May 24, 2010

Shabby Blue Fabric Tags

Good evening everyone. I'm hoping to plant my peppers and tomatoes tonight if the garden dried out enough today. But first I have a few things to show you. I dug into some of my thrifty finds and had a little fun today. Here's Stanly the Stapler. I found him at an antique store. He works better than any stapler I've ever had. I love him. He was one of my helpers today.This is my new thing of string that called my name at the thrift store. Love this green color!
And these are my new creations today, using fabric from the thrift store. Jordan was my other little helper. I'm paying the girls $5 an hour this summer to help with my crafty creations. She was a seamstress today and loved every minute of her work. Together we made these adorable Shabby Blue Fabric Tags. I cut, she sewed. And she is good. I show her one time and then she takes over. Very good workmanship. Believe me, I inspect for quality. Josey slept til 11:00 so I guess she had the day off. :) Good grief, sleepy red head girl.
Anyway, we cut and sewed and assembled all morning. Such a lovely little pile of Thrift Store Decor, don't you think?
You can use these tags for almost anything. They have little safety pins at the top for easy attachability. I saved two to fancy up my blue jars that I got at an auction.
Or you could attach a tag to a little pile of crafty goodness. See how I used a Tiny Tag wrapped around the doodad? Instant personalization for gift giving. Who wouldn't love to re-use this tag for a special project? Or how about stringing together a whole set of these for an instant summer banner. Ohhh, that would be cute! Wait til I tell Jordy that idea.
They're so cute though, they might be hard to part with. That's why I included two to a package in my Etsy shop. All packaged up in a glassine envelope and Japanese masking tape. Have fun!! We've got more fabric picked out and Jordan's a sewing goddess so stay tuned for more tags. She likes this job because Josey can't sew....more work for Jordan. Which =more $ for Jordan. Hee.


Country Mouse said...

Super cute...I really like those! And Stanley too!LOL

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I love these! I'm going shopping tomorrow as soon as school gets out and hope to find some vintage goodies myself.

Alice Wertz said...

these fabric tags are so cute!! i love Mr. Stanly, too! =)

Eveline said...

Looks good.

Donelle U said...

Just wondering if you saw these from the Thrift Shop collection:
I'd love to see what you could do with this cute book! :o) Thanks for all the inspiration!

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