November 13, 2011

Holiday Journal/December Daily 2011 (Days 1-14)

Here we go. Time to get our Holiday Journal/December Daily base pages assembled. Here's my album pages, it's going to be quite the little chunk of an album.
For my 2011 Holiday Journal I'm using the Holiday Journal Mini Album Kit that I had in my Etsy shop + items from the Studio Calico Ali Edwards December Daily Kit. I'll also be adding embellishments into my album from my own stash of supplies. This post will show photos of pages December 1-14 of my Holiday Journal. I'll post photos of pages December 15-31 in an upcoming blog post this week.

My plan:
I am planning on journaling the 31 days of December + I'll still be doing my Project Life pages for the entire month. My Project Life pages will consist of more day to day happenings in December while my Holiday Journal will focus on holiday festivities. The overall size of my journal is 6" x 6" with 2 ring binders. For each day, I'm using (2) 6" x 6" pages + I'm adding in smaller inserts in between those pages for extra journaling, Instax photos, etc. So each photo you see in this post will be for one day with the smaller inserts in between. I wanted to make sure I had lots of journaling pieces and places for *extras*. I've also placed a tan piece of cardstock on most of the layouts so that I could reference where a 4" x 4" photo will be placed. This was extremely helpful when putting together my pages.

I plan to use mostly 4" x 4" photos that I will crop to size or print from the PostalPix app on my iPhone...or I just got a new printer so I may print at home. I'll also be using a phone app called Diptic to create 4" x 4" collage photos and of course the Instagram app. This way I'll be able to add in even more photos.

The goal:
The idea here is to keep my album simple and stress free. I want to enjoy my holiday. I spent about 6 hours putting my base pages together. I'll add in the 4" x 4" photos as I get them printed and will add minimal embellishments to complete the pages. This will include some leftover kit items + chipboard/cardstock titles + journaling. I'm hoping to get lots of the stories down this year by using the smaller insert pages. Keep it simple and stress free.

Setting up your Holiday Journal:
If you purchased a kit from my Etsy shop and want to follow my lead, here's my suggestion. Place all the 6" x 6" pages into the album first. If you want/need more 6" x 6" pages, add in more solid cardstock or patterned paper from your stash. Then start adding in the smaller items like the envelopes, index cards, etc. Then start adding in all the numbers from the Elle's Studio number sheet that you received in your kit. You'll notice in the photos that I have small clips here and there. Those are temporarily holding items in place until I get my photos into my album. I also have tons of little sticky notes attached, noting ideas for photos and journaling. Good luck, have fun and please ask me any questions that you have by leaving a comment.

The first pages will be a special section for Charlie, our new puppy. This is an early Christmas present so I wanted to dedicate a page to him. We'll each be writing a small note about Charlie and will insert it into the sewn pocket page. This was made from the lined sack that came with the kit. Tip: Take photos of cards you receive, make a collage photo and insert that into the pocket. Then recycle the cards, etc.
This will be an introduction page about the Holiday Journal. What it is, why I did it, etc.
This layout will be reserved for some holiday decorating that we do before December rolls around. Perhaps a photo of all the holiday boxes coming out of storage.
This layout will be for our family photo that we'll send out in Christmas cards. On the right is a pocket that I created by using a card list sheet from the Etsy kit. Our holiday card and perhaps a photo of all the cards stacked up and ready to mail will be inserted into the pocket.
Day 1...journaling card is from Project Life kit. Stamp on the left is from Ali Edwards.
Day 2...decorative punch along some solid cardstock.
Day 3....vintage playing card from the kit + sheet music and tags.
Day 4...Elle's Studio number plus paper doily from the kit.
Day 5...half of an envelope with Elle's Studio number with the addition of the chipboard #5 from the Studio Calico Daily December kit. Also a little flag cut from a Studio Calico Fabrip.
Day 6..clear sheet from the Studio Calico kit + candy piece from Crate Paper + page from the kit.
Day 7....lots of additional inserts including index divider and Project Life journaling card.
Day 8...with a list of 8 things that I'll journal about.
Day 9....add in plain cardstock that you punch with decorative edged punches. Also more Elle's Studio pieces.
Day 10...journaling card from Elle's Studio + stamped envelope + a ledger piece from the kit. I'll probably torture the girls and make them write letters to Santa to slip into the envelope. :)
Day 11...airmail envelope from the kit + Elle's Studio pieces.
Day 11....pieces from the kit + the cute little envelopes from the Studio Calico kit.
Day 12...little tickets and papers from my kit.
Day 13....stamped index card with stamp from Etsy.
Day 14...misted carnival tickets, tag and index divider from my kit. I used my Tiny Tim stapler a lot to assemble my pages.
Okay, stay tuned for the rest of my pages this week. My deer hunter husband's schedule is making me be the taxi driver all during deer season. So I'm off to a Sunday basketball practice with the Jordo. I think I'll do a post comparing me sitting in my stamp room for 5 hours at a time vs. him sitting in his deer stand for 5 hours at a time. That would be entertaining!


Kristy Hansen said...

Thank you so much for this post. It gives some great ideas. My question? Did you use something heavy for the covers and glue pattern paper on it? I just feel like the pattern paper is too thin and would be ruined over time. Help with any ideas for the cover. Love what you have done so far. thank you!

Anonymous said...

What kind of printer did you just get? I am really debating to buy a printer or just continue to upload my pictures to a local printer/store .... help!!!


Tracy said...

I am curious about what printer you got too? I have been looking for the canon selphy like you have forever as you said it prints so good. Can't find them! You wouldn't happen to be selling yours now that you got a new one??? Just a thought..... I ordered a project life kit, and want to be able to print without having to upload and all that nonsense.. just a thought.. let me know if you want to sell....

Tracy @

Sandy said...

Love your album. I received mine but haven't sat down to put it together yet.

lisa westphal said...

Love*Love*Love Mish!!! Great idea using the post-its!! I'm gonna give that tip a try for sure! Can't wait to see your 15-31! I just know it's gonna be awesome :)

Jessica said...

Wow this is a really great overview of how you put this together. Thanks so much! I am doing one this year for the first time & I am finding it really fun planning out my pages beforehand!

Diana F. said...

I loved looking at how you put this all together. You are so creative. After reading this post I immediately got my half finished one out and started working. Thank you for all the pictues, cant wait to see more.

Stephanie said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I'm a newbie to December Daily, so this was very inspiring. Do you have any additional etsy kits available? Your shop says pre-order and sold out. Thanks!

Kristin said...

Michelle your dd is amazing.. I'm also going to make mine a 6x6 journal. At first I was worried about the sizes of the photos(I was going to print 4x4s) but now that I've seen yours I'm getting excited that it will work out. Again, great foundation pages! Can't wait till you fill it up..

crimsoncat05 said...

love your pages!! and LOL at the "Tiny Tim" stapler!! I really need to get one of those!

Isabel Z said...

You always blow me away with your creativity and artistry. Thank you for going into such detail. For a visual learner seeing all of your pics is truly helpful. What are your base pages made from? chipboard? Thank you!

Belle à cropper said...

Hello ! I just discovered your blog, so far I love it! for this particular picture, where you see the red handwriting, is that your handwriting or is it a font ? if so, can you tell me what it is ? It's really beautiful !

thankyou !


Belle à cropper said...

Hello ! I just discovered your blog, so far I love it! for this particular picture, where you see the red handwriting, is that your handwriting or is it a font ? if so, can you tell me what it is ? It's really beautiful !

thankyou !


Anonymous said...

Annie, I agree with you about the red handwriting. Sme of it is ALi Edwards Technique Tuesday stamps. I would like to know what the date/time red inked index card (day 13) is. Is this a stamp???? I love it.
Michelle Brown

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