July 2, 2012

Mish-Adventure: Old School Auction Items

I'm back today with my findings from the old school auction. Looks like many of you enjoyed my little story...and thank you for those that suggest I write a book. I've been told that many times when I share my stories her on the blog and it always makes me chuckle. Maybe I'll put that on my bucket list. :)

I know you're excited to see what I scored at the auction so here we go. Please refer back to the original post if you want to see the items in the actual auction setting at the old school house. First up was the books. There were hundreds of old school books. I think they kept every single item in tack dating clear back to 1926. So fun to peruse through the books on the tables. But how do you know what to pick? I have a few types of books that I always look for so I narrowed my search by looking for those types first.

The auctioneer started selling the books by choice which means high bidder gets their pick at however many books they want at that bid. I cringed and thought "we're going to be here forever". There were a few bidders that paid $15 for some special books they liked. Then the bids went no higher than a $1 per book. Then it went to a stack of books for $1.00. Then finally a half a table for $1.00. I could have came home with dozens of books but my I resisting my hoarder instinct. Instead I came home with the four books below.

I chose an arithmetic book because these pages make great kit items, a riddle book for the cute illustrations, a dictionary because those pages are again great for kits and cards, and the Bobby and Betty book because my aunt and uncle are named Bob and Betty.
The pages are filled with delightful, innocent readings. The riddle book is especially darling because the pages show very detailed silhouette images. I'll most likely just stack these up for a while to admire them and rummage through the pages from time to time.

Total for 4 books: $4.00 bucks
The globe. I wanted it for my shipping area. I've decided to use maps and globes as a theme so that I can scan them to see where I ship packages. It's amazing that I send so many items all over the world from my little basement in Kansas. My dad and I really enjoy checking out worldly places too. Can you imagine all the little fingers that have pointed to places on this globe since 1926? It's a real treasure to me even though it's very fragile and a slight wiping could erase an entire country.

Total for 1 globe: $7.00 bucks
On the table with the books was a section of odds and ends stuff. I had a hunch that nobody would want these little boxes. And I was right. These were piled in with other crappy stuff that was totally dumpster worthy. But I scored these two delightful school items.
A huge box filled with flash cards. Hundreds of them. And a little world building box full of chipboard letters. These would make great kit items for my shop but for now I'm going to use them for little displays maybe for holidays, etc.

Total for 2 boxes of paper items + some extra crap: $1.00 buck
Next up was this pine cabinet shoved way to the back of the room. I'm envisioning that it was maybe a little closet for the teacher. I have no idea but that's what I'm rolling with.
I can't resist old wooden units, especially when they're nice and sturdy. This one has nice cubbies and I can totally see that long vertical space filled with CD cases of stamps. But with the old look comes the old smell. No paper items will ever be stored in here. Dang, it would be a great storage piece for my vintage sheets and pillow cases.

Total for 1 pine cabinet: $25.00 bucks
Now comes my favorite part of the auction. It was nearing the end and these were the last items up for sale. Big long tables with hand craftsmanship. There were four of them. One was used to hold the books...seems people only see what's on top and they sometimes forget about the tables underneath that are for sale. The other three were leaned up against a wall, behind the $450 pew that Nellie Olson bought. (see original post for story). I loved them. I instantly had visions of 2 of them becoming new worksurfaces in my work room. I was "this close" to purchasing new Pottery Barn furniture but then I decided to go with old, junky stuff. I was determined that 2 of these would be mine.

These tables were not original to the school. We found out that the Granger men constructed these tables many years ago. You can tell by the unique construction that they put a lot of thought into building them. The bidding started and there were a few Granger men that put in bids, probably because they wanted a little piece of history. I didn't know the story of the tables until after the bidding was over so I was very determined. I got high bidder at $22.50. I could take my choice of any of the tables. My dad elbowed me and whispered "take them all at that price". So I did. Thanks for the advice Pa.
I got 4 great tables. Totally dusty and dirty with gum stuck to the undersides. I worked for about 2 hours cleaning them up. And they shined like a new penny to me, in all their scuffed up glory.
The bases and outside table top framing is pine. The actual table tops are a masonite type board, my dad and I figured out. They are aged to a wonderful oiled looking wood. So beautiful to me, junky and all.

Total for 4 pine tables: $22.50 x 4 =$90.00 bucks (which beats Pottery Barn prices any day)
I imagined them in my work room and couldn't wait for someone to help me haul them downstairs. I brought out this old stool that I purchased at an antique shop. I think it will look perfect beside the tables. The beautiful wood seat was covered with a patch work of leather that looked like old bowling shoes. It was stuffed with what looked like birds' nests. The aqua color is what piqued my curiosity but the leather totally turned me off. I pulled back a little piece and discovered the beautiful wood. And I was toast. The stool came home with me.
Now for the sad part. I missed out on the old school map. The bidding started and there was one guy that was dead set on having them. I could tell. I set my limit at $50 bucks and he kept outbidding me. He took them ALL. I was okay with it until I came home and researched prices of old maps on Ebay and Etsy. They go for over $200 on average. Dang the luck! I should have done my homework. I have a blank spot on my wall right where I want a map. The globe is lonely without the map. I could cry. I am still kicking myself over that one. Do you homework if you know you really want an auction item. But I'll get over it.

Grand total for auction finds: $127 bucks.

Not too shabby for a day's work. I've already got 2 of the tables in my work room. I love them SO much. Little by little I'm taking out the white, cheapo Target units that I purchased and I'm replacing everything with vintage finds. I'm still debating on whether to put my old lockers in my work room or not. I'm getting a little bit testy about everyone telling me how ugly my lockers are and how I should paint them. Pffft. I love them just the way they are so buzz off people.

So tell me, do you love a good auction? Never been? You should go, it's great fun! I've been tweeting a few of my new organizational strategies in my work room. Once I get more settled in I'll do a blog post showing you my favorite little nooks and crannies.

On the home front:
The 4th is Josey's birthday so it's always a party day, each and every year. Can't believe my little firecracker is going to be 15. We are hosting a party for her with girls....and BOYS....this time. 30 teenagers here on the 5th....swimming, playing hide and seek in the timber, and roasting weenies and s'mores. Wish us luck!


Sheryl Berglund said...

Love all your auction finds! I want to come with you next time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...you have some cool finds from your fun outing. I have such great memories of going to the auction with my dad. I have a few fun things that I have been packing around for over 20 years that I am excited to use in my new craft room. I vividly remember him asking me why I wanted all those old jello molds and I wish he was still with us so I could show him. :-)I miss so many things about living in the midwest and auctions are high on the list. In southern CA, it is just not the same! I can't wait to see how you are re-working your space. I have some of that Target plastic too but I agree that the vintage treasures are a much better choice!

WinterBerry Glen said...

I've never been to an auction but it sounds like a blast! Thanks for opening that window for me and letting me peek into that world. :)

Andrea said...

GOOD LUCK!!! You are a brave mama! Sounds like a blast though ;)

Kristy Hansen said...

I'm envious of the finds you got. Would love to own some of it. I would have loved the map too. sorry you missed that one. Maybe next time.

mtscrapgal said...

I enjoyed both posts on the auction. I was right there with you. I think you had a very successful trip despite missing the maps. We have an auction house near us. I've been twice and hope to go again this Sat. Only purchased one time--a lovely cream & sugar set. I bought a typewriter recently for $15.00 at an antique store. It needs repair(does not advance with each letter)but I love the look anyway.Thanks for the trip.

Eveline said...

Great stuff. I love the tables.

Carla G. said...

Hi!! I love your auction finds!! I have a vintage booth and often find many of the things you love (we have very similar tastes)...in fact, I have re-sold TWO pull down maps in my booth...they go super quick. If you would like me to send you a message the next time I find one I can do that. Thanks!!

Linda said...

Girl, you did good at the auction!! I especially like the globe and books. Thanks for sharing with us. I always enjoy hearing about your junking adventures.

Denise Young said...

I think I have an old pull down map around here somwhere. It came out of my old high school that no longer stands. Its not as old as the ones you were looking at bu definately old (maybe late 50s). Ive tried to sell it many times at yard sales with much encouragement from my husband. My husband has been trying to get rid of it for years. I would not know how to ship it if it were sold. they are not light weight you know.

Jessie said...

Oh my what cool finds!! I have never been but would love to go to a auction!! They are all over here in the south! Maybe someday!! Thanks for sharing!! Always love to see what you find!! Have fun at the Bday party!!

ana-mama said...

When our daughter was 7 we went to an auction one town over from ours. We lived in Montana at the time. My daughter found a pink cowgirl hat that she had to have. While we rummaged thru the rest of the box of hats, my husband was busy eyeballing a saddle for me at the back of the auction. So begins the bidding. I opened with a bid of $1.00. Some guy hollars out $5.00. I bring my ante up and before we know it we're at $50 for the darn box. I was ready to go further for my little princess as it was a stetson in mint condition but the guy bidding against me gave up and we won the bid. A few minutes later my husband came to find us with the news that some loud mouth lady up front had outbid him and he lost the pink hat...we are still laughing over our very own personal bidding war! Gotta love a good auction!

PS. I ended up with a great saddle too!

Samantha said...

I think you did great at your auction! I'm especially envious of the gorgeous tables you scored for only 90 bucks. Now that's a steal (and yes, it surely does beat Pottery Barn prices!). I've only been to one auction in my life, and it was a rather bitter-sweet one. My childhood neighbor passed away a few months before my wedding reception. She and my mom were very close, and I thought of her like a second mom. We knew that she had left us some things, but no one was able to find her will, so her stuff went to the state and then ended up at an auction. Well, my mom and I went to that auction with the intent to purchase one very special chair we knew she was going to leave to us. When the chair finally came up, I had a lot of competition as it's an antique Victorian and worth a bit of money. I was determined to take it home, and when the auctioneer yelled "SOLD to the little lady!" and pointed at me, my mom and I hugged and started crying. People asked why we were so emotional, and we told them about our friend's belongings being sold that day. After that, anything we wanted, we got. Everyone was really nice about just letting us have her items. We came home not only with the chair, but with her antique Edison phonograph and a box of diamond discs for it as well as two of her antique side tables. I also came home with an awesome 1940s Ethan Allen secretary of which I am using right this very moment! It was a wonderful and memorable time, and I'm glad we were able to bring some of our friends' belongings home with us.

I can’t wait to see what you do with your craft room! You and I seem to being doing the same thing – slowly replacing furniture with vintage finds. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see your progress!

PS – Your new lockers ROCK and I totally wouldn’t change them :)

KAREN said...

Sorry you didn't get the maps but everything you got is AWESOME! Enjoy all your finds as much as I enjoyed reading about your adventure!

candyk said...

I loved your posts, the story in the first one was a bit of my chit-chat with my assistant as we work on our dental patients. You can only talk about flossing and quitting drinking soda pop for so long. We all reminisced about little house on the prairie and now want to go to an auction.

You should write a book!!
You are my morning reading (out here in Oregon) before I start my day. Thanks

Victoria said...

Hi, thanks so much for visiting my blog :) Loved reading about your auction finds... so interesting to have a little peek into this world!

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