July 26, 2012

2 Squared School Kit

Hey everyone. After reading the comments from my last post, it seems you're all excited to see more cards coming back to the blog. Be sure to stay tuned because I've got some great new things coming for all you card lovers. I'll still be posting Project Life pages, packaging and all my little adventures along the way too.

New Kit + a Challenge:
For all you card lovers, you'll be seeing lots more kits in my shop that involve card making. Today I'm kicking it off with my 2 Squared School Kit. This fun kit comes with a challenge too: try to use all the items in the kit to create back to school cards, teacher thank you cards, bookmarks, treat packaging, notebooks and more. You'll get (12) 4 x 4 Studio Calico patterned papers to get you started. Other elements of the kit include tags, star and starburst circle stickers, sacks, vintage school book page, library cards, clips, Studio Calico stickers and more.
The papers in this kit are from Studio Calico's now discontinued Elementary line. I purchased several packs of this kits with high hopes of creating some mini albums for the girls and their friends. That never happened so into a kit they went. Now that my girls will both be in high school, the days of cutesy school creations are over. I have to be more cool. More discreet with how I get a cute card or treat package into the teachers. God forbid the girls would have to actually carry a card to a teacher and be embarrassed to death. But I'm friends with a lot of the high school teachers and they still appreciate a card or a little treat now and then. You should see my librarian friend's face when she gets a new bookmark from me. :)

My point of that rambling above was that the 4 x 4 papers you'll get in the kit are school themed but very cool looking. They definitely will work for my high school teacher creations as well as for the younger grades. And again, my challenge...or should I say assignment..... is for you to start with these 4 x 4 papers and see what you can come up with.
I'm planning on taking a kit for myself, grabbing a few other items from my stash.....and then I'm going to see how much I can make from this one kit. Let's see if we can conquer the kit! Each kit will also come with one of these four Studio Calico sticker selections too.
There's lot of other goodies to add to your projects too. I know I'll definitely be making more bookmarks from the library cards. And that "best day ever" stamped image must go on a first day of school card. The teachers always get a laugh over that one.
In the kit you'll also get some punched apples, an old fashioned brad, a clothespin to embellish to keep track of school papers perhaps and some Kraft star stickers + a gird paper star sticker. We all loved getting our papers back with a star on it, right?
I got this little card in a recent order from Studio Calico. It shows some sample papers from the new Yearbook line coming out. Coordinates perfectly with my 2 Squared School Kit if you want to hold on to a few items.
Okay, are you up to the challenge? I'd love for you email me post a comment with a photo of your school themed creations using the kit contents. I'm going to get to work on my projects here in a bit and will post them soon. Kits will start shipping tomorrow. :)

In other news:
I just got my mail and received my package from 2Peas. I MUST, must, must show you the new My Mind's Eye products I got. Sooooo pretty in real life. I can't wait to dive in.

Come back tomorrow for a fun Project Life post. I'll be using a fabulous new line of goodies and will be guest blogging for......?

I've got lots of orders coming in with fun new products. New kits will be hitting my shop on a regular basis. I think you'll like what I have in store. :)

Remember how I said it was hot and dry here? Well it rained. But only enough to wet the ground. So now it's going to be dry again but with HIGH humidity. It's a real drought and the farmers are losing crops, the ponds are drying up so the cattle have no water, fires are breaking out everywhere. It's a mess. Pray for rain!

Edited to add a sneak peek of a project:
Here's a little peek of a card that I created using kit items. Oh gosh, I'm having a ball already. If I didn't have to get groceries I'd be creating all day. I might add a few more peeks back into this post.....and then look for actual projects starting on Saturday. :)
More shop items I'm using:
Just thought I would let you know some additional shop items that I've pulled to use. These items will be making their way onto many of my finished projects.

Grid Paper Labels-for writing additional sentiments or a short message to a teacher/sticking on treat sacks
Waxed Paper Sacks-these will get a work out for teacher treats, so unique
Sack Assortment for Confetti-I've already made a bunch of confetti sacks to stick on packages and cards, just a few more left in the shop
More Library Cards-perfect for school themed projects and bookmarks
Dainty Doilies-these tuck in perfectly behind the 4 x 4 papers
Medium White Tags-so nice to add the recipient's name
Large Kraft Sacks-perfect to hold sets of cards
Assort Small Diagonal Stripe Sacks-perfect for a tiny treat like a single wrapped chocolate


Unknown said...

These are awesome, Michelle! I'm wondering where you are located, because your weather is EXACTLY like ours! We got just a little rain last night, but already this afternoon, all my garden looks wilted again - so I pulled out the sprinkler once again. Oh, to have a good rain shower, with very little wind, and then a few cool days...

lisa westphal said...

The weather sounds...well...awful. :( It breaks my heart to hear about farmers losing their crops and ponds drying up. I will pray for relief in the weather, with lots of little rain showers (so the ground has time to soak it all up) :)
On a happy note..I *LOVE* the idea of a good challenge! I picked up your 2 Squared School Kit, and the Road trip kit...and THE LAST set of US Map tags (the availability bar looked a little low...and after I purchased them I went back and saw SOLD OUT...hehehe!! I had been wanting those and almost missed out! -eek!)
Anyway, can't wait to participate in your challenge, and to see your creations using your kit. You are just too dang clever!! :) :) :)

Jennifer said...

Can I just say that I love your wit on your blog? I look forward to your posts and every time I read about one of your crafty projects, I smile! You are such an inspiring crafter and have the best ideas. Keep it up Mish, your fans love ya!

leanne said...

Hmm could this be a prelude to studio calico's new card class? Are you going to be a part if that? Love this kit! :)

Unknown said...

Your kits are always so creative, I love how you put items together, I just dont have that natural talent. I just finished up all my back to school treat bags for my friends that are teachers and guidance counselors and my friends that have kids. I used bags and embellishments mostly from your store (and PTI stamps). I will need to order more very soon. I hope it cools off your way, we are having similar weather here in TN. I makes me upset to think about farmers right now too. We did get some rain last week but it is now back to humid and dry. I hope you guys are staying cool!

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