July 20, 2010

More artwork from Jordy...

After spending several days at Grandma's house, Jordan is finally home.....and she's just like her mama.....itching to craft so she dug right into her goodies.

Up in the Etsy shop is another summery tiki hut framed piece. So cute when hung by the door with cute swimming suits.......or on the porch with paper lanterns.....perfect centerpiece for a summer time party.....or near the pool shed. I love the thatched roof.
And this one makes my heart melt. I've yet to get one of these babies. Lacey, hand stitched and oh so pretty.
I need to pick out the fabrics for her to make me one. I've got just the spot.
Stay tuned for some more Pretty Place Settings coming up too. Have a great day everyone!


diane mcvey said...

Beautiful work, Jordy! You are both SO talented! I loved both posts...you are so creative! :D

Anonymous said...

Love the lace on the house. Great work Jordy!
Clara P

Alice Wertz said...

wow! Jordy's work are amazing! so creative and fun! i love all the details! you are so talented, Jordy!

Anne said...

Great artwork!! You have your mom's eye:)

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