February 15, 2010

Sewing Kits

Hi everyone. Today I have a few new kits going up in the shop. I was just piddling around in my stamp room and started pulling out sewing themed items. A little of this, a little of that and before you know it, I had a handful of kits put together. Note: Kits are very limited and once they are sold out they will not show up on the home page of my Etsy shop. I might make more in the future but I probably won't have any more in stock any time soon. I was inspired by all of the fun items I've collected that are perfect for a sewing themed kit. Seeing them all together in once basket makes me want to dive into my sewing projects and make sewing themed cards and gifts for all my crafty friends.
I found these small wooden spools at my favorite antique shop. They're perfect for wrapping lace and ribbon around.
Papertrey's Vintage Buttons make the perfect flower center for some homemade doodads. I used old sewing patterns and an old school text book for the circles. The little scissors were my grandma's.
These old patterns were found at various garage sales. You can pick them up super cheap. The aged tissue paper patterns are so soft and crinkly. I love to make doodads with them or how about using an entire sheet to tuck in a gift sack as tissue. The old buttons are always a fun find at garage sales and antique stores.
This unique sewing basket just had to come home with me one day from an antique shop. The interesting handle and the fabulous green color had my name sewn all over it. See that spool of wide lace to the left. It was all in tact and had tons of yardage on it. It's aged, creamy color is just perfect for accent a gift sack or envelope.
These three vintage clothespin hangers are treasures of mine. I look for them everywhere I go. I think they're just adorable. There are tons of patterns out for these now too if you want to customize one for yourself.
This old ironing board was a good find for under $10 bucks. I keep my old sewing machine on it for when I want to sew on cards.
So for my sewing kits, I tucked in a few items from my stash of goodies. Soft pastel colors on all the accents and papers will make for some beautiful projects. Perfect for the sewing enthusiast who loves to get crafty!
There's lots of little items to create your own doodads.
Here's a few of the pieces compiled so you can get a few ideas of what you can create. There's lots of fun accents created with Papertrey stamps and goodies.
All the little pieces are layered into a small tin....think of it as a mini sewing kit box. You're sure to find a clever use for it.
Stay tuned for a later post that shows a few projects made using some items from the kit. Thanks for stopping by today. :)


wanda50 said...

Oh Mish those are so cute. Since I have been sewing all my life...I am beginning to start sewing on my card too. I just got me the "Janome Sew Mini" a couple of weeks ago and Joanns has a sale on thread today. I am supplied up for some creations...I love that you have made good use of the patterns as I have what seems like a million on hand from way back when...I am only 53 y/o. HEE...HEE...HEE...Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing...Be wonderfully blessed!!!

Becky Halfhill said...

Those are just flippin darling!

patriciad said...


Anonymous said...

checking to see if all your sewing kits are gone. If you are making any more I would like to purchase one. Please let me know.
Diane R. Stevens

Jeanne said...

You have such a wonderful way of "just putting a few things together" to make a over the top presentation. Just love these kits! You are so amazing!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, why do I have to work?!? I could be home and checking out your spur-of-the-moment kits ad buying one! I get so disappointed when I finally have a chance to blog hop and your kits are already gone-- whine! Lovely inspiration though, I'll see what I can come up with from my stash!


Cassi said...

loved this! too bad i missed out on getting one.

who makes the scissors and thread stamps you used here?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your work, is so vintage and modern at the same time. Where can I buy your kits?


Jeanne said...

nnAbsolutely love the details of these sewing kits! You truly have a gift for putting Vintage finds together in such creative ways. You are truly amazing in how you mass produce such creations. I feel like if I can get one or two alike, I am lucky. I love the use of the tins for holding such treasures. You have a great "eye" for sweet detail. I guess you can see that I love your work. You are an inspiration!!!!!!

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