August 29, 2011

Mish Mash Monday

Hey there. This week marks the first full week of school for the reds. As they adjust to their new schedule, I need to do the same. I have lots of catching up to do from the summer months so I want to make the best use of my time. Someone said recently, *I work on the Internet, I don't want to live there too*. So true. With all the fun computer time suckers like blogs, Twitter and Pinterest, I can easily spend a lot of hours on the on Mac and iPhone because the Internet is so easily accessible. I'm making a schedule and we'll see how it works.

With all that said, there's a lot of fun stuff I like to share with you all. Not for assignments or my Etsy but simply because I like to share. I'm gonna try it out and see how Mish Mash Mondays work. Random posts on Mondays to kick off our week! A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Feel free to share links and comments on what you're up too also.

Vintage Find
I have a thing for vintage strawberries and spied this old lunchbox tin in a local shop. If you're ever in Emporia, Kansas be sure to check out Studio 11. A cute little place with a funky, vintage vibe.
The painted strawberries remind me of when my mom was heavy into tole painting. She was very good in her day. I can still remember her painting what she called Dolly Parton hearts.
And the cute little jars? Walmart has the most darling little jars out with red, gingham lids and white rings. Perfect for jams and jellies.....or for storing individual servings of desserts. I'm not much on plastic containers. I make this Fruit Fluff that the girls just love.

Fruit Fluff
2 small cartons lowfat yogurt...any flavor...we like strawberry and lime best..or cherry, orange
1 small tub low fat or fat free Cool Whip
1 small box sugar free jello....same as the yogurt flavor

Dissolve jello in about 1/2 cup of boiling water. Dump in yogurt and mix. Dump in Cool Whip and fold in. Pour into jars, coffee cups, etc for individual servings. Can also pour into graham cracker pie crust for pie. Enjoy.
Gift Idea
The girls are always off to a birthday party. This has been our latest gift. A cute frame....sometimes with photo mat and sometimes not. Insert patterned paper to match the birthday girl's room....pack up with new whiteboard markers. Instant message board. We keep the design pretty simple because Jordan puts these together....usually at the last minute. But if you want to fancy it up, check out Lisa Truesdell's quilted whiteboard. Would love to make some of these for Christmas gifts like she did.
So what do you have up your sleeve for today? Work. More work? Any good crafty projects in the making? I'm headed back to the Craft new name for my craft room. I must get it cleaned up and organized. We are working on finishing up the girls' new Lounge room....and you walk right by my room to get there. And there's no door yet. Needs help. Also working on Project Life and am adding a few pages to my Gratitude Journal.

Have a great week everyone!


Dishtowel Dame said...

I love the idea of the dry-erase-board-frame! Cute strawberry pail, too. I did a lot of tole and decorative painting "back in the day", and the Dolly Parton hearts were so fun to make...just dip the wooden end of the paintbrush into a puddle of two dots side by side, and then use the fine point of the brush to draw a line straight down from where the circles meet...perfect every time! I had forgotten about those!
Your dessert recipe sounds tasty, and would be a cool treat for my little granddaughters. Have a great day.

Ellie said...

Happy Monday darling. I need to make me a board for my boys. I want to make one for each of them. This year is going to be SUPER packed we don't go back until next week so this week is all about the last minute things to do. This Summer went WAY to fast.

Irene Talaasen said...

Happy Monday!
I LOVE your Blog and your positive and inspiring thoughts and ideas!!I think Mish Mash Mondays will be delightful and fun. Have a new order of Papertrey sentiments so am going to be as creative as I can. Blessings!! Irene

Diana F. said...

I am already looking forward to Mish Mash Mondays. I love the idea of the dry erase board. I immediately pinned it to my Pinterest board (it is such an obsession).
I am also going to write down the recipe for the pink stuff. Thank you for sharing it with us.
I bought a box of those gingham checked jars and I think I am going to make homemade hot fudge sauce to put in them for Christmas gifts this year. Going to work in a few minutes, then working out, finally getting home this evening and hopefully finish up a couple of paper projects I started this weekend.
Thank you for your wonderful blog.

Jennifer aka Scrappin' Aggie said...

Thanks so much for sharing these cute things! I love the idea of Mish Mash Mondays and the just because you like to share factor!!

Diana said...

Thank you for Mish Mash Monday! Totally inspiring.

On a different note: My daughters want to get started in scrapbooking, so I looked over some of your old posts for ideas and saw an entry from April 3, 2007. Brought a smile, because it had layouts of your girls going to school (Jordan was in kindergarten). That's only 4 years ago, and look how much they've grown.

Happy Monday, sweetie!

Denise Young said...

love this Monday idea. The dry erase boards are fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration every day.

Mary Jo said...

I love the idea of Mish Mash Mondays! Also, the white board frame is a great idea. My kids will live the fluff recipe. Thanks for all!!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

I was just writing my post for tomorrow & used the phrase mish mash! So, it goes without saying that Mish Mash Mondays sound cosmically wonderful.

I love the dry erase board. What a chic gift to have in your go-to arsenal!

Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

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