December 28, 2011

Project Life Week of August 21-August 27, 2011

Back with another Project Life week from the Summer. This week's big even was heading back to school. It's always such an exciting time, especially this year because Josey started high school and Jordan moved up to 8th grade. It's the first time the girls have been separated by different schools, different sports teams....we knew we were in for some challenges as far as getting to both the girls' sporting events, practice pick ups, etc.

Here's my 2 page spread. The main, dated insert dictated my color scheme for this week's layout. It's always fun digging through my stash to find just the perfect accents.
Here's the left page. "Back to School" was definitely the theme of the week. We were gathering up school supplies, taking inventory of clothes and we had just started cleaning out the old play room to make a new Lounge for the girls.
And then like a flash, the reds were back in school. Always a little sad for mama as I like the girls home during the summer. I miss them when they go back to school.
Here's the main, dated insert using a Project Life insert. Chipboard letters and an apple sticker from my stash were used for the school theme.
Here I used accents from a My Mind's Eye stamp plus a little sticky note from Studio Calico.These are bare bones photos of the old play room.
More embossed stamps from My Mind's Eye on the bullet list of this week's happenings.
On the left I used a piece of a name badge from a business trip Eric took to Michigan. On the right I used a journaling sheet and typed some journaling about Josey growing up.
Here I used a mini Instax photo of Josey with a Studio Calico chipboard butterfly. On the right I embossed some My Mind's Eye numbers and used 2 numbers from my Project Life supplies with a tiny little paper clip. On the bottom 4 x 6 insert I used a 4 x 4 Instagram photo of the girls' day at the lake with friends. A last summer hurrah. The "fun" was cut from a stamped My Mind's Eye image. The flag piece is from Elle's Studio with a chipboard number on top.
I'm so, so glad I went back and finished up these pages that I got behind on. Already, these weeks seem to have gone by so quickly. I love how each day and week leads into months.....and eventually a full year of my family's lives documented in one place. Such a treasure this album will be for my family.

Today's happenings: We're having a lazy rest of the day, relaxing after having 5 teenagers here last night for movies, Wii, pizza and lots of laughs. We broke in the Lounge and it was a hit. So happy that the girls have a hang out of their own. I'm taking a photo shoot of my Project Life work area so stay tuned soon for a full blog post on where it all happens......including my work table set up, storage for all my Project Life and other products, my favorite supplies to use for Project Life and lots of links.


Melissa said...

Michelle, I dont have a comment specific to this post, but now that I have some time I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I really love your approach to Project Life. I've been checking your blog daily for a few months now... even before you joined Becky's creative team. You are the reason my friend and I have both decided to do PL in 2012. And we talk daily about our plans and how much we both intend to follow your "style." LOVE the title in the upper left. LOVE that you approach each week as a "spread" with a color scheme to tie it all together. LOVE your mix of PL kit elements and creations from your stash. LOVE the little details like the Chevron bags (yep, bought 'em all!). Anyway... just wanted to let you know how great an inspiration you have been... How I stalk your blog for new PL posts... and how excited I am to follow you in 2012. Happy new year to you and your family and keep the great posts coming!

Cele Schaffer said...

Can't wait to start project life but really want to see your December Daily before we move on... Still loving your PL pages.

Theresa & Keith said...

I totally agree with both comments. Well said ladies!!!
I'm loving all the project life!!!

Linda said...

Yep i agree with everything Melissa said..

sentsue said...

I love your project life posts and seeing your girls grow up before our eyes. But oh do I miss your card making, you are the best. Really hope you can squeeze in a few more ideas for us that think you are so great!! Thanks and Happy New Year!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE all your project life posts!!! All your pages are just fabulous. I purchased the kit last year, but failed at keeping up with it. I saw your post awhile back with an organizational unit you had for all your project life misc. Can you tell me if you purchased it or had it made? I think if I had everything at my fingertips I'd do a better job keeping up! (=

PrinzessinN said...

I love this page...especially the colors!

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