauce, ready for all the fillings to be added.  I made two pot pies on this day....one for my family and one for a family whose son just had shoulder surgery.
 All the veggies, meat and seasonings are added.
 About that time, my mom stopped by for a visit.  Jordan and I were just about to start filling the pie crusts.  My mom taught me how to crimp a pie crust so I gave her the honors today on one of the pies.
 As always, her little pinched edges were perfection.
 Then it was time to cut vents in the pie.  I asked Mom if she wanted the honors.  What she did next made me freak out a little. She started carving into the crusts.  What the?
 But she worked her magic and created the most beautiful designs on the crusts.
My maiden name is Wheat so she thought that wheat stalks were perfect on pies.  Would you look at that pretty picture?   I  never would have thought of it.  I usually just cut simply slits for vents.  
 The pies couldn't go into the oven without a little brushing of milk.  That's always been my mom's secret to beautifully browned crusts.
 Boy, did they turn out pretty.
 There's something so beautiful and rustic to me when you bake a pie or bread from scratch.  You can definitely tell there is a handmade feel to each piece.
 It was suiting to use these pot holders that my mom sewed up some time ago.  She was into a phase where she used old jean pockets which I love.  The log cabin design is also a favorite.
 Just beautiful.
 One for our family and then this pie went on it's way to our friends house.  I always think a basket lined with pretty linens is a fun way to delivery homemade goodies.
Our friends loved the chicken pot pie.  My mom said she is waiting for her invitation soon for more pot pies.  Sounds like a good reason to roast up a turkey to me.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!  I've got a fun new post coming up introducing a new project.  I can't wait to get it all together so you can join along in my progress.  Any guesses?
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