January 16, 2014

December Memories Days 2, 5, 11-13

Today I'm back to share more of my December Memories 2013 album, created with the 2013 Gossamer Blue December Memories Kit.  I'm skipping around on the days because I didn't plan for this to be an event a day type of album.  I worked on each insert as a specific memory/tradition so you'll see my pages here on the blog as I completed them.  

Going back to my first intro page, I added this vintage flash card which I offered in a kit in my shop.  I added "us" to the mix and a sticker.  
 Planting Paper White bulbs was a new tradition I started this year and my plan was to take a weekly progress photo as the bulbs grew.  That was really fun to watch.  Here's the front side of that insert which has a page protector trimmed down to 3 x 8.  You can see week 1 and week 2 progress of the bulbs.
 Here you can see week 3 progress and week 4 shows the bulbs in full bloom in an additional insert.
 One of my favorite photos of this album, I think, because I love the idea of fresh flowers in the middle of Winter. Papers and stickers from the Gossamer Blue kits.
 Page 5 which shows various crafts I created throughout December. Cards, holiday planners, candy bar wrappers, gift packaging, etc.
 Here I created a collage of some of the Christmas cards I made.
 Day 11 shows my homemade marshmallows.
 I saved the gelatin package and stitched it on a 3 x 4 card.
 I love this photo because I arranged a blank spot when taking the photo, knowing I could add some fun text in there using the Phonto app on my iPhone.  I added a sticker too.
These gold, glittery stickers got a workout in this album.  Here I paired them with typewriter journaling. 
 Page 12 shows some of my holiday lists, with a fun polka dot sack insert.
 Lots of lists so why not lots of "lists" words on this insert?  I used various stickers from the kits and my stash.
 I used two Large White Parcel Tags as inserts for the fun sacks from the Gossamer Blue kit.
 Here I folded some grocery/meal planning lists and stitched and stapled a piece of vintage ribbon to one of the lists to use as a pull tab.
 I didn't have photos to fill this page protector so I trimmed a list into 4 pieces.  It's used more as a decorative element here.
 Page 13 is all about my holiday baking.  Here I took photos from all my baking sessions and added them in one spot. This photo shows a 5 x 7 insert page too.
 Here's the 2 page spread without the insert.
 New cookies this year for cookie trays.  I love photographing food.
 I kept a candy kiss to add to one insert.  Cute.
 Peanut butter balls with a chipboard button and twine.
 Here's the insert.  I used two 4 x 6 photos and adhered them back to back on a 5 x 7 piece of star acetate from the kits.
 Here's the back side.  I added a strip of star paper to the edge so that this insert would stand out from the 2 page spread.
 I ended up coloring in the white stars with watercolors and a glittery watercolor medium to add some shine.
 Here's a photo of that little painting session, using my new travel watercolor palette and a refillable watercolor brush. That was so fun just to fiddle a little with paints.
I'm happy to announce that my album is 100% complete.  I'll be sharing the rest of the pages here on the blog soon.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to compile some thoughts on what I loved and what I might change up for next year on the last installment.  Thanks for joining me today.  If you tackled a DD this year, how did it go?  Are you finished?  Have you set a deadline? It's so worth it so keep on truckin' and work on your album while the memories are fresh in your mind.  This is kind of like Christmas itself....so fun while the season is here but when it's over, it's done and you're ready to move on.  I'm so happy to have my fat little album completed.  A real treasure. 


mandysea said...

Sure did do a December Daily and its finished too! My gosh I love yours! Its such a fabulous mix of products (I recognise and used so creatively), see-thrus and color!

Tina Campbell said...

Super cute pages and I love what you did with yours, the mix and variety of things are cool. I'm still working on mine and hope to have it finished up by the end of the month-mid Feb at the latest.

CaliforniaBlondeWrites said...

Very pretty! I haven't finished mine yet: my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer on Jan 4th and I've been kinda busy. I do love how my album looks: I used creams, whites, and metallic silvers and golds for my pages and embellishments so the photos and stories stand out. Our Christmas gift to each other was a trip to Disneyland, so I'm doing another album for that. And I haven't even started Pl for this year.....I think I will document our journey through cancer treatment. Thank you for your always-inspiring blog!

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