May 19, 2010

Etsy Shop Update

Edit: Hi everyone. Sorry for those of you who missed out on the Wrinkle Ribbon. I'll put it on my to do list to make some more ribbon soon but it might be a little while. Sorry, I don't do email notifications or waiting lists or special orders. Hope you catch some next time. :)

Jeepers, you guys are so awesome! The Wrinkle Ribbon is all sold out now. I'm so glad you like it! Stay tuned tomorrow for some cute cards in my Etsy shop!

Oh and guess what? I got my rhubarb strawberry pie! Yummo!

Hey everyone, I have decided to add items to my Etsy shop a little at a time. I know that some of you are hit and miss as to when you can get to my I thought if I added items a little at a time it might help. I'll be adding new items all this month so stay tuned. Going up tonight is more Wrinkle Ribbon, some brand new colors in the mix too. :) This will be it for a little while on the Wrinkle Ribbon so get it while it's in the shop. Thanks for stopping by!


Karen Lazar said...

Yeah! I've wanted to buy your wrinkle ribbon forever. And I thought you wouldn't put any up on your birthday - boy, did I guess that one wrong. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love your irises and love your red garden bike! Now I hope to get aqua ribbon and some antiqued mini tags. Love your Paper Trey stuff too. I am a big fan! You ROCK!

Katherine said...

I sure would love to get my hands on some of that ribbon. I guess it pays to check Etsy everyday!

Hope you had a great 41, again.

Cathy P said...

I can't believe I missed that gorgeous wrinkle ribbon again! I knew you were gonna put some things on Etsy and I tried to check in every chance I got but I still missed it. Dog gone it!!! How about a waiting list for us poor folks who keep missing it?

BonnieRose said...

I just ordered some fr another etsy girl... can't wait to get it... I didn't know u sold it.. I will hv to check out your shoppe too! hugs.. love all u create gf... u are so talented! xo

Stamper for fun said...

One of these days I will catch your Etsy at the right time.

Mary Sara P. said...

One day my hope is to catch your Etsy shop right as you post the wrinkle ribbon. Love your blog and cards are great inspiration, but sad I keep missing your stuff on Etsy.

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