May 22, 2010

The List....use it

Oh my heavens. I got a load of October Afternoon goodness this week from my awesome friend Cindy at Star Lit Studio. And let me just say I've spent the good part of this May Afternoon creating. I went to an auction earlier and a bunch of poopy head, fancy pants bidders bought up all my good stuff. Pfft. I'll show them. I'll just make something way cooler than they could ever imagine buying at an auction. So I gathered up my October Afternoon goodies. And let me just say that October Afternoon is kinda hard to come by in my neck of the woods. So if you're looking for a very good selection, head on over to Star Lit Studio. The newest lines of Fly a Kite and The Thrift Shop (love the name)are now in! Cindy will hook you up. Tell her I sent you shopping her way. :)

Back to my goodies. I dearly love to create little doodads and items for little kits for myself and you guys. I start cutting circles and punching circles and I just can't stop. Today I stained some of my Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Carnival Tickets to give them a distressed look.
Next I snatched up a few kit items and went to work on a little project of my own. I used a Tiny Ticket from my Etsy shop and stamped *for mom* on it with black ink. There's something about these little tiny alphabets that I just love. You can create any message you want and I love the uneven stampy look.
And here's what I whipped up. It's a notebook, one of my all time favorite items to create. And here's the deal: It drives me bonkers when my family tells me what they need at the worst times. For example, I'm in the shower and a little red head child peeks in and says *Hi Mom, I need some bobby pins*. Or how about when I'm knee deep in socks that no one bothers to fold and I hear *Oh man, we don't have any milk*. Or it's 5:30am and Eric hollers out from the bathroom *I need some new razors, hon*. Hello people, I may be Wonder Mom but I'm not a freaking mind reader. Nor do I carry a notepad and pen... or an awesome new IPad that no one got me for my birthday..... around to take notes for you all. And I definitely don't do anything at 5:30am. News flash: There's something called The List. Use it people.

I created this little gem just for our summer lists. Groceries, snacks, ice cream, sunflower seeds for the ballgames, Gatorades, sunscreen....whatever you need, write it down sweet little family. Isn't it so cute and thrift store looking?
I love all the mixy matchy papers and embellishments on my notepad front. Here, I used a sticker from The Thrift Shop Label Stickers. I then used a little scalloped circle doodad with button and Tiny Tag from my kit.
For the rest of my notepad I used one of my all time new favorite papers called Fly a Kite from the 8 x 8 Paper Pad. This version is smaller than the big 12 x 12 size...but I love both. Seriously love. Save some for me. The ruler is made from a stamp from the Cherry Hill Clear Stamps line. Oh, it's such a cute set. I love the strawberry...and the bird...and the ruller...and the flowers....get the point? I used a little carnival ticket under a punched strawberry image too. So fun!
And here's the back of my notepads. Just a reminder that this is The List. Use it.
Just to make sure The List stays full, I used not one but two notepads from Papertrey Ink. I'm going to place my list front and center on the kitchen cabinet. Surely, the little family will get the hint.
And just to share a little of my goodness with you, I have a few kits going up in my Etsy shop shortly. I'm using a mixy matchy style here that I'm dubbing Thrift Store Decor. All kinds of goodies that I've picked up at the thrift stores to recycle and reuse for some major new cuteness. Here I've used fabric, an old cutter quilt, an old dictionary and black twine that I picked up here and there.
Kits will come with everything shown above. For my project today I used the carnival tickets, the scalloped patterned paper doo dad and the Tiny Tag. Enjoy!

Note: I'm headed up to fix supper for the family and then I'll be back to post the kits in the shop. Ta ta for now.


Matt and Stef said...

i laughed out loud reading this!!! i COMPLETELY 100% feel your pain - and my girls are only 6 and 4, not almost teenagers!! i love the call from the closed bathroom door about necessities {not}...but my {least} favorite is when my hubby throws whatever he's run out of in the shower right onto the bathroom floor. that's his way of telling me to go to the store. gggrrrrrr!!! :) thanks for this post - cracked me up!

Lynn said...

Love the list! Perfect! I wish I could combine things the way you do...they always look perfect! Thanks for your inspiration! Love, love, love your blog...and follow your theme of make it, mail it, give it! Love to give my creations too!

debbie said...

I love this notebook, those papers are wonderful and I haven't been able to get any yet.......soon!

Cassandra said...

Thanks for the laugh, Mish, but it is all so true. If you aren't up with the art of mind-reading you get some very accusing looks when essential items don't come home in the shopping trolley. Beautiful creation as usual.

Diana said...

I loved this post! I can completely identify. The notebook is beautiful. I have the Cherry Hill stamps, but they stil have not seen any ink. You have inspired to make something pretty with them.

Sassy Scrapin' said...

I so love the little note pad! Great idea!

Thanks for the laugh Mish! all I can say is WELCOME TO MY WORLD! My family does that to me all the most favorite is when someone tells me what they need when I am sick and sleeping! OH YEAH, I will be sure to remember that, or even care for that matter! LOL

Jenn Copeland said...

I love this list! You are so fun! I just love your blog! It is one of my favorites! You are so real!! I feel your pain, Sista! Just write it down people! Love it! You rock!

Eveline said...

Great idea and lovely notebook.

Alice Wertz said...

so cute!! i love those yummy papers and your note pad!! love it!

Val said...

Great notebook. I love the design. I also love October Afternoon stuff. Just an FYI - Not sure if you have an Archiver's in your neck of the woods, but word on the street is, Archiver's will soon be carrying October Afternoon.

Melodie Hoschek said...

Oh my word! So stinkin' cute! I rushed right over to starlit studio and bought a bunch of October Afternoon goodies and let Cindy know your inspirational note pads sent me there!!!

♥Wendi said...

Oh so cute. I've been waiting for more cute pads and it was my lucky day. Just love the new ideas. They are one of my favorite little gifts to give. You are amazing!!

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