January 21, 2014

2013 December Memories....pages 5, 9, 10, 14-16

Sharing more of my 2013 December Memories album, made with the 2013 Gossamer Blue December Memories Kit.

This is page 4 which shows photos from several deer hunting days.  A big family tradition so it's important for us to document this. 
Page 9 shows some typed pieces of paper that I stitched with gold thread.  I created some lists of our holiday family traditions and showed a few photos of those traditions. 
 To create the lists, I typed the traditions on different lines, trimmed and stitched down the middle to adhere.
Page 20 with an insert for my hot cocoa station. Probably the most fun I had decorating this holiday season. 
 Here the insert which is two simple 4 x 6 photos back to back in a trimmed page protector.
Page 14 shows our wish lists.  I used Large White Tags from my shop and had each of us write down a few items.  I really wanted to show each family member's handwriting here. 
Gold tags have the names stamped on them.  
Day 15 shows the live wreath that we hung on the front door this year.  I've wanted a live wreath forever and finally found a beautiful one at a very good price.  
 I snapped a few photos and even captured the cats while they were watching me fiddle with the wreath.
 I placed a second wreath on our chalkboard this season and loved it as well.  I drew some sprigs around the wreath, wrote the phrase inside the wreath....and the banner caption was done with an app on a photo.  Then I printed it.  I might just use that photo for a holiday card next year.  I kept some tags from the wreaths and clipped them into place.
 Here's the 2 page spread without the insert.
 A 5 x 7 insert showing an enlarged photo of our front door with the wreath.
The back side of that insert, showing how pretty the foliage was on this wreath. 
Page 16 was all about holiday cards...ones I created and the ones we received. 
 I used a Becky Higgins pocket page to hold the photos and cards we received.  I trimmed off the flap and inserted a journaling card with a typed tag inside.
 Here's the 2 page spread without the insert.
 So colorful and cheery.  I placed stickers on one insert and stitched down the middle with gold thread.
 On this page I used an old page from a card list book and stitched on some postage stamps I saved from Christmas card envelopes we received.
I'll be back to share some more pages of my album soon. 

 Stay tuned for tomorrow....I'll be starting a Workspace Wednesday blog series and will tell you all about it, starting with a Project Life helper in my work space. 


*krystyn* said...

Looks great and I love the Dear Santa w/moustach card. So cute!

crschaf said...

I look so forward to your DD every year and you never disappoint!! Love all the coverage of the deer hunting. I think it is so cool your girls are into this with their dad. Loved your list notebooks and Christmas cards this year. The chalk board on mantle is the bomb! I just want to come to your house and have some hot chocolate from your station! HA-great job!

John'aLee said...

Oh your pages are just gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Always enjoy your posts.

Tina Campbell said...

Super cute pages and really enjoying the DD posts, gives me inspiration for my own book. Really like the Wreaths pages and the cards pages :)

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