March 22, 2010

Etsy Shop Update

All kits are now sold out. If you missed them, you can always go to the *sold* section and see items there. I've been finding lots of vintage goodies in my stash so I'll be offering up onesie/twosie kits here and there. I probably won't announce them all on the blog though so just keep checking back. I'm really excited about some new offerings coming to my Etsy shop. They'll be trickling in little by little. f:)


Anonymous said...

oh I hope I get 1 this time!!!! I just love your kits they give so much inspiration and add so much too projects. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making more kits. Any chance more butterfly kits will go up in the shop? I'd love one of those too! Your work is such an inspiration!

patm4180 said...

Great, hope I get lucky and win all you do..

marcie said...

oh no I missed them again. I still havent even seen what they look like. Im sure they are amazing Ill have to keep trying thanks mish.

amcgrew said...

Are they already gone, Michelle!

Victoria Hassink said...

Thanks, I didn't realize I could go back and see the sold items!

Very cute, no wonder they are gone in a flash.

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