March 30, 2010

Kraft and Cream Kit

Hey everyone, I only have a few minutes to pop in today. Busy, busy, busy around here. I have a few kits going up in the shop today and thought I'd show you a few things you can do with them.

In this first photo, I've tucked items from the kit into a Paper Pouch. I'll be carrying the Paper Pouches in my shop soon but they'll be sent out with the Kraft and Cream Kit too.
You can tuck in all sorts of goodies and tie on lots of ribbon, lace, tags, flowers, etc. All the goodies you see tied onto my Paper Pouch comes in the kit.
You'll also get a piece of sewing pattern. I've been using it for tissue paper to stuff into gift sacks, etc. It looks so vintage and pretty in the Paper Pouch, don't you think?
You'll also get a Bingo card in the kit. I've created a fun invitation for a Family Fun Night. I attached one my Mini Chalk Boards to the front of the card. You can write any message you like. You'll get a Mini Chalk Board in the kit and I'll be offering these up in my shop soon too.
With more of the kit contents, I created a very informal invitation.....attach the paper sack to the back of the Bingo card with the corners that come in the kit. Sure to be a one of a kind invitation.
There's only a few of the kits available but I'll be adding more items soon. And for those of you asking if you can get notification of when I put Etsy items in my shop.....I add items as I create new goodies so you just never know when they'll be something new. Check back often and thanks for visiting. :)


Rhonda Zamora said...

I read your blog everyday! Thanks for all of your great ideas and inspiration.

Heather Jensen said...

Very cute idea! These are adorable. Love it! :)

Rycrafty said...

Etsy stores have RSS feeds - just like blogs do. So if people want updates every time YOU update, just direct them to that. There's a little 'subscribe to shop' link on the sidebar of all Etsy shops.
Just like subscribing to a blog!

Vicki B. said...

Cute kit! Love your ideas - you are really a great inspiration to all of us!

Suzanne Klein said...

can you email me the directions to the preety pouch. I love it

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