February 16, 2010


Nichole's new Year of the Flower: Violets stamp set from Papertrey is so lovely. I'm so happy to see more more images from PTI that can be colored with Copic markers. When I start a coloring session using flowers, I like to do a little research first. I googled violets and got lots and lots of unique photos, so many different varieties of violets than what we're typically used to seeing. Just look at all these colors and frilly edges, so beautiful.
Once I find a few inspiration photos, I like to print them off so I can keep them nearby when coloring my flower images. It was especially fun to find a grouping of many flower varieties like in the photo below. I matched up violets to a few in the photo.
When coloring with Copics, I also like to gather up a few of the supplies I'll be using for completed projects. This helps me to make sure that I'm matching up my supplies too. Vintage Buttons, patterned paper and some ribbon will do the trick. And when coloring flower images, I like to color a lot to have on hand.....might as well while I've got all my marker colors selected. I use Palette Black Noir ink pads for coloring with Copics. If there are tight spaces to color, I'll sometimes hit the images with my heat gun just to make sure the black ink is set.
When I'm done coloring my images, I cut them out with fine tip scissors. They take on a new life when cut out, they look so real. Then it's time to bring out all the supplies and goodies.
If you followed Nichole's anniversary festivities this week, then you might have made a sheet of embellishments (or doodads as I call them) to give to a stamping friend. I played along too but had another post that day. So while you're waiting for your PTI order to arrive, I thought you might like some additional inspiration.
Aren't the violets just beautiful? For my embellishments sheets, I attached two colored violets, some leaves, tied buttons and rhinestones to a piece of Clearly Creative Cardstock.
I then cut a few sheets of Pretty Pastels patterned paper and two lengths of ribbon. I tucked all of this into an A2 size envelope. The crafty recipient will receive enough supplies to complete two cards.
I tied the envies up with some thick twine...very simple but pretty.
And here's a card I made using some of the doodads.
I added some shimmer to the the flower using a glitter pen. Stitching was added to the center white piece.
And here's the card sketch I used as inspiration. By rounding the square pieces, you get a very soft look to your card. I'll be using this one over and over again.
Here's my Copic colors I used to color my flower images. The T1 Gray color was used over the Y35 yellow color to tone it down a bit.
Soo....are you excited about coloring with Copic markers? Very soon I will be offering some videos that will show me coloring images with Copics. They will be very casual and informal...just me coloring and you watching over my shoulder. I think one of the most helpful ways to learn something is by watching someone else. Josey, my oldest red, is very very good at taking videos. So I have hired her to be my video producer and editor. She's very excited to get it going. So stay tuned for some quality video time with me. :)


Elizabeth V. said...

These are beautiful violets! I so appreciate the step-by-step look at your thought process as you work through an idea. I think the videos are going to be wonderful. Thanks also for including the sketch...love your sketches. I am adding "color some flowers" to my to-do list for today. It is by far the most appealing item on the list so far!

Elizabeth B. said...

I love your card and your "doodad" sheet of embellishments!! I look forward to seeing your copics videos. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tricia said...

Whoa, MIsh! Can't wait for the videos! Your violets are beautiful -

scrapnrn said...

can't wait for your videos

wanda50 said...

Those are beautiful Mish...I am so excited about the upcoming videos. I have not been bitten by the Copic Craz...as yet. However, I am spending some quality time with two Copic Certified Friends this weekend and I am afraid I will get bitten by the Copic bug while there. Soooooo...look out. I too love your Mish Sketches. Thanks for the inspirations and creations. Be wonderfully blessed this day!!!

nina said...

Such gorgeous colouring. Thanks as always for showing your creative process - it's so informative!

Shirlann said...

Michelle, your sketches are the best! I have a page in my sketch book devoted to you. A little layering, softness, and simplicity! I have over 50 Copics but cannot find a class in my area so I have been learning from different blogs. Can't wait to see your first video and a family production at that!

Tracey McNeely said...

Mish, you rock! Gorgeous card and awesome tutorial. I am sure Nichole will be thanking you for this. I was not sure about the whole flower of the month thing, but your post today made me feel all tingly about it. Sold, to the girl in Canada! Thanks. :)

JeanFB said...

OMG, Mish, these are gorgeous!! What a fantastic project (these may be my favorite doo dads yet!). Thanks for the tons of inspiration!

Chriss Blagrave said...

Love how you brought those violets to life! Looking forward to the Copic videos ;)

Eveline said...


Andrea Hildebrandt said...

Hi Michelle..you don't know me from a hole in the wall but I love following your blog. Great job, and wonderful post...you are very inspiring!

Janice said...

I can't wait to see your Copic video! Those violets are just beautiful and I am in awe of your talent. So glad I found Papertrey and your blog. I love your humor! Thank you!!

CathyB said...

You are such a great artist! I can't wait to see your videos!

Carol's Ink Spot said...

African violets are one of my most beloved flowers. I have a large collection of them. It is so nice to see them blooming especially on a wintery day. You can bet that new stamp set was in my shopping cart last Sunday/Monday! All the tips you have given to color the flower image will be taken to heart. I'm new to Copics and will be following your videos. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have been admiring your work for about a year now and love the work you do with Copics. I look forward to your videos! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us! Veronica

オテモヤン said...


Julie said...

Hi Mish! I love you blog and look forward to your new posts. Everything you do is creative and fun to read. Thanks for the time you put into it! I have a question...what kind of glue do you use for your cards? I'm looking for some that is econonmical as well as durable. Some glues I've used don't stand the test of time and layer will start to peel. Thanks! Julie

Louise said...

thanks for the look into your crafty process and I can't wait for the copics tutorials, as still trying to get to grips with mine xx

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