July 22, 2012

Here's an idea: Get It Girl Tags

Kelly Purkey, stamp designer for Studio Calico, now has some of her own stamps for sale. Good ol' rubber stamps on cute wooden handles. You can see the designs in this post, but for now her shop is closed temporarily due to some traveling that Kelly is doing.

I got the "Get It, Girl" stamp and knew right away what I wanted to use it for. My sister and I love to go junkin' and attend auctions together. Many times we find ourselves asking, "Should I get this?" We go back and forth and finally after one of us says, "Get it girl!", we make the purchase.

So I thought I would make my sister some simple tags that she can hand out to her junkin' friends when they're out and about. I used Large Manila Parcel Tags and my new Starburst Grid Paper Labels to create my tags.
Kelly's stamp fits right on my Starburst Grid Paper Labels so it was easy to stamp several labels then simply peel and stick onto the tags. To finish up the tags, I typed, "You know you want it..." with my vintage typewriter then added a line of machine stitching. I gathered up the tags and put them on a ring binder so my sister can attach them to her junkin' bag.
Just something fun, quick and easy. Thanks Kelly for the inspiration!


Bernardine Cuttino said...

Beautiful tags. Thanks for visiting and leaving the sweet luv. Hugs

andie smith. said...

lol! i love these tags!

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