August 2, 2011

So much to do....

Wow. What a busy summer we've had. From weekend softball tournaments to basketball games and camps to volley camps...swimming...having friends over.....appointments.

.....and here we are now with our final few weeks of summer left. There's school enrollment....the county supply shopping...finishing up the girls' new lounge room....and road trips to take.

We've had so much fun this summer. It was packed full of activities. Sweltering hot is an understatement for this summer. And now we're looking forward to high school for Josey. 8th grade for Jordan. Driving. Driving!! We had our first fender bender yesterday in the Walmart parking lot. Eric has a new dent in his back bumper courtesy of Josey.

So much to do. New routines to come. I can finally say that I'm ready for it all to wind down after our vacation. The girls are ready for more sports. So we're embracing these last few weeks of summer. Going to enjoy it all, soak it all in. And then we'll be ready for something new. A new season. Lots of fun changes.

And I'm ready to get back into my cozy little craft room to create. I have pages and pages of ideas just waiting to come to life. So many fun and exciting ideas for my Etsy shop. So much to do.
(photo from my craft room)


JeanFB said...

So happy that you are having a full summer, Mish - we are, too, in the same ways, and that's what life is all about! Love that little pic from your craft room - my mojo is *gone*, but that little pic has sparked something - love the colors, all the fab textures. Keep on havin' fun!

Lori Craig said...

Summer just flew by, didn't it!? Super sweet, Mish! I need to make a few of those pins. I always love them when I see yours. Hugs!

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