December 18, 2011

Homemade gifts are best...

Hi there. How is everyone holding up this holiday season? This weekend I've really been working hard to finish up all the gift wrapping so that I can enjoy time off with the girls when their holiday break starts next week. I totally forgot about the guy/gal exchange that we always have for Eric's side of the family. I have to admit that the gifts have gotten quite dorky as of lately. Eric and I usually end up toting something home that is right out of the bargain bin and not very useful. I know "it's the thought that counts" but if not much thought is put into a gift at all then why bother, right? I'd rather just enjoy some one's company around the kitchen table or play games.

With those thoughts in mind, I wanted to bring a gal gift that was thoughtful and very useful. Of course, the ladies in our family all know of my handmade cards and notepads and just love them. So why shop any further than my craft room, ya know? Using leftover supplies from this (on sale) Butterfly Notebook Kit, I whipped up 4 coordinating cards in about 20 minutes flat.
I added in a few more pieces of patterned paper, a half of a paper doily, a punched sentiment from Take Note and chocolate striped baker's twine. The base cardstock is Rustic White.
After the cards were assembled, I splattered the tops with Mister Huey spray mist from Studio Calico.
I decided to add in one more little homemade gift item.....a jar of peach jelly that I made this summer. I usually hoard this jelly as I don't make but about a dozen jars or so. But the warm color of the jelly paired with the yellow on the cards and notepad were just too fun. I tied the jelly jar up with a paper bag circle, a typed label and some thick cotton twine. Stay tuned tomorrow for some more jelly gifts. :)
So here's my little gift ensemble. I added in my favorite lip gloss from Bath & Body. I always grab a few when they're on sale to add to gifts.
My usual gift wrap is a brown paper sack. Lisa Truesdell wrapped up the cutest paper sacks for teacher gifts. Why reinvent the wheel when something is this cute and simple? So I didn't. Thank you for the inspiration Lisa! I stapled the paper sack, adhered the paper doily, added 2 strips of Washi tape and then used a pop dot to adhere the butterfly embellishment that I already had in my leftover stash pile. Easy peasy and so cute.
Another gift in the wraps! I'm off now to pop popcorn for some white chocolate popcorn for the lady teachers. The men teachers all get hot Cajun peanuts that Eric orders to have at his store for customers every year. I love to get an extra box for us to divide up for gifts. I'll let your imagination run wild with the fun jokes we make about Eric's hot peanuts. :-0

Other stuff: Project Life and Daily December updates will be coming up this week. I've been working away but just haven't had the chance to get some blog posts in.

Etsy SALE: I've got quite a few items in my shop on sale. Don't miss out on my newest batch of Wrinkle Ribbon bundles. I'm making room for new items to come in 2012. Yes, the chevron bags and Kraft bags will be back in stock. :)


samantha's cards said...

I totally agree! Nothing says i appreciate you more than taking the time to make that person something.... I'm making my son's teachers gifts as i have for the past 5yrs. It makes my day when one of the teachers chases me in the parking lot to thank me. Happy Holidays TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

Cindy said...

Very cute gift idea and I'm sure will be well appreciated. I am going to use your paper sack idea for packaging up some homemade candy and breads (first in cello or baggies:)

thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

I love the matching gifts... I like to know that I am not the only one that tries to match each part of a gift and coordinate it with the gift wrapping. Love the ideas Mish and enjoy the time with your girls this week! Happy Holidays, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Christmas gift idea! Someone is gonna love receiving this!!!! Merry Christmas

scrapfancy said...

I also totally agree that why waste money on something no one really wants. I love to give items to people that they want.
Do you think they just do not care?
I always love your work and this is great.
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mish!
This is VERY off topic but I would love to see a post on how you store all your PTI dies. Agh, I have a slew of them and always look to you for inspiration. TIA

Lilou said...

I so agree with you. I always buy something but always take time to make/add a little handmade thing. I have a little request, maybe you can help: I bought some cosmetics and I want to wrap them nicely and cutely (there are soap, bath ball...) I have cello, clothespin, washi tape, twine... do you have and idea?
XOXO from France

Carol D said...

whoever gets your gift will be well pleased, hate those secret santa things, I always give a nice handcrafted gift and get a load of rubbish back. I know it's the tought that counts(what thought) My hubby refuses now to take part.

Love your little note books, i have a couple of little notepads I might have a play at that later today.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Hugs Carol x

Sharon said...

Haven't been blog hopping for a while, so it's been loving catching up with what you've been up to Mish. Stunning gift cards... simply, yet so beautiful!. Thanks for the inspiration. hugs Sharon

Angela Fehr said...

I frequently "shop the scrap room" as you put it, and this year my husband and I have made all our children's gifts too, instead of buying. At first I felt kind of pathetic and "poor" but it's turned out really fun, and between his skills with wood & metal and mine with paper and fabric, we can make just about anything!

Lynda said...

Beautiful gift set, Mish! Who wouldn't love to receive something so lovingly made from the heart? Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yvonne said...

I love all the ideas that you are willing to share about handmade gifts. You're a truly generous person. I just received an order from Papertry and am looking forward to some "crafty goodness" after the holidays. Have a blessed Christmas Michaelle

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