June 20, 2012

Handmade Project Life Journaling Cards...

I thought I'd never get to my computer today. I helped my dad pick 5 huge buckets of green beans this morning, then stemmed them, washed them, cut them and washed Mason jars in my dishwasher. My mom is now on canning duty so I have a break. Whew.

Today I have some handmade Project Life journaling cards to share. Lots, actually. I was inspired by Lisa Truesdell's post at 2Peas where she challenged us to make our own journaling cards. Lisa's involved stamping, which I had originally intended on doing, but I ended up leaving the stamping for later and just concentrated on adding patterned paper, stickers, tags, etc.

Here's my recap, I have lots to share. For this grouping I reached for some pre-made journaling cards. Some were from Project Life kits, some from Banana Fish Studio and some from Elle's Studio.
Especially love the grid paper and ledger designs. For all of my samples, I used a few new papers from my favorite companies but most of the papers came right out of my little scrap basket.
Here I added strips of patterned paper and lots of stitching. These are mixy matchy but I could easily grab a handful of these and they'd look great together.
These four are some favorites. I coordinated them all by stitching on a small strip of diagonal striped paper. Note: I used these four for a recent Project Life weekly spread and I love them! So quick and easy.
Here I reached for Studio Calico sticky pads. Tiny little sticky notes that I adhered, cut in half, or stitched on. Love how these turned out. I'll be able to add stamping or typewriter journaling or perhaps a date stamp so easily.
The quote bubbles will be perfect for noting who said what. I left a lot of the pieces without adhesive underneath. This way I can tuck a photo underneath easily.
Arrows and little squares.
And these fun label stickies. So fun! I do hope that Studio Calico makes more designs of these. *hint hint.
Here's the circle stickies. I used some whole and cut some in half.
Here I used lots of the small sacks from my shop. I find that these are perfect for tucking into the 3 x4 slots or side by side with a smaller photo on the 4 x 6 inserts.
Here's a close up of some tags I added from my shop, plus Washi tape, stickers, punches, etc.
Stickers to the rescue. We all have tons of these label stickers, right?
I cut a lot of them in half so I got double duty.
And just some random journaling cards using scrap paper, pieces of die cut images in my scrap try, tags from my shop, etc. I even found a piece of fabric that was fun to add in.
Lots of items from my shop work perfectly on the journaling cards. Tags and more tags, paper doilies, library cards and more.
These are some of my favorites, with a tag tucked under a strip of paper, cutting a tag in half, and I also used the bar code strip from a piece of Studio Calico paper. I thought it fit right in with the price tag.
I had a blast creating these journaling cards. They make for a great creative warm up exercise or perhaps you don't have time to do a full layout but you just want to piddle around. Try them out, you'll have so much fun. I used some from my first batch and man, what a time saver. I can't wait to make more.

Tip: Use scraps of patterned paper, die cuts, stickers etc.....however make sure the papers are current enough that you'll want to mix them in with your current layouts. If they're not, trash those scraps...or punch circles to create a fun garland for gift wrap, etc. Have fun!


crschaf said...

LOVE LOVE this post-how fun it must be to make these! Wanted to ask you if you put the whole card into the typewriter to type on it? Does it not "mess-up" the card? I picture you having to iron the card flat after that!LOL

TheVintageMouse said...

Wonderful! I'd love to see some photos of your cards in progress..in the typewriter, at the sewing machine...

lisa truesdell said...

HOLY COW. you rocked it!

Unknown said...

THESE ARE AWESOME! I'll definitely be in my craft room drumming up some, thanks a ton for all the inspiration. I get giddy every time I see a post with this many photos, you do such fun stuff!

Susan said...

These are all so fabulous!! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!

lisaplus6 said...

these are great! I actually just prepped a bunch today for a ustream class I am doing with Helmar on Friday, I will make sure they have a link to see your, too, Michelle!

Creative Busy Bee said...

Hi! I following your blog sometime just need to leave message here to tell I love your creations so much. Just make me feel need to make Journing Cards for my own too.

Dana Weaver Moore said...

I looked forward to your posts - I am always inspired.

Marcie Sharp said...

I had no idea that those little sacks would fit into a 3x4 spot in the PL album! Great idea- that gives me more uses for all those cute little sacks I have!

Rebekah said...

You are unbelievable! These are AMAZING!! So inspired to dig out scraps and make my own!!Thanks:)

Lou said...

wow these are absolutely amazing...love em!

Anastasia said...

these are so great!! im going to try to make some too!

Roxy said...

These are great, saw the link on Counterfeit Kits, hope you don't mind if I pin these to come back to later! Hugs, Roxy.

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