October 6, 2010

Fall notebook kits....

If Mishie needs a cute Fall themed notepad then you guys need one too, right?  I have lots of little listy items lately that I need to jot down and I thought I'd make a few kits to share too.  Visit my Etsy shop for  the kits, they'll be up soon in limited quantities.  If you purchase a cute kit, I've listed the instructions on how to assemble your notebook in the post below.  If you want to make your own notebook like mine, you can follow along too with your own supplies.  Enjoy!
 For my notebook, I used Papertrey's Vintage Cream Notepads.  You'll get a set of 10 for $6 bucks.  In the kit, you'll get a half sheet of Dark Chocolate cardstock.  Cut this to a tiny bit over 8" long, just to leave a little overhang.  The width of the cardstock is a little tricky.  My cut width ends up being almost 5-3/8"....but I never cut it to that width to begin with.  I lay my notebook down and score and fold as I go around what becomes the spine of the notebook.  Then I trim off the last part.  I do this because the spine of the notebook is so thin that it's tricky to measure....so I just make a little mark with my fingernail and score as I go.  Use Scor-Tape to adhere the notebook to the cardstock cover.
 Next, adhere the brown/green patterned paper to the notebook cover.  Trim the orange floral patterned paper to fit below the brown/green paper.  The papers I used for the kit are from October Afternoon.  Cindy at Star Lit Studio has a great selection.
 Next, adhere the yellow circle to the Metal Rim Tag.  The tags fir perfectly on the notebook fronts.  Love this!  Position the metal tag accent and the Small Manila Parcel Tag in place as shown, then adhere.  Notice that the Manila Tag reinforcement circle is positioned just above the line that joins the two patterned papers.
 This is where you'll add more Scor-Tape and adhere the fluffy, chenille ribbon snippet.  Thread the orange string through the button and adhere in place with small sticky dots or liquid craft glue.
 And viola, there you have it.  Easy peasy.
 So cute and I love the Fall colors.  This little notebook will take you through Halloween and well into the Fall season.  Perfect for all those party lists and Thanksgiving menus.
 In the kit, I've also included either a Marigold or Rusty Pumpkin clothespin and the supplies to embellish it with paper and a tied button.  This will come in handy for those loose papers, lists and clipped recipes.  You'll also receive one of my new Glassine Sleeve Wraps, perfect for packaging the tall notebooks.  Look for them in my shop soon.  Simply insert the finished notebook...tie the brown ribbon around the sleeve in a pretty bow...and clip on the clothespin.  Perfect gift!!!!  Love!

Note:  The stamp set used for my notebook today is Take Note...a must have for all your notebook making needs.  And looky there, it says *concept by Michelle Wooderson*.   Who is that girl?  :) hee hee
Hope you enjoy!  Off to create something else.


Karen Lazar said...

What happened to the link to your Etsy shop?

Cele Schaffer said...

Wow how fantastic! I asked for a notepad tutorial yesterday and like magic there it is today!! This fall note pad is so cute and yes one must have is the Take Note PTI set. Mish you are the BOMB!

Mary Sara P. said...

Mish - I just love your ideas. I am going to order the Take Note PTI set right now as these will make great holiday gifts for the girls in my monthly crop group. Thanks for your tutorials as well. I just love your blog.

mamajulie said...

Whenever I make these little notebooks, my friends fall on them like ravening wolves. They are a guaranteed hit, especially in seasonal colors. Your fall ones are lovely, and I must go to my fall inspiration station (where did THAT idea come from?) and make some.

Diana said...

I was able to purchase this kit before it sold out. So excited to get it. I make these all the time for myself and my friends, just loved your papers in the kit and ribbon and wanted to get some of your other items too so I had to purchase the kit. You can tell I am a true fan if I have the stuff to make my own (including the Take Note stamp set), but want your kit instead!
Thank you for doing a step by step blog post on how to make them, I always learn something new on your tutorials.

Joy said...

I always love to see your sweet note books made..Love them..TFS.

Cindy said...

I love these! Thanks for sharing the instructions. I am going to get a PTI order together very soon.

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