August 6, 2011

Road Trip Mini Album....getting the stories down

Hey there, I'm back today with more good stuff from my Road Trip Mini Album. If you're taking your travel albums with you to work while on the road, one of the most important things to do is have journaling cards ready to grab & write. The purpose is NOT to create the pieces and parts of your mini album while on the road but rather have everything ready to go so you can jot down the stories very easily....and then get on with enjoying your trip.

Here I have a few journaling cards that I made from Becky Higgins' Journaling Cards. Love the grid pattern on them + the rounded corners. I also stamped a bunch of phrases from Ali Edwards' Technique Tuesday stamp sets onto plain ol' index cards. Cut them to whatever size you want, round the corners, paint, add embellishments, etc. I like to start out with plain ones and I'll embellish as I go.
Here I've stamped arrows from Papertrey's Get to the Point stamp set + a Label Basics die with journaling lines + added in a little Washi tape to a small sack + some labels on a glassine bag. I stitched around all the little cards.
To the label sheets from the kit, I added lots of stamped phrases + words. These will be great to reach for when I need a little title for a page of my mini album. You can also use the blank labels for journaling. Just keep adding them in rows and write a few lines on each label. I even splattered a few with spray mists.
Okie doke, that's it for today. Have a great weekend everyone! Stay tuned for tomorrow because I'll be back with more Road Trip Mini Album goodies.

So tell me......for those of you that purchased the album, have you dug into your supplies? Are you planning on taking your album with you on a road trip?

For those of you that have taken mini albums on the road, what are your best tips? Did you actually scrapbook.....just collect items and tuck them in the album to scrapbook at home? I'm curious to see how much I'll really be able to get done while on the road.


lisa truesdell said...

awesome ideas, mish. totally love the labels and journaling cards!!!

i ended up just collecting stuff on our trip... it was too hard w/ 3 kids and a busy schedule to try and eek out scrap time.

Georgee said...

I had two notebooks with me that I collected everything in that was paper or small and clipped in so wouldn't get lost. I took pens,coupe of drawing pencils, a black fine marker, watercolor pencils, my aqua brushes, a very small bottle of water, a drawing pad in a small carrying case. All I had time for was writing things down that happened and my impressions of things as we drove. But it all came back with me and is sitting in a box waiting for me to put it all together. I I had all this done as you are doing ahead and had photos printed as we went along I might actually have gotten more done on the trip, though.

Laura said...

Cool mini album ideas!

Totally off topic, I really like your blog banner. I'm using blogger as well and can't seem to figure how you got your title and description in two different fonts. How did you do that?! Thanks!

Happy scrapping!

cjgusloff57 said...

Wondering....where do you get the Washi tape? I have not seen it in the craft stores around here but maybe I am looking in the wrong places. I have a Japanese daughter-in=law, and she looked in Hawaii where they are living and could not find any either. Thanks.
Corrine Ann

Georgee said...

I'm not Michelle, but I have seen Washi tape in several online stores included etsy stores, and paper stores.

Diana F. said...

I did recieve your road trip kit after I got home from work yesterday and immediately sat down to go through every single thing. What fun! You were so creative in what you included, things I never would thought to include in a travel journal, but will in my future ones, everything went together so well. I am organizing it this weekend and collecting my thoughts on what things I have on hand that will go with this kit. I do think I will take the PTI vintage button card die and press out several of them to use as journaling cards, stamp my own images on them, color them, ect. Your kit is so comprehensive I dont need much extra. Thank you for making these fabulous kits!

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