July 9, 2010

Clothesline Inspiration

Hey friends. I'm off to scrapbook today. I thought I would share a little inspiration with you today. Recently I had these vintage finds hanging on my clothesline. I just love the colors and patterns.
Perhaps if you're looking for a little inspiration, you could use these pretty colors and patterns to whip up a little something creative. I'm loving this fantastic strawberry pattern on this piece of vintage fabric. Paired with the green gingham on the apron.....oh so nice.
You never know where inspiration may pop up. Take a photo and keep it in your files for future use.
Feel free to link your projects back here if you feel inspired. Be back soon. :)


bonnie said...

Oh wonderful Mish is that green gingham one an apron? I have a red gingham one just like that! I ran a stall at my daughter's school fete and wore it...hehe!! Thank you for the inspiration sweetie enjoy your scrapbooking day and have a fab weekend! Hugs to you, Bonnie xx

Laura O'Donnell said...

OK, now I can't stop thinking about blue strawberries :)

dolcreations said...

This is what I just love about visiting your blog...you pull inspiration from such wonderful places. I love those blue strawberries...you have me just a thinkin'

Barbara said...

I am always inspired by your work Michelle! I was actually headed outside to do some yardwork when I saw your post and I immediately decided to make a card instead.
Here it is http://barbarascardsandcrafts.blogspot.com/2010/07/completely-inspired-by-michelle.html

Have a wonderful day scrapbooking!
:-) Barbara

Dishtowel Dame said...

Ahh, I recognize that hand embroidery stitch on the green gingham. I think it might be called "chicken scratch". Anyway, one summer our aunt forced my sister and I (ages 10 and 7 maybe) to learn that and to embroider an apron. I still have it, almost 50 years later. Will never forget how mad we were to have to sit and stitch when we wanted to be playing! But it was probably a good exercise in patience and we also learned something!

Diana said...

These look so fresh and pretty. I love anything that is checked and floral. I need to pull out some papers and play. Thank you for posting this inspiration. You pull colors and patterns together so well. Enjoy your scapbooking day.

Stephanie said...

I love visiting your blog - you have such inspiring ideas and creations!! They always remind me of Mom and Grandma (long gone) but in a such a new and fresh way, and I so cherish that!

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