October 31, 2011

Mish Mash Monday...

Happy Halloween on this Mish Mash Monday! It's such a fun time of year.

Fall...totally love the changing of the seasons and the earthy colors this time of year. I soak it all up while it lasts because soon enough all the leaves will be gone. The earth will look brown. And Winter will be here soon which means I tend to hibernate inside.
Family time......I've been enjoying a little down time just hanging out with the family, organizing some projects to hopefully complete before the end of this year...and having fun with the family. Our weekends are free again since volleyball is over so Jordan and I took an afternoon to get artsy with her oil pastels. Not my best art medium to work with but we had fun coloring sketching and coloring one of the last tomatoes from the garden.
Halloween happenings....A few weekends ago we took the girls and 4 of their friends to the scary haunted houses in a warehouse district in Kansas City. So fun to watch the girls hunch together, arm in arm as they screamed the night away. Of course I wasn't too far behind Eric, holding on to his belt loop the whole time. We also spent Saturday night at an annual Halloween party at a nearby hunting lodge that our friends rent for the night. We all went as bikers this year, complete with original t-shirts from the Sturgis bike rally this summer. There was a hayrack ride at dark and then a scavenger hunt after that. Our 2 year winning streak ended this year, much to our dismay.
Fall apples....There's nothing like apples in the Fall. My once favorite Jonagold apples have perhaps been replaced by Honey Crisp apples. Oh, they are good. Jordan will be making caramel apples tonight after basketball practice.
Birthday pie....My dad celebrated his birthday yesterday and I made him an apple pie. He devoured his piece and said it was seasoned just right with spices and the crust was flaky and perfect. Score one for the baker. He's embarking on another world adventure this month..China for 20 days. I'm so excited for him but we miss him like crazy when he's gone. Stay tuned for a post where I tell you how we surprised my mom with a special gift to use while my dad is away.
Holiday Journals.....I'm gathering up all my supplies for my own personal Holiday Journal/Daily December album. I'll be assembling basic pages ahead of time for the entire month of December. Stay tuned for photos of those basic pages soon + some ideas of how to use items from the kit if you purchased one.

Edit: I just wanted to clarify that the journals I offered in my Etsy shop are all sold out at this time. The ones from Studio Calico are are still available and if you act fast, Marcy Penner has one of her holiday albums left in her shop here.
Enabling....I've fallen victim to a little enabling it seems. I caved and purchased Ali Edwards' December Daily kit from Studio Calico. After wanting to add a few alphabets, some overlays, etc to my own kit, I took the plunge and ordered the whole darn thing.
Noel Notions.....There are still a handful of items in my Etsy shop and I'll be adding a few more items tomorrow morning.

Project Life....I counted up how many weeks I am behind. Let's just say lots. The summer months just got away from me because of our busy schedule. But I can happily say that I have each photo slot filled and I'm diligently whittling down the weeks. This weekend alone I've completed 5 weeks. My goal is to complete all the weeks for 2011 by the end of this year.

And that's it. I'll be busy getting some posts ready so stay tuned this week to the blog. :)


Ashley said...

I love the idea of a holiday journal!~

Kristy Hansen said...

Thank you for all the great ideas. I got my tags/gift wrap kits today! I love what you included. I am anxious so see how you put your journal together. I love everything and have pulled from my own stash--want to get started, but so much to choose from--thank you again for all your great ideas and for sharing with us all. ksh

Tracy said...

Must be something in the fall air... I splurged and bought some of my supplies for my first ever Project Life kit... I want to start it January 1. I am anxious and hope I stick with it every week.

As always, I love your work, and anxiously await your next post.

Pat said...

I love the idea of a holiday journal or December Daily, but my kids are all grown, and It's just the hubby and me leading a very mundane but comfortable daily existence. Any ideas for how I could do something similar- maybe with old photos of when the kids were little?

Anonymous said...

I just read on Nichole's blog that you are stepping down from the Senior Design Team of PTI ... I admire people who put the family ahead of other things and I wish you all the best! Karen

Cassandra said...

I too just read Nichole's blog - sad that we won't see you doing PTI as much (I felt the same way when Debbie Olson took a back seat) but completely understand. They are young for such a short time, blink and you miss it. All the best.

karen brandt said...

I too just learned that you are stepping back a bit from PTI. While I will miss the abundance of inspiration you have provided me, I congratulate you on your decision to make certain that you are able to spend precious time with your family. So many have said that this time time passes by quickly, and as the Mom of a 26 and 22 year old, I can honestly tell you that it does! Congratulations on your decision, I am sure we will still be inspired by you, enjoy your family!

deb duty said...

The trees are such a lovely fall photo and the apple looks delicious!

Mel said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the haunted houses...my good friend Amber is one of the owners, and she works so hard to make them cool and new every year!

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