November 10, 2011

Project Life Week of June 5-June11, 2011

Holiday Journal Update
I've got my Holiday Journal base pages all completed. I used my Holiday Journal Kit that I featured in my Etsy shop earlier + items from the Studio Calico December Daily kit + a few items from my stash of holiday items. I'll be taking photos of all 31 days and will have them up on the blog soon. I think I'll break the posts down into 3 separate posts and will add my ideas for how I'm going to put my journal together in December. Please post any questions you have in the comments section and I'll address them throughout the 3 posts. Oh and if you know of any lists of *things to take photos of/journal about for your December Daily*, please leave links. I'll make a fun list in one of my posts.

Project Life
Catching up on more Project Life pages from the summer months. Here's the 2 page spread.
Lots of summer league basketball & volleyball.....summer veggies....and a series of doctor's appointments for Josey to figure out her exercise induced dizziness. Love the bottom two photos. The waiting for the doctors just kills our impatient family so we find ways to entertain ourselves. Like taking funny photos and Eric pretending to be the doctor. Here's the left page.
And the right page.
I've been using the small chevron bags from my Etsy shop to hold extra little stories and photos. Here I used a yellow bag that is embellished with an Elle's Studio journal tag + Studio Calico Fabrip + a day of the week sticker.
Tip: If you use the bags on the right sided page protector they slip in just fine and you can access the contents easily. But sometimes I want to use the bags on the left side. This creates a little problem because the bags slip in from the other side of the page protector, which doesn't allow you to pull out the bag contents. To solve this problem, simply use a sharp cutting blade to cut through the back side of the page protector. This allows the bag to be slipped in from the front side of the left page protector & the pocket can be easily accessed.
Here we have a photo of a little sign that was at a receptionist's desk at one of Josey's doctor appointments. The girls thought it was so funny. On the right I used a sticky note from Cavallini & Co to type the journaling. The clipboard paper clip is from Amy Tangerine's line. I thought it was so appropriate for all of Josey's doctor appointments. I hand stitched it on with a needle and thread then added a cute brad to the center..
Pretty simple journaling cards filled with my own handwriting + my vintage typewriter journaling. Sticker letters were from a Studio Calico kit. The wooden asterisk is also from Studio Calico.
Okie-doke. The girls are out of school today and tomorrow so I'm off to do something fun with them. It's nice to have 2 little red headed babysitters for Charlie. He's quite the little puppy.

And....are you planning anything special for 11-11-11? My girls are going to movies and parties to celebrate this supposedly lucky day. We have to be sure to take photos at 11:11 pm! This will make for a great scrapbook page.

Update on the quilting
Um, my mom is blowing me off. Ha! She's really enjoying just being able to flit around without having to fix a meal or have a set schedule while my dad is on his China trip. I might just have to tackle these two quilts for the girls all on my own. In the meantime Jordan made a small fleece blanket for Charlie's bed. We'll see how long that lasts. :)


Anonymous said...

How funny!! Your mom is living it up, "While the hubby is away, the wifie will play" - GOOD FOR HER!!

Barbara in Bellflower

Casie said...

My suggestion for photo and journaling prompts to use in your December Daily album is to join in on Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class!! I'm going to do it for the first time this year and use the daily emails to help me complete my DD album. The great part is once you pay for the class you get to join in on the fun for free every year after!

Barbara said...

It is an inspiration to see how you've progressed with your project over the past days - wow! I bet it's part of your setting new priorities.

There's some candy on my blog - literally - if you are interested: ;-)

Kristy Hansen said...

I can't wait to see how you put the pages together. I have taken my kit out several times and have yet to figure out how to set it up. That is what I have been waiting for from you. I also have a little shoe box full of extras just in case. I am so excited about this book. I am going to take pictures everyday about whatever I am doing, but whatever ideas that come about because of you blog, I am all in. I like what Casie gave as an idea. I will check that out too. thank you so much for all your ideas and help.......Love the new addition to your family.

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