July 4, 2010

Stationery Sets...for YOU

Edit to add: Jordy has new artwork in my Etsy shop. You'd think one of these days, good ol' Mom would get a signed piece. :)

Note: This is my second post for the day. Scroll down to read more. :)

In my quest to make and mail more cards this month, I had a fun little session in the Artsy Studio this week. As a young girl, the supplies to make hand made cards were definitely not as plentiful as there is today. But I do remember stationery sets. There were sheets of stationery paper that had matching envelopes and sometimes envelope seals.....all packaged up in a plastic folder of sorts. Remember those? It was a treat to get a stationery set so I hoarded them, never wanting to send out my beautiful papers with matching envelopes.

Nowadays, our stamping supplies are plentiful so I created something just as fun as when I was a young girl. Today I want to show you my stationery set, complete with notecards and matching stamped and lined envelopes. I'll take a moment with you to zoom in on the photo below.....just looking at little pile of pretties makes me sigh a happy sigh. Oh, the simple pleasures in life, right?
How 'bout I share how I created my stationery set. It's the perfect way to build up your stash of cards....or these would make fantastic gifts for birthdays, graduations, young girls, older gals, teachers, etc. I'm thinking a head start on teacher or Christmas gifts would be a great idea!

Let's head down to the Artsy Studio to get started, shall we? You'll need a nice, messy pile of delicious supplies.....including Papertrey envelopes, patterned paper, inks, twine/string, buttons, dies, pop dots, and Medium Parcel Tags from my Etsy shop, etc. Note: all of the colored parcel tags from my Etsy shop are medium in size so those would work as well if you desire colored tags. :)
Let's start with the fun tags that are on front of the cards. I used Papertrey's All About You stamp set, medium parcel tags in manila from my Etsy shop, Papertrey's Fillable Frames #5 die and coordinating Fillable Frames #5 Mini Stamp Set, Chartreuse Vintage Buttons, green and white twine and Terracotta Tile Bitty Dot Satin Ribbon.
Piece the tags together as shown below, using pop dots to adhere the tags to the card fronts. Inks used were Terra Cotta Tile, Chartreuse, Summer Sunrise.
For the card fronts, I used strips of patterned paper from October Afternoon. Cindy at Star Lit Studio has a great supply of OA papers here. For the notecards, I used Rustic Cream cardstock. The patterned papers were cut cut into 1" wide and about 1/4" wide strips by 5.5" long. I first stamped one strip of the Tin Types background onto the top of the cards using Summer Sunrise ink.
I used some of the same golden yellow patterned paper to line the Papertrey Rustic Cream envelopes. Note: For four cards and envelopes, I was able to use one sheet of 12 x 12 yellow patterned paper....and just a small piece of the rustic orange paper. To line the envelope, simple cut patterned paper from the Envelope Liner Die. It's a must have die for your paper crafting, I tell ya. Lined envelopes are awesome!! Maybe we can talk Nichole into making envelopes lines for all the envy sizes. :)
Next up, I used the Fillable Frames #5 die to make a mask from Eclipse masking tape. Simply stamp the image from the Fillable Frames #5 stamp set in Terra Cotta Tile ink....mask it.....then stamp the tin types border all over the front and back of the envelopes. Now does that look nifty or what? You could also mask an area for the return address if you want.....on the front or back of the envelope. I'll just slap on a return address label for my cards.
Here's a little shot of the card and envelope together. Now who wouldn't love to get this little gem in the mail? I must make more so that I don't hoard them in all their cuteness. Oh my, I think I see a little stationery fettish coming on.
Okay, I must say that shoving everything aside to make a 12" clear spot on my stamp table so that I can work......and pulling out just a few supplies.....oh my, it's the best therapy there is. Hope you enjoy!!


Elle said...

A lovely idea once again! I use to collect those very same stationary sets with my cousin. Brings back many great memories. I will have to make some for sure! IT might even prompt me to GASP! send an actual handwritten letter. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Elle Kasban

Katherine said...

What an amazing little set. Oh, I could definitely see this easily becoming a habit.
Such a lovely set, and I love your step by step photos. Maybe you could do a Copic coloring, step by step, for us. I'd love to see more of your process.

Thanks, a Happy Birthday to your little Firecracker!

Mary Sara P said...

Happy 4th. You are just so creative. I love your blog and these sets are just too cute.

dolcreations said...

Oh my goodness...you brought back some memories all right. I loved getting stationary with the envelopes to match. After seeing your gorgeous creations I so want to do this. Have a great day

Romaine said...

Oh Mish, scrumptious!!!! I MUST do this....thank-you for sharing!!!

Tracey McNeely said...

When I was a little girl I would buy the same stationary sets you are talking about. Then I would hoard all their goodness. How awful, now I hoard all my lovely papers even worse. This is such a great idea Michelle, loveliness coming. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mish,

One Christmas gift I especially remember as a child was a box of pretty stationery of cute animals. I think that started my enchantment with all things paper.

I love your idea--I was just thinking I wanted to make some stationery, so now, thanks to you, I have some fantastic inspiration to move forward with. And I just bought some October Afternoon papers on Friday! So delighted!

Thank you for sharing so much luscious creativity and joy on your blog. I really appreciate how generous you are with your wonderful ideas. You're really making a difference for so many of us stampers and paper crafters--guiding us to the next level and helping us get out our supplies and make something beautiful with them.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
You're the best!

Honey Bee

Unknown said...

just a word... beautiful!!! I LOVE everything you've made and this little set is just amazing...TFS

Unknown said...

I just recently discovered (and fell in love with) your paper supplies shop on Etsy - and now I'm in love with your blog! I'm looking forward to following you...I still love to write letters and send cards!


Anne Tussing said...


Kristie Maynard said...

Holy Cow!!!! I just went to check out the project you posted for you daughter on Etsy and it isn't there. Must have been scooped right up!
Love the note card set. Beautiful!

Alice said...

beautiful stationary set! thanks for the step by step, too!

Betsy said...

It is pure joy to visit your blog! I love the way you lay out all the items before putting them together and then sharing the photo with us. The colors and patterns are to linger over...just can't say enough about them.
You take handmade gifts to a whole new level and your comments are delightful!!
Can you tell I'm impressed??

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