March 31, 2010

Impress, To Die For Tips & Tricks!

Hi everyone and Happy April Fool's Day!! It's time once again for the Papertrey Senior Challenge. This month, it's all about Papertrey's new dies and Impression Plates. I've been working on some fun Easter goodies so I thought I'd share what I've been up to.

Crepe paper embellishments are very popular right now and it's very easy to create your own. Here, I used 3-4 lays of pink crepe paper and stitched down one side, through all the layers. Then I cut my crepe paper layers with a Scalloped Border Die. The die easily cuts through all the crepe paper layers.
I ruffled up the scallops and added my crepe paper ruffle to an Easter treat sack. I packaged a Reese's Egg (my personal fave) in a medium glassine sack and used some ribbon and an Easter egg doodad from my stash to finish off the embellishments.
I nestled my treat sack into a little egg container box with some Easter grass. Such a pretty little gift but so easy to mass produce if needed.
Next up, I needed to make some tags for my girls' Easter baskets. I used the Egg Die, the Small Scalloped Border Die and the Fillable Frames #1 Die. I die cut eggs from some pretty Karen Foster paper and cut the scallop borders from Kraft cardstock.
I cut two Fillable Frames #1 dies for each tag so that I could stamp *happy Easter* from Pine's Egg Hunt stamp set on the inside.
The finished tags are tied to the girls' Easter baskets using some of my Wrinkle Ribbon. I keep the tags from year to year in the bottom of the girls' baskets. It's fun to see what I made from the previous years. Pine keeps her tags to use in her girls' scrapbooks. Great idea!
And here's the girls' Easter baskets with their cute tags tied on. The Easter Bunny has a few more goodies to deliver on Easter morning. :)
And here's my *oh so simple* die storage. I keep my Cuttlebug and dies on an old serving tray that I can wheel around my art studio. I picked it up at a garage sale a few years ago.
I store my Papertrey dies in an old wooden box. The small dies are in a little tin jello mold and my long dies are in an old tin drinking cup. The Impression Plates just stand up in the box along with extra cutting plates and mats. Nothing fancy at all but it works for me. I really like to keep my tools out where I can see them....yet I want them to have some sort of organization. As my collection grows I'll probably create some filing tabs for my box so that I can sort through them quicker.
Hope you enjoy today's post! No tricks, just treats! And speaking of treats, check out what the other girls have created today:


Eveline said...

I like the crepe paper ruffles. Great idea. The baskets look lovely.

Alice said...

thanks for sharing your lovely project! i love your details and those crepe paper ruffles just add so much texture!

Pam said...

Love the card and thanks so much for the great ideas. I am using an acrylic album and removable glue dots to store my dies. Stop by and check it out if you get a moment. Thanks again for the inspiration! Pam

bonnie said...

Oh what adorable baskets...your girls have a fab mummy....I love all your stuff and you update your blog all the time....thank you for inspiring me everyday Mish. Hugs to you sweetie xoxox

Diane Jaquay said...

Great ideas Mish, love the crepe paper ruffles, and the beautiful tags you created for your girls Easter baskets!!

dolcreations said...

Oh Mish..these little Easter baskets are so fabulous! Your kids are going to love them! I love the crepe paper ruffles! Were do you purchase crepe paper? I have been searching and have been unsuccessful.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Elizabeth S. said...

I love the crepe paper ruffles!! Your packaging is something that I have always admired!

Shelly K said...

It pains me to see your baskets done and ready to go...they look awesome! Can you do mine?

amcgrew said...

Can we use the cuttlebug with the paper tray dies?
P.S. Hope your mom is feeling better very soon!

Mary Jo said... mom had a rolling cart like that when i was a kid. brings back memories. thanks.

Debbie Olson said...

Beautiful as always, Mish!

Shauna said...

those little tags are adorably sweet!

Mary Sara P. said...

Happy Easter to you too. Lovely baskets.

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