October 10, 2011

Mish Mash Monday.....signs of Fall

We are well into October and our Kansas temperatures are still nearing the 80's. I'm loving that the temps are staying up there, but there are definitely signs of Fall all around us.

Nothing quite says Fall like a Homecoming parade. This is Josey's Freshman class float.
And some of her besties throwing out candy. I can remember all those years ago when Eric and I road on floats down this same small town street. Next year Jordy will be on her class float. Good times.
I've been taking a few photos of our beautiful maple tree in the back yard. Rosie's keeping it company these days.
It's turned from green to bright orange to a deep red color. So beautiful to watch the trees change. In our area we don't have a lot of maples or oaks out in the country. We usually get a full display of yellows and that's about it. So to have this blazing maple is a real treat. She's suffered through many a deer antler but she's standing tall and proud.
We had a nice rain last night so this morning it was nice and cool outside. I took my flower snips and gathered up quite a few flowers that are still hanging on. From deep reds, yellows and oranges....to soft yellow, pink and purple. All this pretty little bouquet needed was an old time canning jar.
Just look at the rainbow of colors. So vibrant!
Lots of little pumpkins and gourds from the vining garden this year.
And a few beautiful leaves from the maple.
What Fall images have you captured on your camera this year? My sister went to her home in Colorado to shoot photos of the yellow Aspens....but this is what she got instead. Snow already!!
Whatever your weather, I hope you're getting outside to enjoy the seasons.


Renee said...

how I love snow when there's absolutely no chance of it actually coming to trap me inside!!
I love the colors of Fall...
the cool night temps that are perfect for bonfires and s'mores...
and sky never looks as blue as it does when there are the yellows, reds and orange of Fall.
Gorgeous flowers!
And planning on snapping some pics of the kids this weekend for a Christmas gift for Nana...
just as our colors should be beginning to vividly burst...
I hope!
They're starting...
looking at a gorgeous orange right outside my window right now!

Unknown said...

america's small towns are the best! tradition is still alive! thank you for sharing the pics.

carol (krillsister) said...

Those flowers from your garden are gorgeous. I'm jealous

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