March 5, 2014

Workspace Wednesday...Sewing Station

As I make my way around my craft room, I'm slowly but surely making progress on getting organized. While working on my sewing station a quote came to mind that a college professor shared to me while I was studying Interior Design.  I was sitting in her office one day as she was my advisor also.  She said, "A place for everything and everything in it's place." She was referring to this in the design sense when laying out floor plans, office cubicles, furniture, etc.  However at that exact moment she opened her desk drawer and pulled out a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke.  I kind of chuckled and thought to myself, "Not exactly the place where most store their Diet Coke but whatever works for ya." That moment always stuck with me and the Diet Coke scene added to my belief that our spaces are about whatever works for our specific needs.  
So my approach for starting a major reorganization in my craft space goes something like this....I just started digging in with specific areas.  First I realized that indeed each group of like items needs a place.  While working on my sewing station I could have sworn that I had about 10 spools of thread.  But when I collected all the spools of thread from drawers and little nooks and crannies, I came up with over 100 spools of thread. Who knew?! So this is when I realized that one of the first big steps to organization is collecting all like items in a pile.  
Then I started sorting out what I wanted to keep and purged the rest.  I either throw items away, recycle, sell or donate my supplies.  I'm being really ruthless and if I'm not going to use it, it goes away. For example, many of these threads are new but most of them come from bulk boxes of stuff that I got at auctions.  Spools of thread are always thrown into boxes with quilts and the like.  I finally took the time to trim all the thread, wind them up nicely and sort by color.  
Just look at the rainbow assortment I have now.  To think I was just making a list of new colors I needed.  Not anymore.  I organized all of my spools of thread in this one drawer that's in the sewing machine stand table I use.  It's full so my rule now is no more thread until there is room.
This is the space where I sew which is directly behind my work table.  My Baby Lock sewing machine sits atop this vintage cabinet which I think was used previously for a beauty salon station or in a lady's bathroom.  The inside smelled of stinky powder, had lots of bobby pins in it and the paint on an inside shelf had lots of rings which makes me thinks bottles and such were stored in there.  I was  attracted to the colorful Formica, speckled top and the 2 drop down leaves.  Upon further inspection at the antique shop I found a metal label that had been painted over.  It read "Hoosier" with a town in Indiana which made Hoosier cabinets.  For $20 bucks I thought I better take it home with me.  I've yet to find a similar cabinet like this online but I am very curious about it.  I'm thinking maybe it's original use might have been a small, kitchen island but who knows.  It's a sewing cabinet now in it's new life.  :)
So I have one more area in my craft room nice and organized. My goal is to make my way around my entire craft room and get everything in it's place.  Then I'm going to step back and evaluate the big picture.  I'd really love to get rid of some white storage units and replace them with a vintage, wood storage system of shelves and cubbies and lockers. I'm not sure just what yet but I'm hoping that Summer 2014 is my lucky year for junkin'.  Also, my dream find is a giant, vintage artist easel.  I know one's out there waiting for me in all it's painty goodness. I'll keep you in the know.  Have a great day everyone!


Yvonne said...

Mish, Loved the sewing cabinet. It's ironic but I am going through a big redo of my craft room. Right now it looks like a bomb went off. Everything is in the middle and my hubby is white washing the cedar walls to brighten it up. It's quite the project tho.

Just a bit of trivia- Hoosier cabinets originated in our town, Lebanon, Indiana. They also were sometimes called Boone cabinets due to the fact that we are located in Boone County. There are lots of little known pieces like that out and about. Great find!

Gina M said...

I can see how this would be a good place to store your sewing machine, but is it awkward to use it? Do you stand when you sew? I love all the cute vintage goodies you have in your studio. Wish I could go junkin' with you!

Shannon said...

If you ever get out to Utah look me up!
I know where some awesome shops are!
Love your blog! You always inspire me to either get busy creating or organizing my gigantic stash! :)

Unknown said...

Your thread rainbow is so pretty! I am really enjoying your Workplace Wednesday series...I keep hoping your organizational zeal will rub off a little. I could definitely use some here!

Tami McBeain said...

Another great Workspace Wednesday! Love seeing your creative area and your process of organization! I need to put some of your tips in action in my room! :)

Unknown said...

I have loved reading all your posts lately and have been taking note especially regarding your work space ideas. You have some of the best ideas and I have also loved the monthly inspiration boards. Taking your lead I too have started the monthly boards and it has really been helpful in keeping me in line with my creative process and what I want to make or challenge myself to make each month. Thank you Michelle for all the time you put into your blog and creations and thank you for sharing it with us.-- Diana F.

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