August 8, 2011

Road Trip Mini stuff to add to your album

Here we go again for more Road Trip Mini Album fun! Today it's all about shopping your stash for fun items to add to your mini albums. Or perhaps items to look for the next time you're out junkin'. You never know where you might find some good stuff.

Here I have a nice collection of stickers and die cuts....carnival tickets and Smash journaling cards...canvas tags...all good stuff to tuck into your journals.
Old road maps are becoming a favorite collectible item for me. I find them here and there on my little shopping ventures. Great for making full pages, pockets, envelope liners, punched circles, etc. I love these flash cards of the states that I found too. Will definitely be adding these to my road trip album.
Another of my favorites are these to/from vintage Dennison labels. Perfect for jotting down your destinations and where you've been. I added a little sticker or tag to each of mine. Also here is a grid index card with carnival tickets stitched on. Cancelled postage stamps are also great additions to add to your mini travel albums. The metal rimmed tags are another favorite of mine. I'll be adding a bunch to the shop soon.
Vintage travel postcards. So fun to find a box at an antique shop and just pull up a chair. I'm still searching for one with an Airstream camper. Anyone? Bueller?
And don't forget to pick up some postcards from your current trip. Write some journaling on the back and you've got an instant memory. Want the postcard cancellations on them? Just drop them in the mail with your address on them. And don't forget to send a postcard to loved ones. Our great, great grandkids will want to find them in an antique shop some day!!

Other items to collect on your trip: receipts from gas stations, paper menus, hotel brochures or notepads, national park brochures, chipboard drink coasters, labels from pop/beer bottles, packaging from road trip snacks, clothing tags, paper napkins, coloring pages from restaurants, business cards, sacks from fast food restaurant.

How to add them to your travel album: add the whole thing or...punch out a circle, cut out a square.....use mod podge or staples.....back a tag.....fold or create a pocket.....tuck in a pocket or sack....take a photo of grouped items then trash the whole lot. Get creative!

What other fun items can you collect while on your trip?


JeanFB said...

Fantastic ideas, Mish! So creative - hope you have a blast on your own road trip!

Kristy Hansen said...

Love how you are pulling this all will be a great book to take on the road to gather all the memories.

Paper and Ribbons said...
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Paper and Ribbons said...

Hi Mish,

Love the little kit, it's inspired me to do one for my 4 day vacation abroad!

Please, please can you tell me where you bought the MS Pinking circle punch? I want that one not the new PAOTP style.

I can't find it in the UK!


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