December 10, 2011

Project Life Week of July 17- July 30

I have another Project Life week in the books from the Summer. Notice that my week is actually TWO weeks...July 17-30. I had photos from both weeks but didn't have enough to fill up all the slots. These two weeks set blank for quite some time because I was at a loss. I was busy traveling the first week and the other week was pretty much consumed with dealing with Josey's first fender bender.

This is when an idea came to mind....both weeks involved travel in a round about way so why not combine all the photos into one spread? It worked out perfectly and saved me a lot of time right when I was trying to catch up.
Here's the left page that includes the photos from the first week. This includes photos of my Adirondack chairs and some margis in jars. I also have photos from a trip I took to Cincinnati for Papertrey.
The right page is all dedicated to little accident that Josey had in the Walmart parking lot. We first made a trip to the gas station so she could learn how to pump gas. Then we went to Walmart to get a few groceries. While backing out, Josey and another driver bumped fenders. Not a huge deal.....but to Josey it was devastating. She was never going to drive again. We made it through though and Josey's back behind the wheel. And a very careful driver too. Accidents happen, right?
By using travel themed stamps, papers and other little embellishments, I was able to tie the two pages together easily. Here are 2 mini Instax photos that put typed labels on and stapled to my journaling cards.
On these two cards I typed my journaling in the center of one and hand wrote the other. The travel stamp is from an Ali Edwards Technique Tuesday set. On the bottom two photo inserts, I added some circles embellished with arrows, a sticky note from a Smash Book and an airplane paper clip from Amy Tangerine's line.
On this insert I used a destination stamp of Ali's + chipboard letters for the word Walmart. I love this photo of the girls. Jordan is giving me the loser sign because Josey doesn't know how to pump gas yet. Nice.
These two inserts tell the story of Josey's little fender bender. I used my vintage typewriter so that I could fit in lots of words.
This middle insert is kind of the title page for this 12 x 12 layout of sorts. The right card uses more of Ali's stamps and is a summary of our thoughts for this day. On the bottom two photos I used a photo of our car and the other lady's car. Almost identical vehicles and the same dents. We all decided that it was a no fault accident. Notice the cute patterned papers I used too. Those are from My Mind's Eye.
Okay, I have to scoot along now. Ballgames tonight that I need to get ready for. I hope you've been working away on your Project Life...or are gearing up to start fresh in 2012. I'm excited for all of us! Remember, it's about improvising and making this work for us. I will definitely keep in mind that I can always omit or combine weeks if needed. Enjoy the process. Later, friends.


Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I love it! You did a great job of combining the 2 weeks! I am so inspired to get 'caught up' with my project life too! Thank you so much for sharing! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a Merry Christmas! Angie xo

Meredith MacRitchie said...

This is perfect!! Poor Josey... at least it was as positive an experience as such a thing could be, considering it was her first accident!

I still have all my Week in the Life 2011 things to put together, and I had sort of given up on it, but seeing all your updates is inspiring me to get to it and put it together!

Ann said...

Hi I just wanted to share a site that has pages and pages of free vintage downloads and thought of you knowing your love of everything vintage it is called Far Far Hill. Ann

Denise E said...

Thanks for your inspiration...especially seeing how you combined weeks to get caught up. It helps all of us knowing that it's "ok" not to be perfect and we can make it work for us individually. I'm just getting geared up for 2012 and find so much inspiration to get things organized and ready through your blog. Thanks for sharing!

lisa westphal said...

Awww..Your poor Josey! At least it was just a little 'bump' :) :) :)
Another wonderfully put together week Michelle! :)

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