July 19, 2010

Introducing Pretty Place Settings

Hi again friends. I have lots of vintage goodies that I've been collecting. Too many for me to keep for myself. So I'm putting some of my Interior Design degree to work for me and am starting a new line of goodies that I will be selling in my shop. The section will be called Pretty Place Settings.

Let me set the stage for you. From the time when I was younger and first living on my own, I always was purchasing linens and napkins and place mats. I had dreams of pretty parties and lots dinner guests. Those parties usually ended up with pyramids of beer cans, smelly pizza boxes and soggy paper plates. But I still collected my wonderful goodies, even though I never put them to very much use.

Fast forward and I found places like Nell Hill's. Mary Carol, the shop's owner, has a wonderful eye for creating the most beautiful tablescapes.

Like this one with pretty domes, plates and tea towels.
This garden themed place setting with a cute snail garden statue.
Pretty trays with pitchers and napkins.
Fun storage ideas for utensils.
At Nell Hill's, you always walk away with ideas on how to put together those fantastic tablescapes and place settings. The visuals are just so inspiring. That brings me to my Pretty Place Settings. As I've been collecting my vintage linens and goodies, I kept thinking, "Hey, this would look good with that". As my collection grows and the piles are forming, it's time to share a little of the love. I will be creating pretty little place settings and tablescape ideas and then will be selling a few of the wares in my shop. With each little collection, you'll be able to envision some ideas of how to pull together a pretty little place setting or centerpiece of your own.

That brings me to my first Pretty Place Setting. A neutral palette of farm house country style goodies.
Add a little candlelight and a few fresh picked flowers to set an inviting mood.
An ecru doily acts as an accent or could be used under a vase of flowers or tucked into an old Mason jar.
Extra napkins can be tucked inside a Mason jar with a few country flowers for a simple centerpiece or floral arrangement.
Pretty, vintage yellowy-tan napkins rest under old silver pieces.
A small candle or votive looks pretty cute and simple, nestled in a zinc jar lid turned upside down.
White on white with plates is so striking. Here I've paired one of my wedding plates with an old ironstone plate. Mixing the old with the new is totally hip.
Included in this Pretty Place Setting is the off white linen piece that acts as a placemat, four yellowy tan vintage napkins, and one ecru vintage doily.
All tied up with Chocolate Wrinkle Ribbon, a hand dyed tag with vintage button, stapled to a snippet of burlap. There's just enough space to customize the tag with a name if you'd like to use as a gift.
My first Pretty Place Setting will be available in my Etsy shop in just a bit. Better hurry before I change my mind and keep these goodies for myself. ;) These are one of a kind place settings......yes I'll have more but they'll all be different and quirky. I hope you enjoy! I've wanted to do something like this forever so I decided to just dive into it.


Kimberly said...

Very purty... when should I be there?

Kristy Hansenwi said...

Michelle-I love your blog and your ideas. I too have a small collection of linens-with the same idea-and the same ending-only mine were my kids and seemed too fancy for chicken nuggets and mac 'n cheese. I should pull mine out and take a walk down memory lane do them up for me now that the girls are older-they may appreciate now. kh

Donna K said...

Ah, now I get it - you have an Interior Design degree. No wonder you put things together with such an eye for detail.

Anonymous said...

Mish, your place setting looks so inviting, just makes me want to sit down for a cuppa and a chat! Best wishes on your new venture - I'm sure it will be a success.

karen b said...

Very pretty! I love pretty placemats and tabletop items, they are hard to find today. Love what you have created for us.

Cindy said...

Mish, I too love your blog and your ideas - whether you are crafting or decorating. Today I have been inspired to clean house and then do a bit of "redecorating".

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Very sweet place setting Mish!

Kathy V. said...

I KNOW we are twins, separated at birth.... Your love for stationary, pretty place settings, making simple things a lovely ceremony, crafting, junking...well it just makes my heart smile. Good for you, Mish, stepping out and sharing what you love. Hope you are so successful you can't keep up!

Anne Tussing said...

What a sweet setting! Now I know your secret....an Interior Design degree!! Plus, of course, lots of good old-fashioned talent:)

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