November 17, 2011

Project Life Week of June 12-June 18, 2011

Hi there, just got back from the doctor's office with Josey Posey. She hurt her wrist last night in practice. So much it made her cry which doesn't happen very often with our girls and sports stuff. So we knew it might be bad. A couple of x-rays later and lunch out with mom and dad and she's going to be fine. No fractures, just a deep bruise. Whew! Next up, we're off to watch the Jordo play tonight. Go Lady Cats!!

I'm making notes of your Project Life questions/ideas you'd like to see and I'll be adding those into posts soon. If you're interested in purchasing Project Life outside the US, please go to this link. You'll see an entire section devoted to International questions and where to order. Hope that helps. I have company coming this weekend + my mom wants to make more jelly....but after that I'll be taking photos of my PL area so you can get a good look at how I organize my supplies. I'm also working on a post that shows how I do a PL spread from start to finish. Plus I'll be showing you how I play catch up from getting behind this summer. I was behind 17 weeks! I've now narrowed it down to 11 so I'm making progress. My goal is to be all caught up with my 2011 pages by the time 2012 rolls around. I can do it!

Okay, here's today's spread from some summer pages in June. Lots of softball, basketball and volleyball going on at the same time. Plus summer veggies, green grass and a party to boot. Here's the two page spread. Notice that my color scheme this week is mostly green. I choose 2-3 patterned papers + accents that match the color that is present most in my photos. This week I chose grass, green jalapenos, green cucumbers, etc.
The left page. I love creating the 4 x 6 title insert. I usually pick a phrase that defines the week. This week I used *@ our house* to signify the weekly events. This is the left page.
Here's the right page. If you zoom in you'll notice that I've added even more journaling and accents to some of the photos in the 4 x 6 slots.
For the main title insert, I used a 4 x 6 index divider card as the base then added strips of Studio Calico patterned paper, SC fabrips, chipboard letters, some SC mist and the date stamp from the Project Life kit. The chipboard letters were added to a PL journaling card. Love to add that main timeline to this insert card so that when we flip through the pages, we'll instantly know what week we're looking at. It also comes in handy if want to look up a certain time the week of Josey's birthday, etc.
Love these two journaling card inserts. The left uses Studio Calico paper that was perfect to coordinate with our house photo. I typed on a PL journaling card then added stickers, stamped hearts, strips of patterned paper and a metal tag from my shop. On the right side, I used an old library book due date page (got a whole stack from Etsy). Love them for journaling.
A PL journaling card with Ali Edwards stamps and a SC butterfly. On the right is something new I've been doing. If you work with the PL kits, there are 8 journaling slots to fill. There are filler cards that you can insert for a decorative touch, or you can add smaller photos or collected items....or you can take my lead and create a little summary insert of the week's happenings. I simply make a bulleted list using my own handwriting or my vintage typewriter. I like to use my Bic Markits here too as a quick way to make a title. Great way to use all those office supplies we're all addicted to.
More journaling cards. On the left, I used more of the SC paper + chipboard letters. On the right I used a Smash Book journaling page with a Studio Calico tag stitched on. Don't worry if you don't have much to say. Each journaling insert doesn't need to read like a page from your diary.
Lots of fun goodies on these two inserts. The #2 that represents my two reds. On the right I used a sticker from Amy Tangerine.
And perfect timing because my company is here for the weekend! See you guys soon. Oh, and the jalapeno jelly recipe that we're using is the one from the Certo box insert this time around. Have a great weekend everyone. I might not get much posted until next week. :)


lisa westphal said...

So glad u were able to squish in this post between the drs. & your company arriving ( glad to hear she will be fine). Love all your little tags and your bullet point weekly recap.. You are so clever! :) LOVE IT! :)

helen r said...

I also love the Elm Street Quilter series and just read the last one. Looking forward to the rest of your PL posts...I love your work and congrats on being on the design team!

Lori H said...

Thanks for sharing your layouts & ideas. I'm new to PL and really appreciate the tips & ideas. Do you use both sides of your plastics? Some of your inserts seem a little bulky, so I'm not sure. Thanks!

Melissa said...

LOVE your work... can't wait to see you catch up on all those past weeks!

Joan B said...

I don't scrapbook as it looks overwhelming. I would love to know how long these items take you. You put such care and thought into each one. Your personality shines through!

KAREN said...

Looking forward to all your PL posts. Cannot wait to see how you organized your work area and which supplies you keep at hand. Glad to hear your daughter's wrist is not broken. Cannot wait to do PL in 2012!

Diana said...

Poor Josey! Sorry about her wrist, but glad it's not broken.

Can't wait to see your post on how to catch up on PL; I stopped doing it in May (just got too busy) and haven't done any since then...

Kathi said...
(entry nov 19 2011)
Here is a neat velvet pumpkin tutorial you might like since I know you like to decorate for the different holidays. In fact this whole blog is a pretty neat place if you don't already know about it.

Michelle said...

I have fallen SMITTEN with your blog (hope that doesn't sound too!!! I LOVE all the project life info and how you make it your own, just scrappy enough, but not too overwhelming!! You have inspired me to start project life this year and I couldn't be more excited!! Can't wait to see more of your project life posts!!

Amber said...

Congrats!!! How great that you are now on the Project Life DT. Becky Higgins is so talented, such an inspiration to me! I've bought the Project Life kits the past 2 years and still haven't started on them. I am a traditional scrapper, so it's hard for me to know how to mix my Project Life with my traditional scrapping. Your pages are always great and I love all the little details you add! Just fabulous.

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