December 31, 2009

Valentine Scrapbook Kit

With the start of a new year, I am ready to rock and roll with some new kits. Putting kits together is one of my favorite things about crafting right now so you'll be seeing lots more in my Etsy shop. Today I've got a Valentine Scrapbook Kit for you, offering a fun new concept too. I'll be adding lots of embellishments in my Etsy shop that I'm calling Mish-Matched Doo Dads, the first of which will be in the Valentine Scrapbook Kit. You hear me talk often about not making things so matchy matchy. Mix things up a little. Use the mixy matchy approach. Combine some quirky color combinations. Use lots of different design elements. Utilize your supplies and tools.

Here's the concept for my Mish-Matched Doo Dads: I'll be designing separate elements to use as card, scrapbook page or gift wrap embellishments. Each element will be a separate piece. You can zoom in below to see them bigger.
Then you can mix and match the design elements to create fun little doo-dads. The fun part for you will be that you have a choice in the way you put the final elements together. I've pieced together some doo-dads below to show you some examples. Aren't they fun? I'll be offering them up in scrapbook kits, card kits, gift wrap kits, or sometimes just by themselves.
Now for the Valentine Scrapbook Kit. You can use your completed Mish-Matched Doo Dads to embellish an adorable little scrapbook for a sweet Valentine's gift. Below is a sample of some of the pieces in the scrapbook kit. You can use the little envelope to write a special message to the recipient of the scrapbook.
The kit also comes with 4" x 6" page inserts and more items that you see below:
And again, you can use your assembled Mish-Matched Doo Dads to embellish the page inserts.
These are just a few samples of what you can do:
The page inserts, along with your own 4" x 6" photos will fit into a pink, cloth covered photo album that comes with an elastic band.
You'll also get supplies in your kit to embellish the outside of the album.....just so it's as cute on the outside as it is on the inside.
Just use your doo-dads to make something fun. Perhaps add the year with individual number stamps.....or a name,etc.
Here's what you get in the kit...lots and lots of goodies plus the photo album that contains 25 pages for photos and page inserts.
The kits are packaged and ready to go and will be in my Etsy shop soon:
Now. I only have SEVEN of these kits available so get 'em while they last. I saved one back for myself and will be designing my pages soon, so check back for more ideas. These little albums will be great to add your favorite photos of your kids or loved ones. Or take a photo shoot on Valentine's Day and scrapbook the photos. It's a perfect way to add more scrapbooking into your life...a little mini album that could be completed in a day.

I will definitely be adding more kits similar to this in my shop. I design kits as I have availability to supplies that I find here and there....which means you never know what's gonna pop up in my shop or here on the blogaroonie. I'm having soooo much fun with you all. It's gonna be a GREAT year! Thanks for always stopping by and leaving such nice comments too! I really appreciate you guys.


amcgrew said...

This kit is adorable, Michelle!
O especially love the album-where did you get them?
I am anxiously awaiting the kit to be available at your shop so I can purchase one.
Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I managed to get one!! These are great!! Happy New Year!!

Jenyfur said...

What a wonderful kit! I love all of the creative options for assembling your own look. Awesome. I don't see an email address for you on your sidebar, could you email me when you get a chance? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

wow I love these kits! Thay are amazing. I didnt get 1 this time but Ill keep trying. Thanks so much for sharing all of your great ideas with us.
I hope you have a fun and safe new year from my family to yours.

Barbara said...

You are incredible and so generous with your talent Michelle! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Lueyes said...

I am so frustrated because I keep missing your kits. Wish you could make more as I would really like to have one for Valentines.

Isabel Z said...

Phooey gumdrops--I missed out on this wonderful wonderful kit but I hope that the lucky 6 enjoy them. Blessings to you and your family in the New Year and may it bring joy, laughter, and lots of good things.

Cassi said...

Absolutely adorable! Too bad I missed out. How did you make the felt hearts, nestibilities?

Jenn said...

Too cute!!!! Missed out on this...maybe should check blogs before farming!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any more kits available. Would love to get one if you do. Thanks

Anna Was said...

Thanks for the cute kit idea! I didn't get one this time.. maybe next time. Your items are so cute they just fly out of Etsy... that is awesome. Can you say where you got the little albums? They are so cute and I have not seen anything like them.. can you share.. pretty please? Thanks for your inspiration and I look forward to more in 2010:)

Deb said...

these are already gone? I checked several times thate day you mentioned it and didn't ever see them in your shop :( :( :(

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